First Impressions: Boku, Unmei No Hito Desu


What if you are destined to meet? What if Destiny has been giving you the push all the while but you are too dense to realize it so God has to appear and teach you? All this because you both will make the future Einstein/Beethoven/insert genius name here???

That is the premise of the newest drama and also much anticipated reunion between Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa since Nobuto wo Produce. Kimura Fumino plays the leading lady while her bestie would be played by Nanao. Anyone who have watched Siren would realize the irony of this. [In Siren, Nanao played a serial killer who was obsessed at ruining Kimura Fumino due to some twisted jealousy. It was a good 9 episodes of thriller.]


Plot: Masaki Makoto (Kamenashi) is a good looking guy with the crappiest luck when it comes to dating. He seems to meet with the weirdest women and twice met girls who cheated him for his money. A transfer brings him to his new workplace, not so coincidentally, next to leading lady Kogetsu Haruko’s office.

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Drama Journalling April Week 1

Major updates for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (covering all 4 episodes) and Totsuzen, which I finished in one go! Also starting a new Kdrama, Whisper!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (epi 9-12)

  • Our heroine clears her next level (by beating up ALL the mafia from our resident mafia gang) thus effectively: 1) reveal to Min Hyuk that she is the mysterious hoodie girl who saved the bus he was on 2) reveal to Gook Do that she is indeed the one who sent all those gangsters to hospital
  • It’s interesting to see how Gook Do may change after realizing belatedly that he liked her all those years and the fact that she is super-strong. He expressed that he liked girls he could protect/vulnerable, alas, we always find people who don’t exactly fit our criterias.
  • Min Hyuk instinctively protects Bong Soon from a knife, resulting in yet another hospitalization. It’s cute to see that his reflex works faster than his brain because logically he knew Bong Soon could handle it but there’s a small possibility she might be injured. And of course, he takes full advantage of the injury, making a mountain out of molehill so that he gets special treatment from Bong Soon. Cheeky boy.

I have sensitive cellular tissues. NOT!

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Drama Journalling March Week 4

Picture above shows Matsushima Hikari as Suzume-Chan in Quartet. She’s hugging her cello case here.

I held a cello that was larger and older than me, it felt like I was protected.

Just back from my trip and I’m so behind my dramas! Whisper is out and I’m so tempted to pick it up!! Love both Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young but haven’t seen them in My daughter, Seo Young. 

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Drama Journalling: March Week 1

Nothing from Mainland China that sparks my interest yet. President Psycho makes his confession in the newest episode of I Love my President Even Though He Is a Psycho. Our Totsuzen couple has a trial run of the newly-wed life.  Watched Quartet (Jdrama) and I’m piqued by our 4 string musicians. Do Bong Soon continues to hit the right notes and I’ve found my new crack!

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Drama journal: February Week 5


This week Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms ends it run, see my review here! We are now at halfway mark of Totsuzen, just the right time for things to start blowing up. I Love My President Even Though He is a Psycho web-drama premieres and it lives up to it’s name. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is coming in with a punch and I’m waiting where it may bring us, to newer high!

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Review: Cold Case (Jdorama)

Rating: 9/10

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a review and I’m glad to stumble on this gem to start off 2017.

Cold Case jdorama is an adaptation of the American counterpart which ran fom 2003 to 2010. I have not watched the American original but fans were excited to see Japan adapting it so I gather it must be quite good. My review will be solely based on the Japanese version, no comparison to the original but to detective genre doramas produced by Japan in general (at least those I watched).

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Drama Review: Hard Nut


Ratings: 6/10

After being out of commission for a long time, I’ve decided to blog again starting with a Japanese drama! I wanted to blog more J-movies, C-dramas and J-dramas I’ve watched but I’ve either:

a) Not completed it

b) Forgotten about what I wanted to write about it

Anyhow, this 8-episode drama stars Kengo Kora as Tatsuhiko Tomoda, a rookie detective with hints of darker pasts. Meanwhile, Ai Hashimoto stars as a mathematic major college student, Kurumi Nanba, filling up the ‘genius’ role. So if you haven’t guessed it yet, yes, we are seeing mathematics in action for some crime busting.

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Strawberry Night Review



I have to admit, J-drama which focuses on police investigation are abundant and they air at least one each season. I also have to admit, there aren’t many crime investigation dramas that I like because they go back to the basics and it’s repetitive. That’s why I find Galileo and Mr. BRAIN a more interesting and refreshing take on crime investigation. However, Strawberry Night brings basic back on the table. It’s nothing new, a lady boss leads her team into crime investigation, we get crimes committed, get the criminal arrested and it gets resolved at the end of the day. There aren’t  even profiling or lab works or techie gadgets involved. Just plain cops chasing mobs and baddies. BUT. This. Is damn good.

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