Drama Journalling: March Week 1

Nothing from Mainland China that sparks my interest yet. President Psycho makes his confession in the newest episode of I Love my President Even Though He Is a Psycho. Our Totsuzen couple has a trial run of the newly-wed life.  Watched Quartet (Jdrama) and I’m piqued by our 4 string musicians. Do Bong Soon continues to hit the right notes and I’ve found my new crack!

I Love my President Even Though He Is a Psycho (epi 2)

president psycho 2.png

I like you  (yay for straight-foward confessions minus the neck grip)

  • I feel like sometimes there’s brain, sometimes there isn’t to this plot. It feels a little messy but some people are saying that a lot of stuff are missed out from the novel. It’s okay, I’ve decided to throw logic out of the window with this one.
  • Looks like we are getting our answers fast on why our main female lead was involved with the male lead three years ago. And it’s largely to do with her sister and so-called friend.
  • Apparently, second lead guy (also her brother-in-law, who was previously blind) does not have amnesia like he claims to. Why he is pretending not to remember her for the past? NO CLUE. Chaebols do what they do.
  • Our psychotic president is actually quite lovable. If you remove the psychotic part that is.

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu (Epi 6)


Showing em true colors and letting them sparks fly

  • New living arrangements are made and our couple are faced with different living habits
  • I think the impact really came to Asuka when her brother asks her if she’s fine living this life, with no prospect of marriage. It hits Asuka hard because she has her own pride and it seems like she is lowering all that to tolerate Nanami. It’s like getting the shorter end of the stick.
  • Loved that despite their personalities, they are talking it out. Rome isn’t built in a day, couples grow bit by bit too!
  • Although there are still potential future problems, the pacing is like taking a step at a time. Solving things one by one and not let them fester seems like a solid idea.
  • Yuko declaring her divorce sounded like, ‘Hey, I’m back in the playing field! Even if I didn’t want him, doesn’t mean he is for grabs lol’


Quartet (Epi 1 -2)

quartet 1.png

  • I’ve been waiting for subs on this and finally some episodes are now subbed! Drama with music themes are my favourites (All time favourite: Nodame Cantabile!) and I can’t wait to see what our quartet can do. It isn’t the high school kind of ‘let’s make a band’ but a group of adults who may have agendas, life issues and varying motivations for joining this quartet.
  • It’s interesting to see how their differing ideals and quirky personalities clash right at the pilot episode.
  • So it isn’t just performing music together but some sort of co-habitation going on too. Makes a lot of room for more drama there.
  • Oh wow, there’s some kind of murder mystery going on too…niceee. I just hope it doesn’t go waaayy out of hand into psychotic territory. 0.0
  • The ending song video is AHMAZING. It’s so retro themed, both girls look sultry and enchanting. Too bad I can’t find a video of it on YouTube to embed here but do check it out. Below is just the song.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Epi 3-4)


The cat-sie glare Bong Soon gives Min Hyuk for reading her mind so well.


Spoken like a true superheroine kyaa~

  • This show is THE rom-com of the season. I’m having so much laughs from how Do Bong Soon uses her power, even with the flick of her hands. So much potential, ratings are superb and I’m so onboard!
  • It’s hilarious how everyone gets a bit of Do Bong Soon and when Min Hyuk snaps away, he gets a taste of it too XD He knows the risk of being with her (getting injured, by your own bodyguard?!) but hey, at least she isn’t doing it intentionally half the time right?
  • I love how Min Hyuk is acting gay and misleading Bong Soon on purpose. All the more for bromance scenes!!!

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