In Time with You Review

Rating: 7/10

So, somehow an Ariel Lin fever got into me and I decided to watch her modern drama, In Time With You. The Chinese title literally means, maybe I won’t love you. Which is not a good title in English but it is the thing that becomes the main plot and frustration of the audience.

Summary of the story: Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) is a 30 year old career woman who finds herself aging and pretty much panics over it. Her best friend, Li Da Ren ( Chen Bo Lin) is the person who understands her the most and becomes her support over the years of their friendship. Cheng You Qing embarks on a journey of some sort to find a man she could marry after she makes a bet with Li Da Ren. Apparently, whoever gets married first will get a fat red packet (it’s custom to give money in a red packet during weddings also known as hong pau). Of course, she doesn’t meet the right guy and Li Da Ren often helps her up and comfort her at time of difficulties. Well, it’s pretty obvious from day one, we are watching a drama about a pair of best friend who eventually falls in love with each other. And I understand why it garners high audience-ship since it tells a tale of people who are friend-zoned by who they love.

Cheng You Ching is the plucky, proud, and ambitious alpha heroine. She has a temper that only Li Da Ren can understand. Although so, she is very kind and generous (ain’t all our heroines?). In some sense, she’s a workaholic career woman you can admire. Β And she probably has very bad taste in men except Li Da Ren. Li Da Ren is the perfect male best friend that would be a second lead in any given Korean drama out there. He once told her during their high school days, “I won’t fall in love with a girl like you”. Which was probably the most foolish thing he did. Well, he did regret it for 15 years so it’s even. What he didn’t know, is that Cheng You Ching likes him too, when they grew up later on. However, she keeps reminding herself of what he said to her ages ago. That’s why, people out there, watch what you say to your crush! We see our leads going on a merry-go-around, trying to hypnotise themselves to believe that they are merely BFF’s and deny their feelings. It’s however understandable that none of them wanted to take the leap of faith and test the waters, for fear of ending their friendship It’s in one part where they say that friendship is more enduring than love. Which is partly true 😦

It’s interesting when they converse because they often talk about things in relationships we aren’t aware of. It’s also triggering awwws when we see poor Li Da Ren heartbroken over and over again. It’s like at some point, I want to bash You Qing. But it’s not like she isn’t aware of their feelings. She just can’t differentiate whether Da Ren is seriously in love with her. Being such a proud woman, she also couldn’t concede to her own internal conflict. I feel that Da Ren is portrayed as the perfect guy where as You Qing was a more flawed character. She had so many faces for each situation, it’s interesting to see her react. This is especially in episodes where she is ‘jealous’ at Da Ren’s nosy girlfriend. However, being the mature woman, she displays actions which would probably be rational if it were real. All that rationality flew out the window when she met Ding Li Wei(Sunny Wang), her ex, as quoted by Da Ren. Da Ren however seemed to give up everything for her,his sleep, his girlfriend, his promotion, his choice of course in a prestigious college and SO MUCH MORE. Obviously, this guy is extinct in reality. However, the fact he always let her have her ways is probably his greatest weakness. It’s like he plans his life around her. That would be pathetic if she didn’t reciprocate in the end. Then again, You Qing would be an idiot to let him pass by.

I love You Qing’s mother, who knows her daughter too well. She knows that You Qing feels for Da Ren but the stubborn daughter refuse to admit so. Towards the end, we see how the mother – daughter interact one- to- one and it’s just so touching. I actually cried because I’m someone’s daughter too πŸ˜₯

In Time With You can get draggy and slow at times because it’s one and a half hour for each episode. I gave it a 7 because of that, if not, it would be an eight. There’s 13 episodes but if you think about it as an hourly episode format, it’s like watching 20 episodes of that. It is however worth it when they finally get their happy ending and they sure do spoil us crazy! Β Not to mention the amount of kiss scenes they have. They are pretty generous about that. Ding Li Wei and You Qing’s scenes are so sizzling hot at times, I think the screen could have melted.

Through this drama, I think Ariel Lin has definitely graduated from It Started With A Kiss. It has also proved that her baby-face wasn’t an obstacle to portraying her character.It’s however the first time I’ve seen Chen Bo Lin and Sunny Wang so not much comments. I do think that Chen Bo Lin landed himself on a good, lovable role so he is lucky. Sunny Wang isn’t so bad since his hots attracted many as well.

I think the drama is worth the watch, if you can get through it with patience πŸ™‚

The above video shows the song Da Ren writes for You Qing. It’s pretty touching. The title is ‘I won’t love you’. The song talks about how he won’t love her and keeps forcing himself to not fall in love for her. However, he has actually fallen for her and it depicts their situation and his frustrations very well.


2 thoughts on “In Time with You Review

  1. heisui says:

    This review makes me feel all nostalgic about In Time With You. Looking back, the drama did have its flaws and I think a lot of the buzz over it was over Ariel & Bolin. But aside from the cast I also enjoyed all the Da Ren scenes. You’re right, I think Da Ren is that perfect character that makes you want to root for him all the way! And omg I love the GIF. *W*

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