Life with drama and university


Blogging seemed like decades ago for me. September had been a month where I transitioned into university and I’m still trying to cope with a tight schedule. I don’t know how I manage to watch drama and study at the same time but it’s miraculous really. My room mate is just stunned at how I watch dramas and honestly, me too. But admittedly, I’m watching less now. That picture above would probably be what I look like now. How can I have the cake and eat it ? How can I watch dramas and live a life?

That’s when I start looking through my blog and worry for it’s survival. I’m constantly amazed by other drama bloggers who post nearly everyday and really wonder how they live a life at the same time. Because I’m just suffocating already with assignments. Did I mention med school? I’m also wondering why I’m in med school too now…

Putting that aside, I really would love feedback from bloggers or just any drama-watchers about how do they cope with life AND drama? How do keep a balance between both? Leave me comments!! ^^


13 thoughts on “Life with drama and university

  1. Alice says:

    Usually a lurker here, but figured it can’t hurt.

    Life and drama is doable, it’s adding in the blogging that sometimes makes it harder. Between school and life, drama can sometimes be a great outlet. One way would be to stock up and then watch things in one go when you have time.

    It also depends on the dramas. Example would be me doing more background checks on certain dramas. If it’s short, or the simple, happy stuff, I can watch it once a day or in between breaks from work/studying. Then the longer and intense stuff, I have it for when I am on break. Then again, I sometimes just watch an episode a week or an entire series in a weekend. It also helps to stay in touch with other watchers/bloggers as it helps maintain interest.

    If you add blogging in there though, well, I have no real answer since it’s just plain amazing how some are able to post daily. Don’t give up though. It might be more sparingly, but for me, I end up blogging stuff that I either extremely like or extremely dislike and more about my personal life (to keep in touch with my blog friends).

    It’ll take some time, but you will be able to find a happy medium. 🙂
    Good luck!

    • dramamochi says:

      Thanks for the response! Drama does allow me to de-stress but blogging is probably the one that I’m having trouble keeping up with. It’s going to be hectic and crazy but I do want to keep up and keep posting although sparingly! I find it hard to leave this community of drama bloggers because we share this common love. It’s also why I’m trying to continue blogging. Stay strong friend and I will too!! XD

  2. heisui says:

    I’ve thought about doing a post about this too except I do not really want to announce to everyone that I procrastinate by blogging……………….. 😛

  3. misscupcakees says:

    Congrats for getting into med school, future doctor! 😛

    Yeahh, life with drama and blogging is difficult! Especially when real life becomes really hectic! I love my drama and blogging and I don’t think I can live without it but real life does take precedence. You can put drama and blogging on hold but you can’t do that with with life. I guess you just have to know when and how to juggle all these at the same time. In the end you will be able to find a balance between all these. (:

    Just follow your heart. If you truly love dramaing and blogging, you will be able find a way where it can fit into your real life.

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