Drama Journalling April Week 3

This has been a busy week! I’m excited about being in a new department for electives (I’m a medical student if you don’t know this) and that’s demanded me to actually study more. However, there’s still another reason why I’m busy: I’ve started on 3 new dramas @.@

First off, I’ve already have first impression post on Boku, Unmei No Hito Desu. Next, I’ve started off with the successor of Do Bong Soon‘s time slot, Man to Man. Finally, I’ve picked up yet another Chinese drama, Surgeon. And this is also why I haven’t gotten to the finale of Do Bong Soon. T.T Get ready for long post below; there’s two first impressions!!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (epi 15)

  • Bong Soon miraculously gains her powers back (heavens have spoken!).
  • It’s a little weird though that Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are not worried that the psycho is on prowl. Okay, maybe a life-death event can rearrange our priorities, like having a mooch session. I’m okay with that.


  • Bong Soon is STILL adamant about catching our psycho. Hopefully not alone again please.
  • When the dopplegangers (gangster guy and transvestite project manager) met, I was hoping for a liiitle more haha. I mean like some birth secrets or something.

dbs 15.2.png

Min min failing to resist Bong Soon’s charms. WHY YOU SO CUTE?

dbs 15.3.png

When Secretary Gong flashes the aegyo. OMG hahahaha

  • I seriously need behind the scenes for when Bong Soon carries the two drunk men. How is this DONE??
  • When Bong Soon was shot, I knew our buddies were smarter than that to let her just be shot. She needs to be alive for this
dbs 15.5.png

Moment of revelation, Bong Soon is here to save the world from evil!

  • I seriously didn’t expect the walnut bullets though! That was some improvisation there haha!! And psycho gets a taste of his own medicine, being imprisoned by an iron cage. Like what Bong Soon said, he needs to get use to it if he’s going to be staying in that for a long time.
dbs 15.4.png

Our fantastic trio finally completes their mission.


Man to Man (epi 1-2)   FIRST IMPRESSIONS


  • Suffice to say, the trailers already hyped up my interest earlier on. Having a top class secret ghost agent bodyguard a Hallyu actor who looks like a hero but acts like a baby spells plenty comedy moments. Best yet, insert the fangirl turned manager who has hyper-alert sixth sense when it comes to anything about her managed artist.
  • Park Hae Jin is completely suitable and snuggly comfortable in his role here as a suave international ghost agent. If you’ve seen him in Cheese in the Trap, one could think that Yoo Jung sunbae graduated and just decided being an assassin was his calling. There’s certain similarities to his character in Cheese in the Trap, one being how psychopathic they both seem. However, our Bodyguard Kim seems to retain a bit more human emotions in him and at the very least he has a valid reason for manipulating people (national safety) than for his own purposes. Okay, I’m being biased here. Tell me if you didn’t fall for his charms after trying out this drama.
  • The surprise is Park Sung Woong, usually acting in villain roles or manly silent roles. He’s testing the waters for comedy and he’s got the bones for it. He will be the main comedy factor here and if that means more bromance, bring it on!!
  • The last time I saw Kim Min Jung was in the medical drama with Ji Sung (New Heart) which was 10 years ago, gasp! There are poeple who feel annoyed by her character but I find her an astute character with very good radars when it comes to Woon Gang or Bodyguard Kim. There’s this funny jealousy thing going on too, she’s afraid Bodyguard Kim would steal away her oppa but he would end up stealing her heart though.
  • I totally forgot Yeon Jeong Hun would be in this drama as well until he showed up on screen. With him as villain, we’ve got a steady flow of background evil plottings.
  • There’s a lot going on in 2 episodes but it’s a very good introduction and it established the tone of the drama well.
  • All-in-all, you’ve got rom-com, action, politics, secret agent business under your belt here. Definitely something good to watch post Do Bong Soon!
  • Watch value: 5/5

Whisper (epi 7-8)

whisper 7.3.png

  • World comes crashing down for Young Ju when plot holes make her burn the only evidence that can prove the conspiracy. It’s also the first time she acknowledges that she is defeated and there’s no way out anymore especially if her father doesn’t have enough time.
  • Chairman Choi and Chairman Kang has a family dinner and god, their reminiscence of childhood was anything but sweet. All the kids just cringed as Chairman Kang tries to remind Chairman Choi again about their difference in status.
  • Young Ju finally stops from plotting against the big baddies and pause to think whether to tell her father if this would be his last summer.

