Ouran High School Host Club Review

I’ve been out of comission for so long!! Exam is up this Monday and it has been a hectic month since I first started med school. Here’s a review I wrote ages ago and saved it for times of need like this :p

Ratings: 7/10

Anime watchers will know the popular shoujo reverse- harem drama, Ouran High School Host Club. It finally has a live action and definitely those who read the manga or watched the anime will have high expectations. When I first found out there would be a live action, I was super excited.

The theme song from the anime, Sakura Kiss~

For those in the dark about the story, it’s about a girl aka Haruhi who enters a prestigious school under scholarship. No it’s not a boys’ school, it’s co-ed. She stumbles into a music room which is the Ouran Host Club’s room and breaks a vase by accident. Of course the vase is very valuable and to pay the debt, she needs to work as a host as well. The host club aims to please ladies and bring shiawase~ (happiness). Thus is the aim of the president, Tamaki Suou who’s family owns the school as well. All the host members initially had no idea that Haruhi is a girl due to her short hair and her outfit. Apparently, a day before her first day in school, she had a chewing gum stuck in her hair so she snipped her long hair off.

Cast (in order of above image):

Yusuke Yamamoto as Tamaki Suou

Shunsuke Daito as Kyoya Ootori

Haruna Kawaguchi as Haruhi Fujioka

Manpei and Shinpei Takagi as the Hitachiin twins

Yudai Chiba as Honey-senpai

Masaya Nakamura as Mori-senpai

Ryo Ryusei as Nekozawa-senpai

Yusuke Yamamoto as Tamaki is not hard to believe when there’s CG. I remembered him from Atashinchi no Danshi and also Hana Kimi where both he played slightly more quiet characters. They didn’t make him blonde here instead opting for a more hazel brown colour which does not make him stand out weirdly. I got used to that and his personality was what makes him Tamaki so it was okay. He acts quite dramatically and sometimes ‘overacts’ but he is following the original manga character so he’s doing it right. Tamaki without his dramatics, is not Tamaki any more.

More on character: Tamaki is a family TLC deprived boy thus he has a warped believe that every one in the host club is FAMILY. He is PAPA or the father figure in the club. And also a prince character when he role plays for female clients

You can cuff me anytime, Kyoya ❤

Kyoya is like HOT here. They did the right thing casting him. He looks suave in glasses and he acts calculating, like a meanie he is in the manga. Somewhere in the middle, you get to witness a hot episode too!!!!! Totally derailed from the manga but love FANSERVICE. GAHHH. Shunsuke Daito was smirking a lot as well. But he’s totally cool as Kyoya. (▰˘◡˘▰)

More on character: The cool type. Kyoya is vice-president of the club and he manages everything from financial to publicity. He is the brain of the club. Very calculative, money-minded and thinks for his own benefits only, so he claims. He is MAMA. 

Haruhi here was basically still Haruhi. I think the whole drama really revolves around everyone single member of the host club so she doesn’t glue the drama together actually. It’s funny to see Haruhi interact with Tamaki though. She is so girly though, I won’t believe she’s a guy if you tell me so. But it’s Tamaki we are talking about so he seriously has no idea in the beginning. AND allows himself to somehow care/shower gazillions of attention to what Haruhi do under the pretense that she is his daughter. So he is papa. Talk about mega denial.

More on character:The boy/girl next door. Haruhi is a poor girl but smart thus enters the school with scholarship. Forced to be a host to pay a debt. She is the DAUGHTER.

The HItachiin twins are played by the Takagi brothers who also appeared in Mei-Chan no Shitsuji as bodyguards. They really have the Hikaru and Kaoru dynamic and girls drool over their ‘incest’ acts.

More on character: The brothers are inseparable and because of that, find it difficult to make friends. That is until Tamaki appears and talk them into joining the host club. Both have a thing for Haruhi too. Unfortunately, she comes in one only so it causes dilemma for the brothers.

Honey-senpai!!! He is the kawaaii guy that all girls love although he is older than everyone except Mori-senpai. In the first few episodes, they had to use CG to enable Honey-senpai to jump on Mori-senpai and be carried around like a baby. It was quite ridiculous and I’m glad the special effects team realized that. After that, there wasn’t any scenes that require Honey to be carried.

More on character: He is the CUTE type. But don’t be mislead by his body size of personality. He is actually a professional black-belt coming from a prestigious family that owns a famous dojo.


More on character: He is Honey-senpai’s cousin but his family used to serve Honey’s family. So he has this protective urge especially towards Honey-senpai. He is also a kendo national champion. Also, the strong and silent type.

Nekozawa-senpai in human form!!

More on character: Has intense fear of light, claims he will die under light. He has passion towards occult culture and provides voodoo dolls. Tamaki fears him a lot. The cat puppet he holds is called Belzeneff. He also has a kawaii sister that fears the dark. Talk about polar opposites, but Nekozawa-senpai loves her very much.

I love this drama because the original manga and anime is close to my heart. I think the live action has done their best to replicate that. However, they replicate it so much sometimes, the drama seems unnatural. It’s like they are trying hard to be characters of a manga but in real life, it results a small awkward pauses. For some people, it would seem like it’s fake. I don’t think its a huge problem though because I’m used to watching anime or manga and see them live-action-ed.  Or, you can call it my bias-ness interfering with my rational judgement. CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT WHEN I’M WATCHING THIS =.=

More photos:

Haruhi’s transgender father.

So what are you waiting for if you haven’t watched this before?? The host club awaits in the Third Music Room~ (*^3^)/~☆

Note: Images not owned by me. They are found all over the web and credited to their owners.


4 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Review

  1. heisui says:

    I think the best casting in the live action was for Kyouya & Haruhi. Totally spot on! so of course I was quite happy since Kyouya is my fav in the anime! *wink wink*

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