Otenki Oneesan: The Weather Girl Knows

Ratings: 6/10

Once again Japan produces an investigative drama but with the weather in focus. The motto of the drama, or rather, Abe Haruko would be the weather is in the hands of god and no one can control or manipulate it. Yet again, Emi Takei gets another lead role. Abe Haruko is a genius weather forecaster who only owns two expression in the whole drama and dresses like a shinigami when she isn’t working. She only talks weather, nothing else, making her the object of dislike from other tv host of their program, Morning Z. And, you cannot miss her bike, it has that rotating thing to tell the wind direction..

Coming into play would be Detective Aoki, or fondly called Yutori. He’s a complete newbie, always stepped on by his senior colleagues. Later on, we discover he has ability to remember faces and match them to names. I call that photographic memory but it’s handy for a detective. And also convenient for the plot. The scriptwriter sounds lazy, haha. I don’t really like his character because it’s too cliche and I don’t find his acting wonderful. He is supposed to be innocent and quite slow at times, and at the same time, he possesses some unique ability which I don’t find unique at all.

Mikumo sensei is a character that really adds flavour to this otherwise boring drama. He is a medical examiner with a major crush on Abe Haruko. Let me correct that, he worships Abe Haruko and keeps calling her god. For a man of science, it’s a facepalm moment. But that’s okay, I can accept that his character is quirky and on the edge of being a pervert jiji or ojisan.  It’s funny he gets bullied on a forum by other Abe Haruko fans as well. His relationship with bar hostess and owner, Mitsuyo is quite interesting as well.

I consider the other characters quite trivial so I’m not going to cover them. Emi Takei in another lead role may get eyes rolling since she hasn’t been doing great in the past few dramas. I though W no Higeki was quite okay but oh well. Anyhow, she has to chance to shine or really dull in this drama since she is suppose to be blank at all times, except when someone ‘manipulates’ the weather. That’s the only time she gets angry. The younger leads are really outshined by the more experienced side actors such as Sasaki Kuranosuke.

Initially, I found the concept of the drama interesting. However, as the episodes progressed, I found the cases dull in comparison to Galileo 2. I preferred the scenes without discussion of the case such as during the morning program or when they have drinks in Mitsuyo’s bar. Those were the endearing quirks of the drama, the funny. Other than that, it’s a bore.

Watch if you are bored. I find the weather thing quite fresh since no one has done it but the investigation cases are quite usual and not special compared to Galileo or BOSS.


3 thoughts on “Otenki Oneesan: The Weather Girl Knows

  1. NeeNee says:

    I’m watching this drama now. The jury’s still out on it. Takei Emi isn’t bad and kudos to her for her deadpanness–that in and of itself is difficult. I remember one of her first non-dead expressions and it was when she found out about Yutori’s amazing facial recognition ability. Amazing. Something that CAN’T be predicted. I think she kind of liked him from that moment on. But I’m at episode 6. Need to finish and I’ll reserve my love or criticism until then.

    • dramamochi says:

      Yes, I agree that the first OTHER facial expression she had was when she found out Yutori had an ability. She is deadpan. That I admire. But the drama kinda failed to make that deadpan-ness funny for the whole drama. Except the last episode maybe. Prepared to be shock. Such a twist. haha.

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