Dong Jun tells Jeong Il: I was going to live blinded, but I saw Mr. Shin’s life. I was going to close my ears, but I hear whispers. I’ll let you hear it too.

Turn yourself in. 

  • Dong Jun pitches his plan to his father-in-law: defeat the evil Chief of Justice, leave the law firm after, let Taebaek remain in his father-in-law’s hands. Is it convincing enough though, ex-judge-nim?
  • He decides that he would once again trust justice and to abandon power. But justice without power in this capitalist world, is it possible?
whisper 7.png

Seeds of doubts successfully planted

  • I think we are now playing fair game and turning tables when Jeong Il and Su Yeon start doubting each other. Is one going to abandon the other? What happened to love? It’s a stark contrast to Dong Jun and Young Ju who started off on the wrong foot but making small steps to trust each other.
  • It was such a sweet victory when the panel of judges turned against the Chief of Justice. ‘Is a judge one that makes ruling by your rules and standards?’ Dong Jun hands it to him. And he continues to tell him, to win against evil, he never slept. Because EVIL NEVER SLEEPS TOO. LOL.
whisper 7.1

Standing on the opposites, saying the same words the day he was disqualified as a judge.

whisper 7.2.png

How long since we see Dong Jun smile? Maybe not that long ago from ‘On the Way to the Airport’….

  • Su Yeon thought her plan of thwarting the partnership would work by flaunting their marital relationship and throwing in some kisses. Well, it did. Just that, it destroyed her own partnership with Jeong Il.
  • Another interesting father-son pairing is Chairman Kang and Jeong Il. When Jeong Il gets in trouble, his father sounds like the mercenary he is, making it sound like a business deal than a family problem.
  • It’s so delicious to watch our baddie couple falling into the same traps of doubts. Baddies are not infallible, they are humans as well, and they will cave in to desires too.
  • I have to say, when they recorded So Yeon’s statement, she was doing a hella fine job acting conflicted.
  • When our enemy couple gets torn apart, end of episode 8 shows another conflict arising in the ex judge-cop couple. And they say one minute you’re friends, the next minute, you’re ready to take out each other. Of course, our main couple has already had a practice round at this but this time, it seems like both are a little more reluctant about dissolving their partnership.

Surgeon (Epi 1-10) FIRST IMPRESSIONS


  • I wasn’t keen on starting this drama in the first place because I knew I wouldn’t be able to understand the medical terms with my meager Chinese.
  • That isn’t a probably anymore now that the subs are up and apparently, it’s released by the producers and someone is subbing it as well (if I’m not wrong, Dramafever). So, there’s hope now and subs would be less likely to die midway when you’re already all invested.
  • Bai Bai He (as Lu Chen Xi) plays doctor once again (she had a stunt with Lu Yi) with veteran Jin Dong (as Zhuang Shu)The team behind this also made Nirvana in Fire (meaning superb quality, amazing directing and cinematography) so it’s not a surprise to see it looking all so pretty.
  • There are some interesting cases but some really nonsensical cases which I’ll attribute to difference in culture. Monster patients are rampant in China, demonstrated again and again throughout this drama.
  • There’s a background mystery behind the accident caused by Zhuang Shu’s mother, causing death of Chen Xi’s father. Some biggie cover up by doctors in the past and Zhuang Shu is back from America to find out the truth and find his missing sister.
  • There is a romance line here between the two and so far, chemistry is impeccable. I haven’t watched Jin Dong much but now that I see him clearly, he is charming as hell. I’m biased towards mature manly man haha !!
  • We even have Liu Yi Jun playing the villain role. He’s had much practice at being a villain so there’s enough traumatic effect from this guy.
  • One annoying character for me is Chu Jun, the fellow doctor who keeps crying and self-blaming. There’s nothing wrong with being stupid but she needs to stop crying god. There’s also nothing wrong with liking your mentor but when she does things, it makes me flip.
  • Chen Xi herself isn’t without problems. Right from get go, we know her personality as this frank (veering towards rude), no-nonsense doctor who is a straight as an arrow. She’s very opinionated and stubborn when it comes to what she thinks is right. Needless to say, she gets into a lot of trouble because of her poor communication skills. I think this is a good example of why doctors need to polish up communication skills. It’s true in drama world, it’s even truer in real world.
  • I have a feeling it might get a little dry once hospital politics become the main focus but as of now, I’m able to enjoy watching this.
  • Watch value: 3/5


