Drama Journalling- February Week 4


My current obsession, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Ye Hua has made it into my male hero list

This came into my mind while I was thinking about travel journal-ling (for a trip I would have soon). I often have thoughts on drama on my watch but I think they kinda disappear often as fast as they arrive so when I try to write a review, I stumble. The idea would be that I keep things short and sweet whereby I write maybe a few sentences or a paragraph on the current week and what I’ve watched. I find that this would allow me to keep track of dramas that I watch and also allow me to retain memories of drama that I would probably drop. This would also be mixed in with some initial impression of dramas but I’ll cut out giving synopsis because we have dramawiki for that. Also this would be a form of bullet journalling for me; point form stuff are easier to take in. I hope this initiative would allow long term commitment to blogging my love and make it easier for readers to keep up with the myriad of dramas coming up. I’m expecting a weekly post. Please do leave comments on how I can improve this initiative or what you would like added in 😀

Ten Miles of Peach Blossom ( currently on episode 49)

  • This is one crack addictive xianxia that I will rate above Hua Xian Gu. I have tried to write initial impression, midway review only to realize that it is ending soon (epi 58) but not going anywhere with my review. Reason is it airs 2 epi daily, 1 epi on Saturdays and I diligently tune in on Youtube. So I’ve decided that I shall hold back and sum up everything after this is done airing.
  • Watch value as of epi 49: 5/5
  • If you haven’t picked this up, it’s perfect timing to do so. English subs are available in major drama streaming sites up to around epi 20+

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Ashita ga Kekkon Shimasu ( Currently on Episode 4)

  • I was quite wary when I picked this up because there is an abundance of drama approaching the issue of marriage. This was planned to be  a casual watch but the mature tone in which both leads handle stuff is quite attractive. Maybe because I’ve seen Mariya in crazy roles of Switch Girl so I like her venturing into acting more mature (even more than her real age).
  • However, I foresee some trouble brewing up with a persistent Kamiya who keeps proposing and ex-girlfriend Sakuraguchi who is stuck in a loveless marriage
  • Watch value as of epi 4: 4/5
  • As dramas could rail of tracks real fast in the second half, I would hold my horses before investing fully here. Eng sub up to Episode 5.

Tokyo Tarareba Girls (Watched two episodes, dropped)

  • I thought the premise set up was interesting whereby it would serve a bit like a wake up call for modern society girls. Appears that I have no patience to see people complain about life and love especially three girls at that. I also find that Yuriko Yoshitaka‘s voice annoys me even though it isn’t exactly high pitched. Not even Kentaro Sakaguchi (Heroine Shikkaku) can save this.
  • Watch value: 2/5

Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 1)

  • Being a high school themed drama with simultaneous anime airing, I didn’t expect what I watched. The premise seemed innocent enough with two lonely students forging a relationship together because their crush are in love with each other. Boom, the first episode had many kiss scenes (fine with that) and our main leads touching each other in ehem. Furthermore, all that intimacy happens more than 10-15 minutes which is half of it’s airtime of 24 minutes. Sooo that was a bit heavy for what I thought would seem like Kingyo Club (also two lonely high school students with one helping the other overcoming bullies).
  • After that first episode, I got a bit turned off. Not in a mood to see two underaged people not getting a grip with life but turning into unhealthier methods. (Sounding like a mother but I think young adults do learn from screens and I think I don’t approve even if consented underage sex)
  • PG13 maybe PG18 caution!


Whew, that sums up my week. I think this format would decrease the stress for me to journal (loads of research and effort into making a proper drama review or recap, salute to bloggers who do!) but at the same time it won’t restrict me like the ‘currently watching’ column on the sides. Leave comments if you are watching the same dramas as well to rave or to persuade me to pick up those dropped ones ;D



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