Hanazakari no Kimitachi e remake (2011)

Been out of comission for so long due to university admission. Uni-life now onwards. Although I’ll continue blogging, it may be less frequent. However, there’s always time to watch dramas!!

Ratings: 7/10

Following the success of the original Hana Kimi in 2007, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e or shot-formed as Hana Kimi gets a remake. Many wonder whether a new cast, an old story and a same setting would once again spark hearts of fans of the original. Can it retain the flavour which the original gave? Or give new impression to a plot that perhaps have been overused a little? OR would it get bashed when compared to the 2007 version? I’ve seen many that praise the drama, but also many that would prefer the original version.

Hana Kimi is adapted from a manga by Nisaya Nakajo and it tells the story of a girl, posing as a boy to enter Osaka Gakuen, a boy school. She wants to help Sano Izumi who is a high-jump athlete which stopped jumping after since an injury which she was indirectly the cause. Girl, Ashiya Mizuki finds herself among a bunch of ikemens but the majority of them are quite naive which makes most situation hilarious. She also forms a tight friendship with Shuichi Nakatsu who falls for her but tries to resist because he thinks it’s gay. Poor Nakatsu doubts his sexual orientation but it’s often funny. Sano finds out that Mizuki is a girl half-way through the series and protects her from allowing her identity to slip out. And of course, love blossoms somewhere in between.

Hana Kimi has 4 adaptation of date, 2 by Japan, one each by Korea and Taiwan. Itazura na Kiss and Hana Kimi has the same number of adaptations if you notice and these type of shoujo stories gain most viewership. I’m curious though, which version do YOU like, if you’ve watched one or two already?

Hana Kimi Remake opening theme, Flying Get by AKB48. It’s actually catchy, like Ikenai Taiyou of the original Hana Kimi.

Shohei Miura as Shuichi NakatsuAtsuka Maeda as Ashiya Mizuki and Aoi Nakamura as Sano Izumi .  

Atsuda Maeda of AKB48 fame gets the leading role and there’s expectation for her to do at least as good as Horikita Maki. Personally, I think Atsuda did her best to earnestly be in her role. There are difference between her performance and Horikita’s. I think Horikita’s Ashiya is slightly quiter and subtle. She has a more innate girl and it shows. Atsuda however gives a more vibrant and cheerful Ashiya. Basically they are given the same character to work with but I think they give out very different vibes. Atsuda’s acting may get annoying for some people who can’t stand her improvising on character and probably because she talks more. She’s also more persistent with Sano.

Aoi Nakamura potrays as Sano who was previously acted by Oguri Shun (Rich Man, Poor Woman). Aoi is more tan and has better build than Oguri so I think he really fits the athlete look. He also has a stronger personality than Oguri’s and comes as being more stubborn and a tiny weeny more mean. However, when he falls for Mizuki, he’s a changed man, haha. Can I say that I have a crush on him? Atsuda and Aoi has the required chemistry in this drama and I think the personalities they built up are paired up to each other. Oguri and Horikita was also a fitting couple since I found their potrayals somehow more subtle and tender-ish.

Nakatsu is the comic relief and the clown of the drama. He is also the second-lead. Everyone loved Ikuta Toma’s Nakatsu back then and it’s up to Shohei Miura to bring back the Nakatsu we love. It’s really funny to see her wonder about his own orientation, trying to prove to himself that he LIKES girls, attempts looking at bras and panties to test whether he ‘turns on’, etc. It’s just that he has a VERY STRONG girl radar, and can’t help but be attracted by Ashiya.  I think he is good and everything but he remains a second lead for me. In this version, in any version. SORRY 😥

I think plot-wise there’s nothing much to dig around about since it’s basically an impossible reverse harem drama. No one is really that dense in real life. But, here in dramaland, it is an alternate universe and boys are probably as clueless as they can be here. No offence intended >< It’s just a facepalm moment when we have a naive heroine as well. Can’t help it either that I fall for the story everytime. SIGH. Noble idiots are to be expected so be warned.

Location is still the same, it’s literally identical to the previous version. So the atmosphere has not changed much and it’s still the same high school we see, probably a bunch of new graduates. They added a headmistress flanked by two male vice-principals that are pretty antagonistic initially but are hinting are greater things to the young ones. There isn’t Hibari intially to lead the St. Blossom girls but we have a Juri-sama starred by Yuki Kashiwagi also of AKB48

St. Blossom girls

Hibari time travels from 2007 to 2011 to meet a new Oscar. ^^


Have to love how the two Oscars meet 🙂

We have a cuter version of Nanba die-hard. He actually looks girlier so it’s soo believable.

The school doctor. He actually looks like Nanba senpai, it’s easy to believe they are related. Maybe it’s the hair…

If you are fretting about which version you should watch and you are a newbie to Jdramas, I would recommend watching the 2007 version. It’s like an initiation to watch Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango if you just started watching Jdramas. If you have already watched the 2007 and don’t want to watch the 2011 version for the sake of not spoiling the original, I’d ask you to give them a shot. Although there are similarities and you find it a waste to actually watch the same thing again, I found it fresh with new faces and some new scenes. On the other hand, if you like Korean dramas, you can always watch the Korean version with Lee Min Ho of Shinee and Sulli of f(x). I didn’t find it a waste to watch this version at all because I had so much fun just like when I first watched the original J adaptation.

The Korean adaptation, To the Beautiful You

What are you waiting for? The land of ikemens await….. ^_^

Note: Images are credited to their owners for those with watermark.


2 thoughts on “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e remake (2011)

  1. Karina says:

    The other Nakatsu looks just the same…
    I have to see the 2011 version now, to know if he ruined my dear Nakatsu (Iguri Toma and the original one from the manga), or was good/

  2. Mianne Barredo Albiad says:

    I think this version is much more consistent with the manga. I also like the 2007 adaptation but to call it the original is wrong because the original is the manga (peace out ^^ ) . The 2007 adaptation wasn’t able to capture the fluffy-ness of the manga. Although they changed the story and characterizations, it still worked. It actually gave depth to the story. But for an adaptation of a (romance) shoujo manga to lack romance, it failed. I am a fan of the manga and comparing it with this one, I guess the characterization is better here. Oscar is not a crazy dude, Hibari is as cool as she was in the manga, and Sano is not as cold as the one in the 2007. I just hope the fun in the 2007 was also captured here. I really like the funny parts in the 2007 adaptation. 🙂

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