Movie Review: Swing Girls

Raitngs: 9/10

This is a great movie about how a group of girls come together and discover their love for jazz. I myself play classical music and never really liked or understood jazz so this movie was really enlightening. It stars Ueno Juri and Yuta Hiraoka, the former which is well-known as Nodame in Nodame Cantabile. The girls actually practiced prior filming so they really play their own music.

I love how the girls tried their best to pursue jazz. They didn’t even really understood jazz but when they hit their first notes and manage to produce decent sounds of their brass instruments, they fell in love. They could have given up since there wasn’t really a need to play any more. It’s really hilarious to watch how they think of ways to earn money so that they can afford used instruments. Some quit after a while, thinking that forming the band was quite impossible while some continued to pursue their dream.

The best part was when they found jazz. They discovered jazz in every music they hear, every sound around them became jazz-ified. haha. ♪(●′▽`)ノ Jazz is a music without strict beat or rhythm and they learn to ‘flow’ with the music they create.  And when I watch  them produce real jazz music, imaginary tears of joy are formed (T.T). The other girls eventually returned and they manage to form a big band jazz which is really a mini brass band.

Their teacher, Ozawa, coaches them in jazz music while being illiterate in music and not able to play any instruments actually. It’s touching that he took lessons so that he could coach the kids. He loves jazz, just can’t play. It’s like being a wine-lover, but not knowing how to produce them.  And he’s so scared the kids lose faith, it’s just touching and cute..

The girls presented their roles really well. Probably because they are just going with the flow and it all seems very natural. It makes you wish you had done more during high school and makes you recall all the memories of the yesteryears.

Overall, it’s a great watch. Good pacing and good flow of story. Kudos to the director. He also directed Waterboys which I’ll put on my to- watch-list as well.


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