Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 9


Episode nine has considerably slowed down in terms of narrative. Not much meat but it’s like taking a break before the next big show. I’m glad that the plot is moving out of the circle of Shi Hyun, Hyun Min and Safari. Safari was the tip of the iceberg and he opens up the door to another world above theirs. Now, we know that Pusan is the top but I’m slightly curious if Pusan is just another piece in the game. We’re nearly reaching the half-mark of the show but I think the story will dampen if there isn’t enough plot about Pusan and all. That’s just a small thought really.
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Thoughts on Shark, Episode 5-8

Now that I have literally nothing to watch since i have to wait for other ongoing dramas to air the next episodes (CRUEL CITY, I need you), I’ve decided to catch up on Shark in one go. It’s still relatively slow but I tried to slow down my own pace and tune into the same frequency. Once you do that, the drama is much more beautiful and melancholic. The scenes are breath-taking as usual and they have this vibe of nostalgia mixed with overwhelming sadness. Okay, that sounds depressing but KNG makes it all okay again 😀 The case is still going at snail-speed for me but episode 7 and 8 probably made most progress. I understand that if they revealed Kim Joon as Yi Soo earlier on, there would be no story to continue into further episodes. If this was a J-dorama, things would pick up speed and fillers would be cut out. Which makes a better viewing experience. However, I think this drama really requires you to just sit back and absorb all the staring and sadness.

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Otenki Oneesan: The Weather Girl Knows

Ratings: 6/10

Once again Japan produces an investigative drama but with the weather in focus. The motto of the drama, or rather, Abe Haruko would be the weather is in the hands of god and no one can control or manipulate it. Yet again, Emi Takei gets another lead role. Abe Haruko is a genius weather forecaster who only owns two expression in the whole drama and dresses like a shinigami when she isn’t working. She only talks weather, nothing else, making her the object of dislike from other tv host of their program, Morning Z. And, you cannot miss her bike, it has that rotating thing to tell the wind direction..

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First Impression on Shark and Cruel City

I’ve only watched until episode 4 before I stopped for Shark. At first, I tuned in for Kim Nam Gil, who was quite impressive in Bad Guy. Not that this drama isn’t but it lacks the action I’m expecting. It isn’t as gory or gritty as I’ve expected and it can’t really expand out of the horizon yet. I DO LOVE the younger cast and their story. The actor playing the younger Sohn Ye Jin really looks like a younger Sohn Ye Jin. And the younger Kim Nam Gil actor looked like a Yoo Ah In to me. It’s a beautiful drama no doubt and the soundtrack does sound nice, except I feel like it’s a little slow. Maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Cruel City. I don’t think I’ll continue this any more unless I’ve nothing to watch. Quite frankly, I’m in mood for gritty and action but Shark just doesn’t offer enough of that for me. Maybe I’ll pick it up again when I want a milder Cruel City.

I’ve heard raves about this drama and don’t regret picking it up. If you’ve watched Vampire Prosecutor before, the show gives similar vibe. As a cable drama, it is not restricted to gore and gritty so we get lots of that. Jung Kyung Ho is slick as a bad guy but he isn’t really as evil as I thought. He’s just playing by the rules of the game with the other baddies. If all gangsters wore suits and looked as hot as he does, girls will be falling left and right for them. Getting back here, I think Cruel City does progress quite well and I hope the story doesn’t deviate logic when the leads fall in love. I still can’t see Nam Gyu Ri immersing herself in the darker side of the city. I also can’t fathom her as a troubled juvenile in her youth. She’s got too much of a model look. oh well. Anyhow, I’ll stay tuned on this drama.

Movie Review: Happy Flight

Ratings: 8/10

I had the opportunity to watch this movie when it was screened during an international film festival in my home town. It’s another film by Shinobu Yaguchi who also directed award-winning Waterboys and Swing Girls. I reviewed Swing Girls here. Swing Girls was a fun watch and I didn’t doubt that this would be any less. It’s once again about zeroes to heroes, or underdogs saving the day.

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C-dramas I wanna watch

After Legend of Lu Zhen and Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, I felt so bereft. I couldn’t find anything else I wanted to watch. Probably touced so much harem dramas there’s nothing else to watch. Okay, there’s Legend of Zhen Huan but that’s just to morbid and I know the ending already. I prefer happy endings or at least a good love story out of it if there can be no happy ending. Here’s a list of C-dramas I’m interested in watching when they premier….

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Translation for Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying Interview ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

I believe a lot of people who watched Legend of Lu Zhen wish to ship Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying in real life. I miss their characters in Legend of Lu Zhen as well and decided to translate one of their interview segments. My translation won’t be totally accurate but I hope it gets their messages across. Sorry if my translation is a bit sucky, it’s my first and I’m not really mainland Chinese so sometimes, I don’t get the words they use. The translation may be a little literal so bear with me 😀

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More about Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

I’m currently watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and shipping Zhao Li Ying with Qi Ji’s character. So cute. haha. Anyway, I found this good video that shows best moments of them together. Literally, you can watch this and if you don’t bother about other side stories or angst, this will be whole part one of Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. It’s soo sweet (о^ω^о)

Anyway, I’ve heard that Zhao Li Ying here is like a Jang Na Ra look-a-like so, some pictures to compare… 😀

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Watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

After Legend of Lu Zhen, I decided to pick up another c-drama that has Zhao Li Ying in it, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang or in english-translated, wrongly picked lovebirds. This drama revolves around the Shi family that consists of three brothers and a sister and their revenge towards a man who murdered their parents and burned down their mansions when they were young. Now, they have grown up and own a large family business enterprise. Su Guang Ping decides to marry off his daughter to the oldest son of the Shi family, Shi Wu Ji so that he can use his daughter’s relationship with her future husband for future business benefits. His daughter Su Huan Er accidentally jumps off a cliff when she tried to run away so she is assumed dead. Her sister which her father never recognised as his daughter, Yi Liu, looks exactly like Huan Er. So Su Guang Ping marries off Yi Liu instead as Huan Er. The whole Shi family doesn’t take the wedding seriously as they suspect Su Guang Ping as the man involved in their parents’ murder. So poor Yi Liu now Huan Er has to undergo tribulations to  gain respect from the whole family and be accepted as the real wife of Shi Wu Ji

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