Glory of Tang Dynasty (ep 48-50, midway!)

  • Sharing with you one of the osts by Huo Zun. Huo Zun is known for singing beautifully in Chinese opera-ish styles. I think this song was quite memorable because when it came with the scenes, it felt like we were right there falling in love or having our first love at first sight feeling.
  • Despite it being a long-ass drama, I’m still feeling like it’s so underrated! There’s plenty of wonderful acting here and just enough romance for me to survive but not too much til it’s cheesy.
  • Whoever feels dragged when Zhen Zhu and Li Chu are separated, reunion is at ep48.

An Qing Xu sheds a tear when Zhen Zhu hurts him yet again.

  • Since this drama takes on historical facts into consideration for it’s plot, I guess it wouldn’t be a spoiler to tell much right? Anyhow, the fat An Long Shan gets assassinated by his son, An Qing Xu. In the process, An Qing Xu brings along Zhen Zhu to witness the whole occurrence. Which is hella gruesome and NOT a tactic to pick up the ladies, dude. But has An Qing Xu ever been conventional? His obsession over Zhen Zhu is real but he hasn’t forced her until the much later (he failed btw). And he tries so hard to win her favour by bringing up old nostalgic stuff. There’s only one good thing about An Qing Xu is he’s dead honest (even if he’s about to kill you) and he never hid his feelings from Zhen Zhu. He just lays out all his evilness in front of her even though he knows it revolts her. That’s how sincere he is to Zhen Zhu. Not that I’m on his ship but I could say he loves Zhen Zhu no less than Li Chu does. There are many types of love in this world; his is the good example of an unhealthy kind, and one best to avoid.

His despair when Zhen Zhu escapes. “What good is this all without you?”

  • One of the touching dialogues, I wish I could translate it’s beauty…

Zhen Zhu: My father told me that in life, we will undergo challenges and ordeals. What’s important is who accompanies you throughout. That person for me is Dong Lang (Li Chu). Fortunately, he has also acknowledge me as his life partner. In the past, we may have shared times of glory. In the future, I’ll continue to accompany him throughout suffering. This is something I came to conclusion much earlier on. As long as we both have the determination to protect each other wholeheartedly, I will not step back.


  • Thank god, Li Chu heard it all too. God, it’s been so long since I’ve seen them interacted. It’s time for some sweet OTP moments.

One thought on “Drama Journalling April Week 3

  1. lizzieyen says:

    Yes An Qing Xu’s love is obsessive although there is no doubt it’s genuine. I like that the show doesn’t try to gloss it over by making it “acceptable” because it isn’t. Or that Zhen Zhu is torn between the two and her feelings yo yo – she only loves Li Chu and while she cares for AQX as family she doesn’t give him any cause to believe that she feels otherwise. doesn’t matter how good looking An Qing Xu is because objectively he is more handsome than Li Chu.

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