Boku to Star no 99 Nichi and Real Clothes Compiled Review

Drama marathoning leaves little time for blogging about them. One after another, I keep picking em up! I know compiled review may seem like a lazy way to do this, but this time, there is a similarity between both drama. One is a bodyguard falling in love with the celebrity rom-com while the other features a Japanese Devil wears Prada aura. What similarity would this two dramas have in you may ask? Nishijima Hidetoshi is the answer!


A screencap from Strawberry Night with him as Kikuta

This all started from Strawberry Night, the awesome drama with him and Takeuchi Yuko in it. Unfortunately, I have not uploaded my review on Strawberry Night yet because I’m still downloading it’s movie, Strawberry Night The Invisible Rain. Apparently, Takeuchi Yuko and Osawa Takao had sizzling chemistry there so I’m only posting the review of the whole series after I watch that. With that said, it does not stop me from digging more Nishijima goodness although they may date a few years back. Currently, I’m watching him in Team Batista 2 as well but found that I’m more prone towards the drama for the medical goodness than the fact that Nishijima is in it.
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