In Time with You Review

Rating: 7/10

So, somehow an Ariel Lin fever got into me and I decided to watch her modern drama, In Time With You. The Chinese title literally means, maybe I won’t love you. Which is not a good title in English but it is the thing that becomes the main plot and frustration of the audience.

Summary of the story: Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) is a 30 year old career woman who finds herself aging and pretty much panics over it. Her best friend, Li Da Ren ( Chen Bo Lin) is the person who understands her the most and becomes her support over the years of their friendship. Cheng You Qing embarks on a journey of some sort to find a man she could marry after she makes a bet with Li Da Ren. Apparently, whoever gets married first will get a fat red packet (it’s custom to give money in a red packet during weddings also known as hong pau). Of course, she doesn’t meet the right guy and Li Da Ren often helps her up and comfort her at time of difficulties. Well, it’s pretty obvious from day one, we are watching a drama about a pair of best friend who eventually falls in love with each other. And I understand why it garners high audience-ship since it tells a tale of people who are friend-zoned by who they love.
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