Watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

After Legend of Lu Zhen, I decided to pick up another c-drama that has Zhao Li Ying in it, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang or in english-translated, wrongly picked lovebirds. This drama revolves around the Shi family that consists of three brothers and a sister and their revenge towards a man who murdered their parents and burned down their mansions when they were young. Now, they have grown up and own a large family business enterprise. Su Guang Ping decides to marry off his daughter to the oldest son of the Shi family, Shi Wu Ji so that he can use his daughter’s relationship with her future husband for future business benefits. His daughter Su Huan Er accidentally jumps off a cliff when she tried to run away so she is assumed dead. Her sister which her father never recognised as his daughter, Yi Liu, looks exactly like Huan Er. So Su Guang Ping marries off Yi Liu instead as Huan Er. The whole Shi family doesn’t take the wedding seriously as they suspect Su Guang Ping as the man involved in their parents’ murder. So poor Yi Liu now Huan Er has to undergo tribulations to  gain respect from the whole family and be accepted as the real wife of Shi Wu Ji

The drama is 50 episodes long which is actually made of two parts. First 25 episodes are Cuo Dian Yuan Yang which focuses on the Wu Ji and Huan Er’s relationship. The second part, Xi Dian Yuan Yang focuses on Wu Hen, the second son, and Yu Shi’s relationship and also the third son, Wu Jie’s, love story.

I finished the first part and found it quite like My Bratty Princess and Zhao Li Ying did feel a bit like Jang Na Ra. It’s quite cliche at times, or most of the time, but it’s good rom-com with a period setting. I love Zhao Li Ying’s chemistry with her male lead here, Qi Ji (In chinese his name can mean miracle. His english name is MIRACLE, btw. muahaha!). I thought Qi Ji looked like Stonehenge and probably can’t pull off much emotion. It’s still manageable actually and his height is just so distinct when Zhao Li Ying stands next to him. They have quite a few kiss scenes too….muahahaha…’blush”blush’.



Apparently Zhao Li Ying celebrated her birthday during filming as well

I didn’t really like Han Dong in the beginning, but later on I warmed towards his character. His character is careful and sensitive. Although he is feelings for Huan Er is denied by her, he doesn’t lament it or try to take her away forcefully. He thinks a lot for the others and take wisest moves. Later on, he falls for a female cop.



The third brother, Wu Jie and Qiu Yu.


So far, the drama is quite entertaining. 😀   Totally love the couples here…kyaaaaaa!!!!! Of course I love the main couple the most 😀


23 thoughts on “Watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

    • dramamochi says:

      Viki has problems with the videos so I watched them on YouTube unsubbed . I can understand their conversations a little but when they talk about business and strategies I’m lost. Oh well. Once Viki gets them videos back, I’ll watch them again 🙂

  1. NeeNee says:

    LOVE this drama. Although, I am only on the part where they “officially” tied the not. I do feel like the main actress is a bit like Situ Jing played by Jang Na Ra, too. But…I just love her and the leading male actor! Their bickering scenes are so cute as are their lovey dovey scenes.

  2. Sleepybunny88 says:

    I loved this drama! The first part was so cute! Shi Wu Ji and Huan Er! Haha I love how he’s the silent, gruff type (as well as tall, dark, and handsome if he’s smiling/laughing because of her) and she’s so small and feisty!

    Are there any other historical period dramas with a love as romantic and strong as this one? I loved how he would reassure her that he loved her!
    Serious question, haha, any recommendations?

    • dramamochi says:

      This really is the best for me too at the moment. Another one would be to watch the old Huan Zhu Ge Ge. It’s long but it’s classic in this genre. Mischievous Princess with Jang Na-ra in it is quite good as well!

      • Sleepybunny88 says:

        Thanks for the reply! I remember having seen the old Huan Zhu Ge Ge when I was younger on TV when my mom was watching haha VHS 🙂 I will check it out again! I kind of really like this drama because no political schemes like dramas based in the palace and I love how Shi Wu Ji loves her and you can see it! haha he’s such a softy when it comes to her! 🙂 And Oh! I have seen Mischievous Princess with Jang Nara! 🙂

      • dramamochi says:

        I have no other recommendations if you’ve watched both…but, I recently am reading this novel, Three lives, three world, ten miles of peach blossom by Tang Qi Gong Zi. It’s about fairies and demons but it is heavy with romance as well. The english translation are here . Just scroll down to see the chapter index. There’s a sequel called pillow book so don’t get confused. I’m done reading and now listen to the radio drama. My Chinese is weak so I don’t understand much but since I’ve read it, I get the story 🙂

      • Sleepybunny88 says:

        LOLs It’s okay! I’ll just check out the old Huan Zhu Ge Ge again =)
        I actually did read that! I haven’t started the Pillow Book one, I like to just marathon things haha. I’ll wait. On, there are like specials/manhwa translations too for Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I read Come & Eat, Shan Shan lols it’s cute/funny but in an out there kind of way cuz she’s so silly. I also read translations for Da Mo Yao from Koalas Playground but didn’t read the Song in the Clouds.

      • dramamochi says:

        I read the specials too!! I’m reading pillow book because Dong Hua and Feng Jiu is just cute. I pity her haha. Still waiting for hamster to translate the rest of it. I read Da Mo Yao but didn’t make it to read Yun Zhong Ge too! Is Come and Eat Shan Shan a modern novel?

      • Sleepybunny88 says:

        Yep, modern! She’s really dizzy though in the way she thinks but I lawls~ 😀 haha

  3. Sandy says:

    I just gone through watching this drama and loved it. I think the chemistry between Zhao Li Ying and Qi Ji is great! They both are great actor & actress. Would love to see them in another drama together.

  4. ambond says:

    I landed up here quite accidentally. I was checking out J dramas to watch (new to this). Your review made me want to try out this one instead. This will be my first Chinese period drama. I started with Korean dramas about six months back and slowly branched out to Japanese and Taiwanese. I love watching J dramas cause I’m an obsessed watcher, once I start something I have to finish it in a go and the J ones makes it easy cause of their shorter format. Only problem is the lack of romance or the barely there, teasing romances makes me want to bang my head! Sorry for my monologue, let me start watching Cuo Dian. Thank you 🙂

  5. Yuali Chen says:

    I came to your site to see your translation for Chen Xiao and Liying interview. I like it. You did a good job, so I roam through your blog about Chinese dramas. I just wanted to drop you a few lines about this drama because I like it too and I’m a big fan of Liying. I also want to see Liying and Qi Ji star together again in the future, but I don’t think that it will be possible because right now she is so very popular and there are a lot of male actors who would like to star with her. I just want to add that I really like this drama ending song. It’s so beautiful to listen to. Thank you and keep up the good work! ^_^

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