Drama Journalling : March Week 2

Nowadays I’ve got around to reading SO MANY english translated chinese novels, it’s addictive! It’s even eating up the time for me to watch dramas XD Also, reading all these historical C-novels are making me re-watch Legend of Zhen Huan. I’ve included the novels I’ve been reading below!

This week, I’ve not watched Totsuzen or Quartet, will resume soon. I’ll be busy in these 2 weeks so my drama quota will be reduced!! 😦

C-Novel List (Click the URL to read the English tranlated C-novels!!)

Phew, I’ve read all the novels I’ve recommended above so share if you have good recommendations too!!

I Love My President Even Though He Is a Psycho (Epi 3)

president psycho3

Why can’t you give me a bit of love?

  • Operation hack Shi Di’s phone begins and it’s time to uncover all truths! Glad they didn’t keep it away longer.
  • Qian Chu gets a 360 degree change in behaviour. Why is Xiao Nian not curious about why he’s willing to help in the beginning? omigosh.
  • Wow, I thought Shi Di was just a biatch to her sister. But she’s just cruel to everyone including her dream husband!
  • Okay, I’m a Gong Ou shipper. Poor guy is just trapped in lies and now he’s a third wheeler too 😥
  • It’s so sad that Xiao Nian comes to realization that everyone including her first love resorted to deception and lies. And I think she knows that she and Qian Chu can never go back anymore.
  • Okay, Gong Ou took it too far when he had the people hit both of them together.
  • Okay, I’m just taken back by this whirlwind of plots. wow.
  • I realize Gong Ou and Xiao Nian grew up in nearly similar family environment, having no one they could really trust but Gong Ou developed this obsessive mechanism whereas Xiao Nian just becomes Candy. -.-


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Epi 5-6)


Secretary Gong getting a taste of karma. Because breaking a tailbone wasn’t enough.

  • Bong Soon is getting dangerously close to our resident kidnapper and it’s plenty sweet when Min Hyuk worries for her despite knowing she can take care of herself. Min Hyuk being so protective and realizing that he likes her is argh, diabetes-inducing.
  • Bong Soon shows that she has viewed her powers as something unwanted,a burden she didn’t wish for. She’s been hesitating to use them in the past because of repercussions but now, she’s finally seeing the light!
  • It feels like our happy Do Bong neighborhood couldn’t possibly harbour such a evil person and everyone gets a wake up call when Bong Soon’s bestie actually gets brutally attacked. ‘whimpers’ If it wasn’t for Bong Soon, her friend would have ended up as the third girl kidnapped.
  • Although I know we normally root for the main leads, Min Hyuk and Gook Do is probably widening their own fanbase too, for the bromance displays that they KNOW we LOVE.

A girl’s gotta do her job in making sure our delectable boys reach home safe and sound.

  • And when the boys hit it, Bong Soon saves their asses again.
  • Our rapist is on to his third target already, I don’t see any progress much in this investigation…

I’ll help you evolve

  • But I sure as hell see some progress between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. Although it’s a bit slow paced as in Bong Soon clearly still head over heels on Gook Do, but it’s these sweet moments that will save our sanity in the end.
  • How else to improvise on your confessions and maybe make it more economically practical? Tell them you can help them EVOLVE. It’s so, nerd but I’ll give you extra XPs for that.
  • Bong Soon’s grandma is HERE. How cool is it to have Bong Soon but to also have another powerful character around? Love the comic reliefs

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