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Ratings: 7/10

Another intriguing drama adapted from manga that caught my attention. I have not read the manga though. It stars another Johnny boy, Yuma Nakayama who’s also in a band called NYC. Basically, it’s a little like a reunion drama and tons of flashback occurs.

Summary from Asian Wiki:

University student Mizuho Suga (Tsubasa Honda) learns that her former high school classmate Haruka Origuchi (Erina Mizuno) died from an illness. At her funeral, Mizuho meets another former high school classmate Hikaru Narumi (Yuma Nakayama). In their high school days, Hikaru Narumi was famous for being a playboy. Mizuho and Hikaru Narumi were also in a special relationship. Hikaru was outgoing, but Mizuho found it difficult to make new friends. They once kissed in the classroom and went on a one day summer trip together. They weren’t friends or lovers and kept their relationship a secret.

Meanwhile, Haruka Origuchi’s mother tries to talk to Mizuho, believing Mizuho was her daughter’s best friend. Haruka’s mother asks about Haruka’s boyfriend. Haruka became pregnant with her boyfriend in the past.

Missing Piece Piano version. The song is actually sung by Yuma Nakayama but I’m unable to find a video for that on Youtube. This piano version is actually the closest to the real song and delivers quite a bit of that tense but melodramatic feeling.


The casting.


Yuma Nakayama plays Hikaru Narumi, who is the boy in high school we all crush over but always seems to slip through our grasps. He is mysterious and takes a liking to Mizuho Suga. We later find out that he has a twin. I think how the drama was directed was able to draw attention to each and every of our characters’ movement so naturally, Nakayama was able to shine in his roles. His role as Hikaru is highlighted as he tries to personify a boy with deep under layered issues. He puts on a facade of an easy going person but there’s hint of darker waters in him.


Honda Tsubasa takes the female leading role of Mizuho Suga. She is somehow motivated to investigate the past of her high school acquaintance ( They were never really friends) after the mother of that classmate tells her that her daughter claims that Mizuho is her best friend. As she investigates, she traces back to days where she and Hikaru Narumi has a ‘secret’ affair. That basically means they dated without anyone knowing. Mizuho is a girl who is level-headed and knows very well what she needs to do or which path she needs to walk down. Guys find her character too serious. However, upon meeting Narumi, she finds it in herself to walk down paths she knew was not right. This brings to the above quote in the image where she knew in her heart, she was the last type of person.


The mystery of their dead classmate never really intrigued me deeply. It serves to  move the story forward, to keep our heroine digging while thinking back on her own nostalgic days. These are one of the dramas which I actually enjoy flashbacks. They bring us back to those moments, letting us savour them from Mizuho’s viewpoints. It’s clear how she remembers them and still holds the same feelings for Hikaru. Flashback also gives more colour to their dead friend which they didn’t have much idea of. Although much exposure is given to Haruka, in the end, I couldn’t connect with her. They depict her as a kind-hearted person, doing things people didn’t know, falling in love and etc. I felt disconnected with her character because her story is told in so many pieces, it couldn’t feel like a person to me.


I rather love the washed out colours and they bring a sense of nostalgic to every scene. They evoke actually really clean looking scenes and somehow minimalist. You clearly know what they want you to focus on. It helps that our leads are decent and quite good-looking 😉

Sometimes, the drama doesn’t seem to make much progress and she seems to be dwelling more on the yesteryears than solving the mystery at hand. But the beautiful parts are actually her journey in remembering those days. She had no attachment to the dead classmate actually so it’s obvious why she didn’t feel very pressed to investigate. Curiosity was what fuelled her to keep going, especially when Hikaru seems to be involved.


Occasionally, I think that Mizuho is too hooked up on her first love (who isn’t?). The opportunity to meet Hikaru again just revived the flame in her heart. It’s worse when it seems one-sided at times because our troubled Hikaru doesn’t seem to reciprocate well and it seems like a fling to him. Directing has manage to capture everything from Mizuho’s point which makes it beautiful and all however it makes me wonder whether Hikaru loves her as deep as she loves him. We watch Mizuho fall quite deep into her rapture with Hikaru sometimes to the point which she takes his crap (thankfully not too much of those scenes unlike Last Friends).


I think this slow-paced drama is quite like Sprout, the plot sometimes isn’t really the main point but watching our characters make their way through the plot is what makes me want to keep tuning on. The colours and directing are what makes me captivated although each episode is only half an hour long.


The ending is what we call open-ended and may not satisfy some viewers but for me, I think it was realistic and necessary especially since Hikaru needs to patch up and grow up.

This fan made MV shows how beautiful the drama is best. I also love how the song, Futuristic Lover by Katy Perry used actually describes the drama well 🙂

I recommend it for people who love beautiful directing and filming. I gave it 7, a little lower because the plot seems a little plain and not interesting enough for me. It’s really beatiful but sometimes a pretty cake does not equate to tasty. I still found it worth the watch but I’m not terribly crazy over it. The OST has gotten me hooked once upon a time and I still love the theme song.


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