Review: Okitegami Kyoko no Bibouroko


Rating: 8/10

2015 is almost coming to an end and I have been too encumbered by my studies. First of all, Merry Christmas to all and hopefully 2016 will bring forth a year of good fortune to you! I’m not sure how much blog post I can release in the coming year but I sure hope it is more than this year’s.

On to the drama review!!


Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku brings us the story of a girl in short silver hair and rounded vintage glasses who works as a private detective with the utmost ideal confidentiality policy. Her day begins with a clean slate when she wakes up every morning. In literal words, she forgets events of yesterday as she falls asleep. Now, we need to proceed carefully with this information without questioning the logic of the world of this drama. Enter Yakusuke Kakushidate (Masaki Okada), an unfortunate young but kind-hearted man who finds himself embroiled in every crime scene possible because the drama-verse needs him to be. Due to his circumstances, he finds himself in great need of the great detective Okitegami Kyoko (Aragaki Yui) and frequents the detective brokerage store, mysteriously named Sandglass. With all the things set in place, we begin to enter this world as confused as Yakusuke is.

Initially, I didn’t have a great impression of this drama. It has mystery, comedy and possibly some wacky one-sided romance but I can’t take too much slapstick in a detective drama. Believe me I have tried and I don’t think that comedy should overweigh a mystery drama. Giving it a leap of faith, I discovered the gem of this drama season. For once, this comedy/romance/detective thing is BALANCED and I don’t feel annoyed at all watching this. I think a huge factor of this is due to Masaki and Aragaki’s performances as lead. Unfortunate Yakusuke does not annoy at all despite him always falling into some kind of misfortune. He whines, yes but not to the point I feel excessive. He makes lemonade with his lemons and together with Okitegami, learns to unravel mystery of the episode. The character played by Aragaki also did not get on my nerves. Females are often portrayed as sillier or always in need of saving but not Okitegami. However, it doesn’t mean that she is an iron lady. She still portrayed the subtle nuances of a girl at heart and I love love that she is frank but not intimidating.

I find the mystery alright, not too predictable but still not sky high hard. Besides that, there is the ongoing mystery of Okitegami Kyoko herself. What happened to her previously, what she could last remember, why is she even Okitegami Kyoko … the drama acknowleges its plotholes but does not attempt to answer everything. Like Okitegami herself would say, all she needs in life is a little cash and a little mystery.


Picture credited to kipzizz

I think it is quite adventurous for the script to include romance in this and actually give it priority. This is rare sight in Jdoramaland but not an unwelcome one. It helps a lot too that the chemistry here is strong ^^ Note that this is not Masaki and Aragaki’s first pairing together, they have battled it out in Legal High 2.

Onto more technical stuff, I think directing is great here. I also love how they gave us a summary of the case using 2D cutouts of our character. The music is repetitive and nothing special but it gives the perfect vibe.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the ending presented. It leaves enough substance for us to fantasize of a season two, which is possibility in Jdoramaland. It was worth the watch and I would recommend it as the lighter watch for the season.


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