Anticipating The Master’s Sun

After Shark and Heartless City’s finale, I felt like my spirit slumped somewhere and can’t get back up. I haven’t brought myself to watch both  their endings yet but I have read spoilers and know what I should be well expecting. I’ll get to reviewing them after I watched them and mourn for a while.

Anyhow, I’ve watched the trailer for The Master’s Sun and it really raised my spirits again. I need some rom-com back in dramaland (at least my dramaland) after all the angsty, melodramatic, revenge dramas I watched. Can’t be help if it was sprinkled with horror as well but knowing that the Hong sisters are working on it, it will not lose the humour I want. This might be the revamp the Hong sister’s need to continue their streak of success. The previous two drama they wrote for, Big and The Greatest Love weren’t exactly major successes or losses either. They have their own fan bases but I can’t help wonder whether that is due to the popularity of the casts. I haven’t watched either so I can’t say for sure. I do love their earlier works like My Girl and My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox.

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Itazura na Kiss: End of the journey

Episode 16 is the most squee-worthy among all. It’s also the last where we have to say sayonara to the awesome cast 😥 Everything moved a little fast and there are some things loose, untied. But, there are more good things to talk about than the bad ones.

Kotoko dwells on how to deal with the proposal from Kin-Chan. She is seriously considering everything, like a life with Kin-Chan and stuff. Her friends encourage her to give Kin-Chan his chance while her father would be elated since Kin-Chan is a potential chef to take over the restaurant.

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xxxHOLiC review

Ratings: 7/10

When news came out that xxxHOLiC was getting a live adaptation, I was super excited. xxxHOLiC was one of the animes I watched during my otaku days and brought back so much nostalgia .. (о^ω^о) Anyway, I obviously didn’t brace myself for the beauty and dark theme they used here. I always thought Yuko was an  interesting character and to flesh her out alive would be just…utsukushiii~ (beautiful) I love the set up of her shop which gave the perfect vibe and of course the place where she granted wishes and etc. Watanuki was nailed by Sometani Shota while Anne Watanabe held the role of Yuko.

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Thoughts on Shark Episode 15-16

Episode 15

There’s more movement in 15 and 16 now compared to episode 14. Yi Hyeon gets kidnapped and poor Yi Soo loses it. He is very concerned and panics when his sister is taken, leading him to a confrontation with his adoptive father, Chairman Yoshimura. This episode hints to us that Yoshimura has perhaps, caused Yi Soo’s accident intentionally. And it is trying hard to get us interested in what made Yoshimura grudge on Chairman Jo. I’m not invested in finding out what past Yoshimura had with Chairman Jo because the point is what he does to get the revenge he wants is more important. It’s hard for me to figure whether Yoshimura actually thinks of Yi Soo as a son or as a tool for revenge. He is not exactly fatherly.
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Hotaru no HIKARI : Season 1, 2 and movie review

Hotaru no Hikari Season 1

Ratings: 8/10

Summer is in the air and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about Hotaru no Hikari which is the PERFECT watch for summer. It’s aired back in 2007 but I’m certain the rom-com will still entertain viewers of today. If you’re still hung over by the fact that Tachibana did not end up with Sakura in Last Cinderella, recently discovered your crush on Fujiki Naohito and desperate to see him in action and GET THE GIRL, this it IT. Even better that it’s when he is in his younger days.

Haruka Ayase stars as Amemiya Hotaru nicknamed Ahomiya (Aho also means stupid or idiot). She is the ideal OL( office lady), well looked upon by her co-workers and juniors as she is efficient and dedicated. However, when she returns home, she turns into a himono-onna, a term for a woman who is not interested in men but lazes around with beer and manga in reach. The drama starts off with how Hotaru discovers that she needs to cohabit with her boss from work, Takano Seiichi ( Fujiki Naohito) because he is the landlord’s son. Takano is also fondly called Buchou~ haha! Watch and you’ll understand. He is an orderly man who takes no nonsense about mess and even draws a red tape line on their boundary. With the two of them under one roof, sparks fly ❤

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The Story So Far – Mini Recaps of Episodes 1-10 Legend of Lu Zhen

I know there aren’t much links to watch Legend of Lu Zhen and it’s even harder to get english subs with them. I can’t promise you the same but there’s a fellow blogger who is doing episodic recap on the drama so those who can’t understand chinese can at least read to know what they are talking about. Even I read it as my chinese isn’t exactly good. Enjoy and kudos to dramatictealeaves!! 😀


Posted Image

I feel that since I’m at Episode 20, this is a perfect time to do a mini-recap. It keeps my mind fresh of the story and let’s anyone who wants to watch the show keep up with what’s going on without having to go through every recap. Yes, this is the lazy man (and woman) recap. I’m also adding links to the actual episode recaps for anyone who wants a in-depth description.

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First Impressions on Summer Japanese Dramas: Woman, Starman, Summer Nude


For Spring 2013, I watched Otenki Oneesan, Galileo 2, Itazura na Kiss, and Last Cinderella. The gem would be Itazura na Kiss and Galileo 2 was not as I expected but I waited for Summer 2013 dramas with a hope that things will be better. I’ve watched three new summer dramas and two of them are about single mothers. The other has Yamapi, Erika Toda and Karina, talk about heating us up in summer with such a cast.


Woman is a brilliant drama about single mothers who really have it hard. After Koharu’s husband, Shin, dies in a train accident, she has to bring up two kids alone. Financial difficulties ultimately lead her back to her mother which she hasn’t seen for 20 years. I’ve never watched Mitsushima Hikari in action before so it’s really fresh for me. And Suzuki Rio is such a gem. I’m just glad Japan can present new children actors, instead of staging Ashida Mana all the time. I like Ashida Mana though, no offence here. Episode 1 shows how Koharu deals with her situation in 3 years before meeting her mother. You can see her slowing breaking apart, initially she is patience towards Nozomi’s and Riku’s antics. But as time pass, she can no longer hold in her frustration. The part where Riku’s stroller was pushed down was every mother’s epic nightmare. Riku wasn’t in the stroller however, and she just breaks down in public. Things like that occur and it pains me as an audience because these do happen. It’s not aiming to be a sob story but it does show very tragic scenes so it’s somewhat a life drama.

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Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 13

If Soo isn’t there, the atmosphere would be TOTALLY different. And Shi Hyun only looks lovingly to Jin Sook ❤

So we left off at where Shi Hyun witnesses Ji Hyung Min and Soo Min hanging out together in the park. It takes an undercover to know another so he figured it out pretty fast.

Ji Hyung Min is such a leach. He uses the reporter who OBVIOUSLY crushes on him to get him hard to reach infos. And can’t even take a little time to drink tomato juice. I pity her but she seems resilient. Things he do to her obviously haven’t crushed her crush yet. Love is sooo blind sometimes.

The scene where Prosecutor Ahn held back Shi Hyun and acted all gay earned a jaw drop from me. I know Ahn is a ragey bastard who flips tables when he goes mad but when he showed that side of him, I couldn’t digest. It was so sudden, happened for like a split second … ididntgeddit. Then again, it shows complexity to his character. Everyone’s got their own fetish and sexuality choice. I just wonder for a tiny bit whether it was faked. Maybe he thought Shi Hyun is gay? Nayyy…. he’s totally hitting on Shi Hyun. Now, even guys want our Shi Hyunnie?

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