What I did in my holiday: A compiled short review

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Holiday had passed and exams started right after I came back. All the real world stuff had somehow hindered my blog updates. So SORRY.

Anyhow, after since my last updates, Ando Lloyd and Heirs ended it’s run. In the holidays, I picked up Best Time and Too late to say I love you. That was ambitious because both are China dramas with 40+ episodes to marathon through. Currently, I’m still watching Empress Ki, the very endearing Prime Minister and I. Out of the Asian drama league, I’m also watching Switched at Birth(when I feel like it), Sherlock(very up to date) and The Mentalist(because after Red John, Patrick is transformed somehow and I feel like watching where he ends up). The new J-drama , Shitsuren Chocolatier starring Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi is also the sweetest surprise of this season’s J-drama. It’s delicious in every way and I can’t wait for more episodes!

Ando Lloyd A.I. Knows Love

Ratings: 6/10

Starring Kimura Takuya and Shibasaki Kou, what could possibly go wrong. Although the premise was very futuristic, I believe that the CGs are top-notched and that gave it a lot of brownie points. I think Kimura Takuya was good in balancing both characters and I don’t know which of him I should love, the dorky Matshushima Reiji or the learning-to-love Ando Lloyd?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Ando Lloyd is a pun on android. Yeah. Moving on, I think Shibasaki Kou’s performance was mediocre here but I learnt to love how ordinary she is. Or how helpless she is when Lloyd teleports off to fight the baddies, leaving her hanging.

Basically, the story is about how Lloyd appears from the future after Matsushima Reiji’s death to protect Shibasaki Kou’s Ando Asahi. Ando Asahi is Matsushima Reiji’s fiancee and she finds herself wanted by some futuristic killer robocops. All the damsel in distress action is repeated in every episode and it doesn’t help that Ando Asahi can’t really do anything. She’s out of this league of android with superpowers.

When Ando Lloyd learns to love due to some emotion program, we see him somehow becoming a bit more sentimental and kudos to Kimura Takuya to be able to pull it off. An android with emotions but still an android? It gets complicated. Yuko Oshima did a wonderful job at potraying Matsushima Nanase, Reiji’s sister with multiple personality disorder. I think her character went through a lot of crazy and it’s easy to overact. Her character is on two ends of the spectrum (two distinct personalities). I would like to see more of Yuko Oshima acting in diverse character after seeing her pull off this one.

Why watch this?

a) Kimura Takuya die-hard fan

b) If you loved Zettai Kareshi, it may be for you except it’s a bit more action and probably more violent as well.

Overall, I think it was okay, and if a drama with such high budgets doesn’t perform even on mediocre standards, it’s in trouble, big time.


Ratings: 4/10

When you put together all these amazing and beautiful lead actors and actresses, you expect to see fireworks. Everywhere. That is not even counting in the fact that the writer is the same one who created the successful Secret Garden. But I do see a similarity in what Secret Garden and Heirs have now. A plot that pretty much goes nowhere and achieves nothing. Although ratings were high for Heirs, I think everyone was expecting better from this.

I can’t even comment much on this drama because I watched it halfway, dropped and watched at the end again to see if anything had change. But I’m glad I dropped this because nothing had changed at the end. What was suppose to be romance among high school students remained as romance among high school students. Except that this is no normal high school and ordinary does not suffice. So when it does get quite ordinary and cliche, it’s disappointing. It’s like we went through all these obstacles to show that they both deserve each other. But we already knew that from the beginning! Not like Kim Woo Bin‘s character had a chance at all from the start. The obstacle that was making their first love difficult was money. And more money. The plot was everywhere and not developed.

Too ambitious but watching Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin play up their bromance may be the only redemption.

Best Time

Ratings: 5/10

Janine Chang is an actress I follow time to time and she plays a more mature character in this drama. Seemingly. When she works maybe. If you don’t count the times she go crazy for a 10 year crush she nursed for her senior from university days. That she had virtually no contact with except that once.

