Drama Journalling April Week 1

Major updates for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (covering all 4 episodes) and Totsuzen, which I finished in one go! Also starting a new Kdrama, Whisper!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (epi 9-12)

  • Our heroine clears her next level (by beating up ALL the mafia from our resident mafia gang) thus effectively: 1) reveal to Min Hyuk that she is the mysterious hoodie girl who saved the bus he was on 2) reveal to Gook Do that she is indeed the one who sent all those gangsters to hospital
  • It’s interesting to see how Gook Do may change after realizing belatedly that he liked her all those years and the fact that she is super-strong. He expressed that he liked girls he could protect/vulnerable, alas, we always find people who don’t exactly fit our criterias.
  • Min Hyuk instinctively protects Bong Soon from a knife, resulting in yet another hospitalization. It’s cute to see that his reflex works faster than his brain because logically he knew Bong Soon could handle it but there’s a small possibility she might be injured. And of course, he takes full advantage of the injury, making a mountain out of molehill so that he gets special treatment from Bong Soon. Cheeky boy.

I have sensitive cellular tissues. NOT!

  • Love the other comedic moment where Bong Soon’s mom offers up Bong Soon as the price for him saving her life.


  • I’ve temporarily lost interest in the serial kidnapper until perhaps when he meets Bong Soon again. I’m thankful instead for more MinHyuk-BongSoon moments like below.
  • Meanwhile, her dreams are increasingly hinting…

Who cares, I love Ro-minhyuk and Bong-liet.

  • Bong Soon finally gets clearance to work in her department of dreams. Except, Min Hyuk still restrains her in his office for ‘internship’ in case she makes a fool out of herself in the real department. Which, is a legit argument methinks considering Bong Soon’s IQ and EQ.
  • I almost couldn’t recognise our beaten up tofu-eating gangster who now is a team leader in Ainsoft. This will be gooooddd.
  • Episode 11: Apparently when all fuse blows in Bong Soon’s head, she can autopilot very well. With an automated response that is rather acceptable, she tells Min Hyuk she’ll think about how she feels etc.
  • Oh how we love the triangle loves but this especially because it means bromance is BACK.
  • Alas, it’s an episode filled with Gook Doo’s one-step-behind and near misses.
  • Okay, NOW I CARE ABOUT THE KIDNAPPER. Coz Gyeong Shim is a kick ass friend and I feel like Bong Soon is next… HE HAS HER FRIEND’S PHONE oh god, no one knows Gyeong Shim has been taken @.@ I can’t even focus on the sweetness of our main couple coz I’m dead worried for Gyeong Shim.
  • But the kiss. oh, it’s so overdue but still savoury when it happens.


  • Previews show intense moments as Bong Soon headbutts with our serial kidnapper and clashes with Min Hyuk because he’s not so keen for his 5’2 girlfriend to take on the big baddie. Lotsa noble idiocy going on but I’m hoping Bong Soon grow some smarts this time round.

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu (Epi 7-9 finale)

  • So, our girl learns to deal with her famous boyfriend and this time, it’s when a scandal erupts. Their relationship takes the test and it’s her chance to see if she should run while she can. Nanami frustrates me sometimes. Then again, we see Asuka’s POV so much but Nanami doesn’t get to voice out his own problems. Asuka gets support from her friends but Nanami doesn’t have much friends where he can do that. Asuka may be sacrificing her privacy and her marriage goals but Nanami is also sacrificing his career and perhaps pushed into seriously considering marriage as a way out which is against his own principles. So in the end, I’m frustrated for Nanami because he just doesn’t share things as much and prefers to keep everything to himself.

And when they are like this, everything feels so normal together.

