Thoughts on Legend of Lu Zhen

Ratings: 7/10

So I have finally finished viewing Legend of Lu Zhen a few days ago but exams kept me busy. Overall, the drama was quite okay. I was extremely pleased with the chemistry between the two and Chen Xiao’s best moments were really when he was with Zhao Li Ying’s Lu Zhen. The strength of the drama greatly lies on their romance and I would watch it for them even if it was a train wreck(which it wasn’t). The drama promoted heavily on how Lu Zhen became the only female prime minister in ancient Chinese history. I don’t see it heavily used here as her term as a prime minister was probably just 10-15 minutes long because she was appointed right at the end of the drama. So that was pretty pointless. I wished to see more of Gao Zhan in his term as a king and Lu Zhen’s term as a prime minister. For me, the female prime minister as the title was merely to attract attention.

People may get confused whether it is heavily based on politics or leaning towards the romance. If you are thinking of politics as in warfare between kingdoms and national issues (which some might find boring), the drama only dabbles VERY slightly in those. It’s not really a harem drama since Lu Zhen is not a concubine, but she is heavily involved in the internal palace affairs. Basically, Lu Zhen still has to battle a few ladies for Gao Zhan. Lu Zhen shows her capability as a young lady with a lot of knowledge and a passion to learn. She’s more hard working than pure genius so yeah. I thought she would be skilled in military warfare or something but no, she did not get appointed because of that. So, good news for people who hate boring military strategies and talks by ‘important’ people.

I really fell in love with Zhao Li Ying after her performance in Lu Zhen. She isn’t great like a bomb but at least she can act gracious and intelligent even if she looks too cute for all that. Chen Xiao is also not bad and worth the watch. ‘DROOLS’ I think Yang Rong was not bad as well, if she didn’t act as a hair-wired-overly-obsessive-and-posessive-towards- her-brother-in-law woman. She displays her pride and dignity as a princess (of a perished kingdom) but I only appreciated that towards the end of the drama. Not just because she turned good, but she made decisions and pulled herself through after her husband, the king had passed.

Yang Rong as Xiao Huan Yun

The costumes are fresh and the sceneries are exquisite. Too bad I wasn’t watching it in HD but I do appreciate the setting brighten by more flashy colours. I don’t know why, but the imperial residence for Gao Zhan, Xiao Huan Yun, Gao Yan and Dowager Consort Zhou seems to be the SAME place. Haha. I guess they only had fundings to build ONE imperial residence set but it was obviously the same place for all of them.

Overall, I think the drama was worth the watch. It’s not exquisite like BBJX or Zhen Huan, but it’s never made to realistically and strictly follow the rigid format of imperial palace dramas. It doesn’t even follow the history (I wiki-ed this). And that’s why it got into a little trouble with SARFT and the delayed broadcast. Picture galore for good!(*^3^)/~☆

Behind the scenes stills 🙂

I will miss this drama ❤


13 thoughts on “Thoughts on Legend of Lu Zhen

  1. heisui says:

    That is kinda a bummer that the drama doesn’t even show her as prime minister for very long. T_T I guess it is more about how she became the prime minister but…I kinda wanted to see her AS the prime minister.

    • dramamochi says:

      exactly. I wanted to see her more as prime minister too. But in actual history, northern Qi declines when gao zhan takes over. So basically, they didn’t have anything good to write about or twist the plot around.

  2. annedarmawan says:

    Hi hi.. is the romance reaches the happy ending? I just finished watching The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. I need a final happy ending after watching so many sad endings ancient chinese drama like BBJX.

  3. Lala says:

    I am also dissatisfied with the ending. It shouldn’t be so sad. Gao Zhan should not have died 15 years earlier than Lu Zhen. But I still like the the drama. I like Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen. It’s in a way a very entertaining show, except the ending part.

    • dramamochi says:

      Have to agree that the ending is a bit of a dinner but in all historical drama, they often chronicle til the death of the main character itself and sometimes even until their descendants…

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