There was literally no flashbacks to back up why she is head over heels for him. That is why despite Jia Nai Liang‘s hotness, I couldn’t root for him. He had his own tragic story but I’m already on Wallace Chung‘s ship.

If you ignore office politics and just concentrate on the 4 main leads’ romance plot, it’s actually watchable. The sheer length of it though had intimated many. For me, it was a LOT OF FAST-FORWARDING. Lu Li Cheng with Su Man scenes were just too HOT to pass up. It makes me melt and Janine Chung just has chemistry with all her male leads. Their plot is developed better than whatever Su Man and Song Yi has. I think their interaction brings the most tension and interest to this drama.

Su Man and Lian Shuang’s sisterly relationship is probably the next highlight of the drama. I thought they would play out the from best of friends to eternal enemies but boy I was wrong. They loved each other despite the men in their life. The angst between them were not dragged as well which was good. Su Man’s anguish at Lian Shuang and Song Yi’s relationship felt a little overboard but it’s well played. That was a good time for Lu Li Cheng to step in and be her white knight 😉

The ending………….frankly speaking was disappointing. I didn’t tune in 40+ episodes for that kind of ending. Despite the building angst to find out who she ends up with, the ending just made me go head-desking. Apparently the book and drama had different endings but trust me, if you are on Wallace Chung’s ship, it’s sinking in both.

SO MISLEADING BUT SO GOOD. Wallace Chung that is.

Too Late to Say I Love You/ Endless Love

Ratings: 7/10

Following my disappointment of Best Time, I hunted another Wallace Chung drama. And what a gem I found.

Wallace Chung plays a warlord’s son, Mu Rong Feng, who falls in love with Yin Jing Wan (Li Xiao Ran). Although what Mu Rong Feng does is not everyone’s cup of tea but the bad boy in him is admittedly HOT. Well, it’s only hot because Jing Wan loves him mutually too. Their chemistry is off-charts here I just squee all the time they are together and wail when they are separated.

Wallace Chung carries the alpha male character here very well. He’s very cunning but he always plan with Jing Wan in mind. It’s just so sweet when he show his passionate side. Argh,I’m going to get diabetes. Yin Jing Wan is not your standard young and pretty woman but she fits the role perfectly. She has the look of grace but mind you, she’s shrewd and she can hold her own fort very well. She does get into damsel in distress situations but she proves herself in other scenes and shows that she could survive without Mu Rong Feng. She loves him but she wouldn’t let him capture her in his way. She is the epitome of a woman in that era if I could put it in a sentence. Mu Rong Feng on the other hand, literally went insane without her. Honestly. It’s heart breaking.

Although it’s set a time of turbulence, the drama makes sure that romance is the center of the plot. All plot machinery are to bring our leads together or break them apart. That’s good in my opinion because I can’t handle war plots. My Chinese is not fluent enough to fathom all the strategy they want to devise which is boring in my book. This drama keeps it quite easy to understand. Fast-forward is an option if you dislike those scenes.

If you love Wallace Chung, this is it. The drama where he gets the girl and his hotness is squeezed all out like a lemon.

2013 has seen high profile dramas come and go and I can’t really rate the year based on how little I watch. However, 2014 dramas seem to be garnering solid attention so it’s gotta be a good year with such a good start. Now, off to watch Shitsuren Chocolatier with more chocolate goodness!!!! ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “What I did in my holiday: A compiled short review

  1. Neng says:

    I agree with you on The Heirs.To be honest, i personally would give 3 out of 10, since my first expectation was so high, and after watching 4-5 episodes, i started to roll my eyes in every 5 minutes ( literally !!! ). My biggest concern was : 1) The plot & story line , 2) Lee Min Ho’s Wardrobe , 3) Kim Woo Bin & Lee Min Ho’s role as high schoolers.

    But anyway, thanks for the review :))

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