  • When malicious reporters get hold of Asuka, I think it’s really admirable of Nanami to be able to ask Kamiya to send her back to her parents’ house. It’s logical but many drama alphamales would have rushed to their distressed heroines. You could say he is selfish for protecting his career but Asuka can’t survive if her career gets ruined too. Poor guy is helpless now.
  • Which leads to a breakup at Episode 8. And the drama spirals downwards. It’s a bit disappointing because a) I was hoping for a drama that would show a fresher plotline like Nigeru wa Haji or We Married As a Job. b) I think it’s hard to root for Nanami because we don’t hear his feelings much and he looks like he can’t be bothered most of the time. I was even expecting Nanami or Asuka flip tables and just defy the odds to be together.
  • Watch value: spiralling down to 1 of 5.
  • Even when Nanami invited Sakuragi, I was hoping Asuka would shake Nanami and do something! It’s all so PASSIVE. And cliched. God, if only Asuka told him, “I’m leaving not because I’m jealous, but because you want me to. You don’t have to beat around the bush and put up a facade just to tell me we are not going to work out”. Then flip hair and leave.
  • I skipped all the Asuka and Kamiya scenes. BECAUSE I CAN. I feel like there are more side character appearances than I’ll ever see in an episode. That’s what the main couple lacked. Screentime together for a proper CONFRONTATION.
  • Skip episode 8 or the angsty build up.
  • I felt like I could skip the ending entirely too. Because it’s just them realizing their true loves and a running scene or two.
  • Because I started this, I’ll make it into episode 9 too to give it closure. Once again our leads wallow about their daily lives pretending they are fine but everyone else sees the OBVIOUS. Then you have second leads screaming sense into our leads, “Can’t you see, that’s your OTP over there? Now be together and let’s end this drama”. I knew better than to expect but in the end, they came together again not because they were confronting each other about it but because everyone else pushed them to. They are SO PASSIVE, you get angry on behalf of them. If this was to rack up the audiences and make them frustrated, congratulations, it did make me frustrated.
  • In the very end, I think we manage to glimpse a bit of why Nanami was afraid of marriage. He was afraid of expectations, or falling apart with his partner thus cowardly started to look for excuses to break up.

totsuzen 9.png

  • When Nanami actually proposes to Asuka, she gives the whole reasoning of “I won’t marry you unless it’s what you feel like”. Okay, woman. So now you ain’t getting married. I swear Nanami sighed of relief after that declaration.
  • Then, a time skip brings us to three years later. Kamiya ends up with Asuka’s single friend (the one who drooled over her younger brother) and they have a daughter. Talk about sudden.

The Totsuzen Proposal and Wedding

  • But I guess all well, ends well. It was such a rushed 2 episodes but I’m not entirely sure if giving it full 11 episodes would have given a better developed plot. In the end, I didn’t feel like they resolved their issue but I choose to just go with the freaking flow. It had it’s potential but oh well, at least they are getting married tomorrow (FINALLY).
totsuzen 9.2.png

And, we apologize but we are getting married tomorrow!

Whisper (Epi 1-2)


  • I haven’t felt the energy to pick up anything dark and thrilling for a while so I decided, Whisper would be a good one to try. What can go wrong with Lee Bo Young AND Lee Sang Yoon?
  • Our leads get their lives tangled by all the injustice that they were so used to seeing. Now, it happens to them. When both are also members of enforcing justice, who will give them their justice?
  • It’s cold when Lee Dong Jun’s father blackmails his own son to marry…so that he gets VIPs as patient.
  • I knew Lee Bo Young would become a bad-ass character but to literally blackmail the judge crosses the good vs bad line.
  • And how in Episode 2 does a female cop manage to become secretary of a conglomerate group’s son-in-law in a few days time? With a new name as well? God, she’s quickly becoming Dong Jun’s nightmare.

Looking flawless

  • I still find the dynamic interesting because although Young Ju has lost everything, she holds reins to a man who automatically has the world beneath his feet. Even though she did it by illegal means.
  • I think there is so much room for progress especially for Dong Jun because he was this righteous man turning into a man willing to use illegal means to topple the big baddies. I hope he still retains some kindness in him though. His character actually reminds me of the lawyer in Ji Sung‘s Secret.
  • Gosh, everybody’s father is somebody. Haha.
  • Watch Value: 4/5 I think it’s great progress as of now but definitely needs more stamina than Strong Woman Do Bong Soon to watch.

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