Drama on watch: Legend of Lu Zhen

I’m still on a marathon to finish all 45 episodes of this drama and so far so good. Love the chemistry between Zhao Li Ying and Chen Xiao. I thought Zhao Li Ying looked to cute to play the titular role of a female prime minister but she has proved me wrong. Although she still looks cute to me. She can still exude elegance and posture as a lady of high rank and it’s clear why Chen Xiao’s character fell for her. Lu Zhen is supposedly smart and innocent as most historical fiction heroines are.

Although, it’s just like any other Yu Zheng’s work, this drama allows the heroine to fight for a stand in the imperial court. Apparently, Yu Zheng doesn’t do the writing and he’s just one of the producer so it’s SAFE. At 22 episodes, we are nowhere near the imperial court and national issues yet but I think that will come along when Gao Zhan becomes king. I’ve never seen Chen Xiao in any prior dramas but he managed to nail this one. ≧▽≦ The scheming is usual in the inner courts, everything is pointed out for the audiences. Probably lacks the finesse Legend of Zhen Huan has but I appreciate the cute between Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan. I find it quite humorous that when the women gets in trouble, the men will always choose not to appear in person to help so to not hurt the women’ pride. Women in this drama do have a lot of pride in what they do. I thought the costumes would be jarring since they are bright and unusual colours but I think I got use to them soon enough.

Picture BOMB!


Women of different posts wear different coloured outfits. Since Lu Zhen goes through the a lot of the ranks, she changes her outfits a lot.

Ranks start from 8th to the 1st(highest, or prime minister). So far I’ve only seen until 5th rank.

Palace Maids


7th rank

6th rank

5th rank

3rd rank robes and also her prime minister robes.

Sorry, some images are small. Couldn’t load HD images.

Out of all, I like the 6th rank one best because it stands out.The others have the same colour palette which makes it hard to tell them apart.

That’s it for now but I’ll post again after I’ve finished the series!


7 thoughts on “Drama on watch: Legend of Lu Zhen

  1. heisui says:

    ” Apparently, Yu Zheng doesn’t do the writing and he’s just one of the producer so it’s SAFE. “

    OMG thank goodness! I was really wondering about this because I always avoid Yu Zheng dramas now. =_= So, is it better than most Yu Zheng dramas?

    I was also thinking that the lead actress does not look at all what I envision a prime minister to be. She looks so cute and innocent that I can’t see her in the role. From what you’ve said it sounds like she still pulls it off. *w*

    • dramamochi says:

      Of Yu Zheng’s work, I’ve only watched Mei ren xin ji, gong, and gong 2. Only Mei Ren Xin Ji was good, I thought. So if I compared them, I would rank Legend of Lu Zhen second among the four I’ve watched. It isn’t disaster or too cliche like gong but i think it isn’t as sophisticated as Mei Ren Xin Ji. Zhao Li Ying seems too cute right? I thought so too but voice dubbing makes miracles. Her voice sounds more on the mature sound rather than the cutesy side so it leaves a better impression. Most C-drama have voice dubbing, I think this one as well…just assuming..well.

      • heisui says:

        LOL ah, the magic of voice dubbing! It can do wonders when they do it right, huh? I’m glad they gave her a good voice actress then. A lot of times the dubbing makes all the difference.

        I thought Gong was ok but that was before I watched BBJX, LOL! Since Gong, I cannot stand Yu Zheng’s other dramas. >_>””

    • dramamochi says:

      There’s hefty romance for sure between the lead couple. Politicking is still restricted to inner courts as of episode 25. I think it’ll begin to cover the real court politics after Gao Zhan becomes king which is still not apparent in which episode yet…. But I watch it because I love the lead couple, I don’t admire the politics here. The plotting is okay but no wow factor.

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