Drama Journalling April Week 3

This has been a busy week! I’m excited about being in a new department for electives (I’m a medical student if you don’t know this) and that’s demanded me to actually study more. However, there’s still another reason why I’m busy: I’ve started on 3 new dramas @.@

First off, I’ve already have first impression post on Boku, Unmei No Hito Desu. Next, I’ve started off with the successor of Do Bong Soon‘s time slot, Man to Man. Finally, I’ve picked up yet another Chinese drama, Surgeon. And this is also why I haven’t gotten to the finale of Do Bong Soon. T.T Get ready for long post below; there’s two first impressions!!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (epi 15)

  • Bong Soon miraculously gains her powers back (heavens have spoken!).
  • It’s a little weird though that Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are not worried that the psycho is on prowl. Okay, maybe a life-death event can rearrange our priorities, like having a mooch session. I’m okay with that.


  • Bong Soon is STILL adamant about catching our psycho. Hopefully not alone again please.
  • When the dopplegangers (gangster guy and transvestite project manager) met, I was hoping for a liiitle more haha. I mean like some birth secrets or something.

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Drama Journalling April Week 2

I’m sick as hell this whole week. That means no screencaps but I’m still on track!

We catch up with I Love My President Even Though He Is a Psycho this week. Continuing my foray into the addictive Whisper. And for Do Bong Soon, the climax hits when she decides to bring matters into her own hands. I’m also marathon-ing Glory of Tang Dynasty, first impression here.

Whisper (epi 3-4)

  • It’s one blackmail after another. Feels a bit like chess, don’t you think?
  • Although some aspects of the plot still leaves much to be desired, both the leads are keeping me interested so far. I also like how the second leads are not as simple as they seem, leaving more backstory and space for development.
  • It’s fast but we find out how So Hee and Jeong Il are lovers to begin with and when So Hee co-operates with Jeong Il to bring Dong Jun down, Chairman Choi seems like he is afraid of his daughter. That’s another interesting thing to follow up on, the Choi father-daughter relationship; is his daughter actually the father’s nemesis too?
  • Love how the bad ass ex-cop has to now save the coward ex-judge.
  • And because of her chivalry, the ex-judge decides that building an alliance with her would be a good bet although he knows fully that it’s near impossible to control her from acting on her own impulse.
  • It’s still early but I hope their alliance stick through because they’ve shown that they are capable of turning the knife to each other when their interests don’t match anymore.
  • The drama is doing good job at keeping us at tethering ends because one minute they are friends, one minute they may not be. One minute he is being blackmailed, the next minute it may be checkmate.

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Drama Journalling April Week 1

Major updates for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (covering all 4 episodes) and Totsuzen, which I finished in one go! Also starting a new Kdrama, Whisper!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (epi 9-12)

  • Our heroine clears her next level (by beating up ALL the mafia from our resident mafia gang) thus effectively: 1) reveal to Min Hyuk that she is the mysterious hoodie girl who saved the bus he was on 2) reveal to Gook Do that she is indeed the one who sent all those gangsters to hospital
  • It’s interesting to see how Gook Do may change after realizing belatedly that he liked her all those years and the fact that she is super-strong. He expressed that he liked girls he could protect/vulnerable, alas, we always find people who don’t exactly fit our criterias.
  • Min Hyuk instinctively protects Bong Soon from a knife, resulting in yet another hospitalization. It’s cute to see that his reflex works faster than his brain because logically he knew Bong Soon could handle it but there’s a small possibility she might be injured. And of course, he takes full advantage of the injury, making a mountain out of molehill so that he gets special treatment from Bong Soon. Cheeky boy.

I have sensitive cellular tissues. NOT!

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Drama Journalling March Week 4

Picture above shows Matsushima Hikari as Suzume-Chan in Quartet. She’s hugging her cello case here.

I held a cello that was larger and older than me, it felt like I was protected.

Just back from my trip and I’m so behind my dramas! Whisper is out and I’m so tempted to pick it up!! Love both Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young but haven’t seen them in My daughter, Seo Young. 

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Drama Journalling : March Week 2

Nowadays I’ve got around to reading SO MANY english translated chinese novels, it’s addictive! It’s even eating up the time for me to watch dramas XD Also, reading all these historical C-novels are making me re-watch Legend of Zhen Huan. I’ve included the novels I’ve been reading below!

This week, I’ve not watched Totsuzen or Quartet, will resume soon. I’ll be busy in these 2 weeks so my drama quota will be reduced!! 😦

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Drama Journalling: March Week 1

Nothing from Mainland China that sparks my interest yet. President Psycho makes his confession in the newest episode of I Love my President Even Though He Is a Psycho. Our Totsuzen couple has a trial run of the newly-wed life.  Watched Quartet (Jdrama) and I’m piqued by our 4 string musicians. Do Bong Soon continues to hit the right notes and I’ve found my new crack!

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Drama journal: February Week 5


This week Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms ends it run, see my review here! We are now at halfway mark of Totsuzen, just the right time for things to start blowing up. I Love My President Even Though He is a Psycho web-drama premieres and it lives up to it’s name. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is coming in with a punch and I’m waiting where it may bring us, to newer high!

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Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Drama Review


Ratings: 7.5/10

Finally finished a Korean drama that I feel like reviewing! It’s been quite a while to review a Korean drama; I always felt like there’s more to say about Jdramas and Jdramas need more love in the drama community. However, this drama took me by surprise with it’s simple setting of a sports campus students’ life and turrned it into something so relatable whether or not you like sports.

(This review may contain spoilers, read at your own risk ! :D)

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Drama Review: The Master’s Sun

Ratings: 6.5/10

This was one of my loves when it came out. A woman who can see ghost constantly lives in fear and sleep deprivation meets her snobby chaebol and her lucky amulet. The premise is interesting as usual, coming from the Hong Sisters who did You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and The Greatest Love, just to name a few. And as usual, we all have great hopes on this one. I waited quite a while before I decided to review this because I wanted to let the fever die down and allow an objective review here. When you are in the heat, everything is just candy-coated so yeah.

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First Impressions: Mask

Note: There may be some spoilers ahead but I’ll try minimize it.

I have to say, the drama caught my eye from its teaser. I’m not a great fan of makjang but when it’s done right like Secret (starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, both which hit it off charts again in Kill Me, Heal Me), I’m hooked. To no surprise, Mask is written by the same writer and they secured a strong cast which made it even more compelling to watch.

As a brief intro. Byun Ji Sook (Su Ae) comes from a poor family ridden with debts. After an event which lead to rich Seo Eun Ha’s death, Min Suk Woo (Yeon Jung Hoon) brings in Ji Sook to replace Eun Ha as her doppleganger. Eun Ha was due to marry Choi Min Woo (Jung Ji Hoon), some chaebol heir with OCD as part of some inter-chaebol marriage arrangement. Little does he know that his real fiance has died and that she has been replaced while Ji Sook tries to navigate her way in the chaebol world and keeps herself afloat.
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