Itazura na Kiss: End of the journey

Episode 16 is the most squee-worthy among all. It’s also the last where we have to say sayonara to the awesome cast 😥 Everything moved a little fast and there are some things loose, untied. But, there are more good things to talk about than the bad ones.

Kotoko dwells on how to deal with the proposal from Kin-Chan. She is seriously considering everything, like a life with Kin-Chan and stuff. Her friends encourage her to give Kin-Chan his chance while her father would be elated since Kin-Chan is a potential chef to take over the restaurant.

There’s a scene where Naoki x Sahoko bumps into Kin x Kotoko in the place where Kotoko assumes her first date with Naoki. Broke my heart when Kotoko cares that he brought her to a place filled with their memories. It’s funny that they quarrel about bacon and sausages when Sahoko is actually talking about Francis Bacon, an artist. Naoki really must be at his tethering ends to see Kotoko and Kin- chan together, even to the point of calling them stupid in front of Sahoko. That’s when Sahoko sees the real Naoki and how Kotoko has goaded out the real him.  Sahoko is disappointed, perhaps not by his attitude, but by how fake he is to her. She leaves and comments on how Naoki is unable to see his own feelings. Poor Sahoko. This would also be her last appearance unfortunately. I really hate that Naoki got away from Sahoko easily, without needing to explain and etc.

Kin-chan asks for an answer to his proposal however Kotoko hesitates and asks for more time to think things through. Apparently, Kin-chan is also reaching boiling point. He is soo hopeful when Kotoko agrees on going out on dates yet he has a nagging feeling that everything is a dream. He is desperate for the answer he wants to hear yet he knows there’s a larger chance that Kotoko will never marry him. Thus when he approaches her quite aggressively, Kotoko shouts out “Irie-kun”. And everything is confirmed. Kin-chan’s hopes shatter and Kotoko realizes that she still can’t let go of Irie. Kin-chan breaks down in frustration and it kills me. His crush on Kotoko would end soon and it’s not really fair is it that Kotoko’s crush gets her happy ending. AWW. Btw, I’m watching Starman, and his character there is just hilariously sad sometimes too. DOUBLE AWW >.<

Cue, the rain scene. I actually love the moment where a single rain drop falls on Naoki’s face seemingly like a tear drop. That’s after he hears from Jinko and Satomi that Kotoko is proposed to. I think this is the moment where he just boils over the fact that his wedding and her coming-up wedding is final. When it pours, he stands in the rain probably regretting his decisions. Although, it took him an engagement and a proposal for him to realize how important Kotoko is to him. Continuing from the scene where Kotoko runs out of the restaurant, she blames herself for hurting Kin-chan. Which is plenty true. She’s making him expectant and hopeful yet she’s not fully over Irie-kun. Can I just call it bad timing from Kin-chan? No one proposes to a girl when she’s trying to get over a man. The director must be trying to be creative and stuff since he takes shots of raindrop pouring in slow mo…it’s beautiful though. Especially when Naoki’s umbrella comes in slowly in the pitter-pattering rain.

She looks up to find Naoki, surprised that he came to get her. And this time, Naoki didn’t make up a reason for coming to get her. He’s just there to get her 🙂 Anyhow, Kotoko tells Naoki that she will marry Kin-chan, be a female boss of the family restaurant and live happily ever after. It makes Naoki a little angry as he asks her does she love Kin-chan.

He loves me. I’m tired of loving a man who does not love me back.

Kotoko vents her frustration FINALLY at Naoki. And Naoki gets back to her, with a kiss. RAIN-KISS!! And he swoops in for a second kiss too XD. However beautiful it is, I can’t shake off that Honoka Miki-chan who is 16, has already gotten numerous kisses from Furukawa Yuki, 10 years her senior. Okay, don’t let me sidetrack you. Then, cue hug! YAY!

Naoki barges into the family in the living room and declares that he shall marry Kotoko, with permission of her father. Irie’s mother rejoices and hugs Kotoko, finally getting the daughter-in-law she wants so much. I like how Irie’s father says that since he built his company, he shall be the one to rebuild it as well. And Yuki steps out to say that he will succeed his father’s company when he grows up.

Naoki covers Kotoko with a towel, then gently lifts half of it up to reveal Kotoko’s face. Then, he proceeds to help her wipe her hair. SO SWEET ❤ SO MUCH CUTE. They finally bring back cute again. And Irie’s mother is such a cheek, she slips in a camera in the room when Kotoko and Naoki hugs AGAIN. Can’t blame her.

