杉杉來了 (Shan Shan Has Come/ Shan Shan Come Eat) Review


From left to right: Feng Yue, Yan Qing, Shan Shan, Feng Teng, Yuan Li Shu, and  Zheng Qi.

Rating: 8/10

For 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been chasing episodes of Shan Shan Lai Le (literally Shan Shan Has Come) or Boss and Me on Youtube. Shan Shan Lai Le is a drama adaptation based on a novel “Come and Eat Shan Shan” , authored by Gu Man. You can check out the English translated version of the novel in here. Peanuts and Lidge are also doing a brief review/recap of episodes so you could watch the unsub version and read them to understand what’s going on as well ! It’s around 33 episodes long which is quite a normal figure for mainland Chinese dramas. Now, I can begin my rave.

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What I did in my holiday: A compiled short review

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Holiday had passed and exams started right after I came back. All the real world stuff had somehow hindered my blog updates. So SORRY.

Anyhow, after since my last updates, Ando Lloyd and Heirs ended it’s run. In the holidays, I picked up Best Time and Too late to say I love you. That was ambitious because both are China dramas with 40+ episodes to marathon through. Currently, I’m still watching Empress Ki, the very endearing Prime Minister and I. Out of the Asian drama league, I’m also watching Switched at Birth(when I feel like it), Sherlock(very up to date) and The Mentalist(because after Red John, Patrick is transformed somehow and I feel like watching where he ends up). The new J-drama , Shitsuren Chocolatier starring Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi is also the sweetest surprise of this season’s J-drama. It’s delicious in every way and I can’t wait for more episodes!
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Watching now: Lan Ling Wang

The newest hot drama has aired about 15 episodes by the time I start marathon-ing it. Which is good news because each episode makes me want MOAR. So we have the story of Lan Ling Wang(actual name:Gao Changgong), an actual historical figure of Northern Qi. The drama milks off the actual history that Lan Ling Wang is a great general who dies young due to jealousy from his cousin, the emperor. Rumour has it that he is so beautiful, he wears a hideous mask to avoid distraction when he goes off to war. The battle at Jinyong or Luoyang is also recorded in history where he only used 500 cavalries to rescue the city from the prevailing Northern Zhou army.
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The Story So Far – Mini Recaps of Episodes 1-10 Legend of Lu Zhen

I know there aren’t much links to watch Legend of Lu Zhen and it’s even harder to get english subs with them. I can’t promise you the same but there’s a fellow blogger who is doing episodic recap on the drama so those who can’t understand chinese can at least read to know what they are talking about. Even I read it as my chinese isn’t exactly good. Enjoy and kudos to dramatictealeaves!! 😀


Posted Image

I feel that since I’m at Episode 20, this is a perfect time to do a mini-recap. It keeps my mind fresh of the story and let’s anyone who wants to watch the show keep up with what’s going on without having to go through every recap. Yes, this is the lazy man (and woman) recap. I’m also adding links to the actual episode recaps for anyone who wants a in-depth description.

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C-dramas I wanna watch

After Legend of Lu Zhen and Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, I felt so bereft. I couldn’t find anything else I wanted to watch. Probably touced so much harem dramas there’s nothing else to watch. Okay, there’s Legend of Zhen Huan but that’s just to morbid and I know the ending already. I prefer happy endings or at least a good love story out of it if there can be no happy ending. Here’s a list of C-dramas I’m interested in watching when they premier….

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Translation for Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying Interview ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

I believe a lot of people who watched Legend of Lu Zhen wish to ship Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying in real life. I miss their characters in Legend of Lu Zhen as well and decided to translate one of their interview segments. My translation won’t be totally accurate but I hope it gets their messages across. Sorry if my translation is a bit sucky, it’s my first and I’m not really mainland Chinese so sometimes, I don’t get the words they use. The translation may be a little literal so bear with me 😀

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Watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

After Legend of Lu Zhen, I decided to pick up another c-drama that has Zhao Li Ying in it, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang or in english-translated, wrongly picked lovebirds. This drama revolves around the Shi family that consists of three brothers and a sister and their revenge towards a man who murdered their parents and burned down their mansions when they were young. Now, they have grown up and own a large family business enterprise. Su Guang Ping decides to marry off his daughter to the oldest son of the Shi family, Shi Wu Ji so that he can use his daughter’s relationship with her future husband for future business benefits. His daughter Su Huan Er accidentally jumps off a cliff when she tried to run away so she is assumed dead. Her sister which her father never recognised as his daughter, Yi Liu, looks exactly like Huan Er. So Su Guang Ping marries off Yi Liu instead as Huan Er. The whole Shi family doesn’t take the wedding seriously as they suspect Su Guang Ping as the man involved in their parents’ murder. So poor Yi Liu now Huan Er has to undergo tribulations to  gain respect from the whole family and be accepted as the real wife of Shi Wu Ji

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Thoughts on Legend of Lu Zhen

Ratings: 7/10

So I have finally finished viewing Legend of Lu Zhen a few days ago but exams kept me busy. Overall, the drama was quite okay. I was extremely pleased with the chemistry between the two and Chen Xiao’s best moments were really when he was with Zhao Li Ying’s Lu Zhen. The strength of the drama greatly lies on their romance and I would watch it for them even if it was a train wreck(which it wasn’t). The drama promoted heavily on how Lu Zhen became the only female prime minister in ancient Chinese history. I don’t see it heavily used here as her term as a prime minister was probably just 10-15 minutes long because she was appointed right at the end of the drama. So that was pretty pointless. I wished to see more of Gao Zhan in his term as a king and Lu Zhen’s term as a prime minister. For me, the female prime minister as the title was merely to attract attention.

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Drama on watch: Legend of Lu Zhen

I’m still on a marathon to finish all 45 episodes of this drama and so far so good. Love the chemistry between Zhao Li Ying and Chen Xiao. I thought Zhao Li Ying looked to cute to play the titular role of a female prime minister but she has proved me wrong. Although she still looks cute to me. She can still exude elegance and posture as a lady of high rank and it’s clear why Chen Xiao’s character fell for her. Lu Zhen is supposedly smart and innocent as most historical fiction heroines are.

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