Drama Journalling- February Week 4


My current obsession, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Ye Hua has made it into my male hero list

This came into my mind while I was thinking about travel journal-ling (for a trip I would have soon). I often have thoughts on drama on my watch but I think they kinda disappear often as fast as they arrive so when I try to write a review, I stumble. The idea would be that I keep things short and sweet whereby I write maybe a few sentences or a paragraph on the current week and what I’ve watched. I find that this would allow me to keep track of dramas that I watch and also allow me to retain memories of drama that I would probably drop. This would also be mixed in with some initial impression of dramas but I’ll cut out giving synopsis because we have dramawiki for that. Also this would be a form of bullet journalling for me; point form stuff are easier to take in. I hope this initiative would allow long term commitment to blogging my love and make it easier for readers to keep up with the myriad of dramas coming up. I’m expecting a weekly post. Please do leave comments on how I can improve this initiative or what you would like added in 😀

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