DRAMAMOCHI IS A YEAR OLD 0.0 And so, I have also aged =.=

Wow, my blog here is a year old. I can’t believe how fast time passed but I guess that’s partly because of months of inactivity….hahaha. The medicine course does not spare mercy for bloggers or even drama-watching. I had to cut down so much on what I watched and blogging became really tasking. Then again, I do need to prioritize and I don’t regret it at all. Blogging was something I did in spare time. And nowadays, spare time = sleeping. BUT, it’s officially summer break now so dramamochi will be revived again in this couple of months :3 Yay for more drama, and yay yay for blogging again!! Thanks to those who occasionally still visit my blog and check out reviews. I can’t be more proud when I check my email inbox to see that people have left comments. That’s motivating.

Currently I’m on :


My Love from Another Star

I’m probably still in episode 7 which is early to say too much but the critical acclaim and fandom it gained is understandable at this point. It’s amazing to see Jun Ji Hyun take up rom-com after all her years of acting in more serious roles and see her pull it off like she has done it forever. It almost feels like she isn’t acting because she is not embarrassed of taking her role to further depths. Kim Soo Hyun has improved since Moon Embracing the Sun. He knows how to control angst better now and let it show more innate than outward. And who does not like a hot alien who saves a damsel in distress?? Especially when it’s Kim Soo Hyun??

Hotel King

Bringing back the leads of My Girl, we see Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook create fireworks again. Instead of the rom-com My Girl, they are set in a melodramatic drama of hotel reign and bad daddies. It’s quite surprising that I’m still sticking to this drama at episode 20 because Lee Da Hae’s character isn’t exactly my favourite. She isn’t exactly smart, quite like a Korean Paris Hilton but they intend to show us that she is weak and fragile as a flower behind the haughty facade of hers. And who else better than Lee Dong Wook who plays the role of general manager of Ciel Hotel, also the brain of the hotel after Lee Da Hae’s daddy dies. And he is involved in her daddy’s death but wait, he was manipulated by the VP who turns out to be his daddy that he didn’t know. You’re gonna scream spoiler but the initial synopsis already spoiled it for us anyhow. We see both leads try to overcome bad daddies, second leads and finally the you-killed-my-daddy issue. Or maybe your-daddy-killed-my-daddy issue. I don’t know anymore. It’s  messy but it’s such a hot mess, I can’t help but melt in it. Lee Dong WOOK-sshi ❤



Oguri Shun comes back in Border as a cop with a new gained ability to speak to the dead after a bullet is lodged in his head. This is very handy in solving cases, which makes me feel like he has it the easy way round. But when he is given dead people with temporary amnesia, it proves that detective skills are very much required in what he does. It is also more interesting to see how he connects to these dead people well because obviously they were once very much alive. You can say it’s another average J detective drama. But nothing is quite ordinary when you put Oguri Shun in it. He pretty much has Midas touch in his current projects (look at Rich Man Poor Woman).

First Class

THIS is the drama which will revive Erika Sawajiri’s acting career. I checked it out solely for that curiosity. It’s a very devil-wears-prada story where we see intense verbal and not-so-verbal bullying occur to Erika’s character who enters the editorial department of the magazine First Class. I can’t say I like it, or will recommend others to watch but I’m a sucker for underdog dramas. I don’t know why…..

That pretty sums up the dramas I’m currently on. I’m not sure which I will review in the end but I’ll pick the best of the lot 🙂


7 thoughts on “DRAMAMOCHI IS A YEAR OLD 0.0 And so, I have also aged =.=

  1. rarapop says:

    Congrats on the one year anniversary! Oguri Shun’s drama Border looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out! It’s been so long since I’ve watched a good Japanese drama. Keep up the great work!

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