Somehow, Irie’s mother manage to lure the entire family out to a church where Kotoko’s and Naoki’s wedding takes place. And ALL their friends are there 🙂 AWW. Kotoko’s wedding dress is like much prettier than what she imagined before. And she does the daring kiss the bride thing on Naoki, earning a comment from the priest. Aww. And Yuki tells her how the SECOND KISS occurs too.

The drama ends when they take a group photo with the just-married couple. THE END.


As I listened to the theme song in the beginning one final time, it hits me how this drama is finally going to end. The drama takes 16 episodes, 6 to 8 episodes longer than the normal Japanese drama so it feels like ancient history now recalling episode 1. How long we have stayed on board and watch Kotoko’s ups and downs. It’s been an AMAZING journey and a fresh take on the story we know so well. When Kotoko walks the aisle, it resembles a moment of happiness and end as well. Our couple ends up together but that would mean their story will be up to there only as well.

I absolutely loved this version of Kotoko by Honoka Miki. Her young age probably helps displaying innocence and playfulness of high school girls. As she transitioned to college or university, it didn’t feel like she matured though, only in the last few episodes we see her grow up. Kotoko’s life spins around Naoki and many would claim it immature to choose your occupation based on your lover’s. However, it is her dream to be by Naoki’s side and that is her calling.

There are times where we see Kin-chan and Kotoko together and think how fitting it is. Or Naoki and Sahoko together and want to nominate them as the perfect couple. However, their love story emphasize that status or intelligence does not alter love. Or make love ideal when both partners are of same ‘level’. Love is all about how you feel. Although Kotoko had a crush on Naoki first, and we may assume it as some sort of puppy love, their love developed and they end up together in the end. How Naoki quoted their love was that it had even a lower probability of a being striked by a comet. That their love was a miracle. In fact, I think all the love are a form of miracle. It takes so much ‘coincidences’ to occur, mathematicians will tell you the probability is near impossible.

There are of course flaws. I still feel that Furukawa Yuki’s character suddenly make a big leap from episode 14 to 16. Initially in the drama, he was what I call the wooden plank. I’m shocked that senior Irie Naoki is not used but they just walk by each other. In fact, senior Kotoko was better utilised. Not even a line for senior Irie. T.T There wasn’t a proper ending to the Sahoko issue as well. Naoki’s father did say that he will talk to the Oizumis but I felt like Sahoko should have made an appearance somehow. Perhaps they had no time to squeeze in soo much. Oh Well.

There’s no fast forward to show our main couple in doctor’s and nurse’s outfits as well. They did show that in the Korean version so I was like expectant… oh well. THAT would be a good reason to give us a special. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Special should cover them in the future and their honeymoon sessions!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!

About comparing ItaKiss LiT to other versions, I found no reason to do so. Korea, Taiwan and Japan have very different ways of producing their dramas to cater to their people. I found ItaKiss just fine if you’re talking about Jdrama. Playful Kiss is naturally more dramatic and drag out due to it’s Korean nature but I loved it too. I haven’t watched the Taiwan version before but it must be good as well to get such a huge fan base til today. I think ItaKiss is a story that appeals to all drama-watchers thus three countries has decided to adapt it into a drama. I just don’t want to pick a favourite version among them.

All I can say, is that Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo has been a great experience for my summer days. I will keep the couple in my memories. Until the next adaptation of the manga comes out, they will be the cutest couple in Itazura na Kiss history (о^ω^о)

Now, for behind the scenes pictures….


7 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss: End of the journey

  1. heisui says:

    Yup it has been such a great journey! I also think that Naoki’s character did not develop as much as Kotoko’s character. They rushed WAAAY too much through Naoki’s transformation, so much so that his lovey dovey-ness towards Kotoko seemed way too sudden. I wish Naoki could’ve at least said a few lines during his rain scene so we could hear what he’s thinking for once!!

    Kotoko on the other hand had ample time for her character development. She is such an awesome heroine, I will really miss her!

    • dramamochi says:

      yeah, Naoki didn’t have much space for character growth here. It’s one thing to base it on the manga exactly but when it’s in a drama form, we expect a more realistic take on Naoki. It’s hard to empathize him when I don’t know his thoughts or feelings.

  2. slenger7 says:

    Omg I love this drama! I was so sad when it ended! It was definitely a fun journey! I was a bit upset that they rushed the wedding scene, but I understand. Also, I would definitely recommend you to watch the taiwanese version. I think the taiwanese version is my favorite (in my opinion at least)! And I don’t know if you watch anime or not but if you do, you should check out the anime version. The anime version is suuuppeerr duppeerr cute!

    • dramamochi says:

      I haven’t watched the Taiwan or the anime yet but I’ll surely get to those one day! 😉 So sad when it was over too! It felt like such a long journey, to reach the end was just unexpected. There aren’t any happy summer dramas focusing on high school for this summer 😦

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