Review: Okitegami Kyoko no Bibouroko


Rating: 8/10

2015 is almost coming to an end and I have been too encumbered by my studies. First of all, Merry Christmas to all and hopefully 2016 will bring forth a year of good fortune to you! I’m not sure how much blog post I can release in the coming year but I sure hope it is more than this year’s.

On to the drama review!!

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Twin Review: Cruel Romance and The Lady and The Liar

Early this year, two Chinese dramas were released. The Lady and The Liar came out first in January and after it finished airing, Cruel Romance was aired. I have to say, both were in my list of highly anticipated dramas. For those unfamiliar with Chinese drama airing, it almost takes a year for a drama to air on TV from the date the trailer is released. Imagine the glee I had when I could watch two in consecutive after much waiting. After all that has digested, I have found it in me to write a twin review of both drama and perhaps even compare. I’m sure some people have watched either one or even both like me. I will have my biases but I have to stress that they represent personal preferences. Feel free to tell me about your personal opinions of biases in the comment box below🙂

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Drama Review: The Master’s Sun

Ratings: 6.5/10

This was one of my loves when it came out. A woman who can see ghost constantly lives in fear and sleep deprivation meets her snobby chaebol and her lucky amulet. The premise is interesting as usual, coming from the Hong Sisters who did You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and The Greatest Love, just to name a few. And as usual, we all have great hopes on this one. I waited quite a while before I decided to review this because I wanted to let the fever die down and allow an objective review here. When you are in the heat, everything is just candy-coated so yeah.

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First Impressions: Mask

Note: There may be some spoilers ahead but I’ll try minimize it.

I have to say, the drama caught my eye from its teaser. I’m not a great fan of makjang but when it’s done right like Secret (starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, both which hit it off charts again in Kill Me, Heal Me), I’m hooked. To no surprise, Mask is written by the same writer and they secured a strong cast which made it even more compelling to watch.

As a brief intro. Byun Ji Sook (Su Ae) comes from a poor family ridden with debts. After an event which lead to rich Seo Eun Ha’s death, Min Suk Woo (Yeon Jung Hoon) brings in Ji Sook to replace Eun Ha as her doppleganger. Eun Ha was due to marry Choi Min Woo (Jung Ji Hoon), some chaebol heir with OCD as part of some inter-chaebol marriage arrangement. Little does he know that his real fiance has died and that she has been replaced while Ji Sook tries to navigate her way in the chaebol world and keeps herself afloat.
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The Greatest Love Review

Ratings: 8/10

The Hong sisters 7th work, The Greatest Love stars Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin in the world of entertainment and showbiz. Given how Hong sisters have a wacky way of writing and bringing in so much meta, it was a fun drama to watch. Cha Seung Won is Dokko Jin, a top star, CF king and angel of the nation. Gong Hyo Jin plays Gu Ae Jeong, a former girl group member that became disbanded and has always been at the bottom of the celebrity chain ever since. Things happen, they meet each other with not such a good start. However, Dokko Jin falls for Gu Ae Jeong and proceeds to chase after his ‘first love’. Yoo Inna plays Kang Se Ri who was formerly in the same girl band as Ae Jeong but they are not in good terms. She is now a successful star and MC to a matchmaking program of which Ae Jeong is a participant. Yoon Pil Joo is starred by Yoon Kye Sang and he takes the role of a Chinese medicine doctor who is in the same matchmaking program Ae Jeong is in. He eventually falls in love with her thus completing our triangle of love. So, how do they survive the greatest love?

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Drama Review: Hard Nut


Ratings: 6/10

After being out of commission for a long time, I’ve decided to blog again starting with a Japanese drama! I wanted to blog more J-movies, C-dramas and J-dramas I’ve watched but I’ve either:

a) Not completed it

b) Forgotten about what I wanted to write about it

Anyhow, this 8-episode drama stars Kengo Kora as Tatsuhiko Tomoda, a rookie detective with hints of darker pasts. Meanwhile, Ai Hashimoto stars as a mathematic major college student, Kurumi Nanba, filling up the ‘genius’ role. So if you haven’t guessed it yet, yes, we are seeing mathematics in action for some crime busting.

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Strawberry Night Review



I have to admit, J-drama which focuses on police investigation are abundant and they air at least one each season. I also have to admit, there aren’t many crime investigation dramas that I like because they go back to the basics and it’s repetitive. That’s why I find Galileo and Mr. BRAIN a more interesting and refreshing take on crime investigation. However, Strawberry Night brings basic back on the table. It’s nothing new, a lady boss leads her team into crime investigation, we get crimes committed, get the criminal arrested and it gets resolved at the end of the day. There aren’t  even profiling or lab works or techie gadgets involved. Just plain cops chasing mobs and baddies. BUT. This. Is damn good.

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Boku to Star no 99 Nichi and Real Clothes Compiled Review

Drama marathoning leaves little time for blogging about them. One after another, I keep picking em up! I know compiled review may seem like a lazy way to do this, but this time, there is a similarity between both drama. One is a bodyguard falling in love with the celebrity rom-com while the other features a Japanese Devil wears Prada aura. What similarity would this two dramas have in you may ask? Nishijima Hidetoshi is the answer!


A screencap from Strawberry Night with him as Kikuta

This all started from Strawberry Night, the awesome drama with him and Takeuchi Yuko in it. Unfortunately, I have not uploaded my review on Strawberry Night yet because I’m still downloading it’s movie, Strawberry Night The Invisible Rain. Apparently, Takeuchi Yuko and Osawa Takao had sizzling chemistry there so I’m only posting the review of the whole series after I watch that. With that said, it does not stop me from digging more Nishijima goodness although they may date a few years back. Currently, I’m watching him in Team Batista 2 as well but found that I’m more prone towards the drama for the medical goodness than the fact that Nishijima is in it.
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Love Shuffle, Buzzer Beat, Miss Pilot and Alice no Toge Compiled Reviews


So, I recently went on a J-drama rampage. Totally cramped them all one after another on hot summer days. Now, I’m prepared to review em all. May contain spoilers!!

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W no Higeki Review



Ratings: 6/10

Caution: May contain spoilers but I’ll try to minimize them🙂

2012 was one of those years where you just saw a lot of Emi Takei. This is one of the four dramas she had in that year and the only one I watched. Not that I hate her, no no. She just appears so much, it feels like she is being squeezed so fast to show her still raw potential. It’s quite telling when they try to fit in two of her in ONE drama. Haha. I’m also watching her new drama currently, Zero no Shinjitsu. Off to the review!

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