Mash-up review of Summer Jdramas

Of date, I’m watching DOCTORS 2, Summer Nude, Starman and a new player, Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo. I’m lazy to write episode reviews in separate posts so I shall mash them all up TOGETHER 😀

Currently, I’ve watched 3 episodes of DOCTORS 2. 3 episodes have proven that it is still same old, same old. We constantly have Sagara plotting against Moriyama’s not-so-nice intentions, Sagara showing his shrewd tactics which he often enlists aid of the saleswoman Miyabe, patients of the day, and Sagara being the saviour of the day. It’s repetitive and it’s beginning to bore me. As much as I love Sawamura Ikki, the plot is not refreshing, the patients’ stories are not riveting enough. Although so, I will still keep watching for you, Sawamura-san~~


Summer Nude has a constant pace but slightly slower. We are all dragged along by Asahi’s old flame and his inability to let go of the ‘billboard girl’. The first episode focuses on Karina’s character, Natsuki. She’s head strong and much stronger than Asahi in a sense that she is ready to move on from the fiancée that dumped her on the day they got married. She moves on faster than Asahi but if you want to compare, Asahi’s girlfriend disappeared without an explanation. No good-byes. It gives him hope and kept him pining for three years.

Episode 2 and 3 keeps the spotlights on Erika Toda’s character, Hanae. It’s unimaginable for her to keep holding on to her one-sided love for that long but the episodes go in depth to what Hanae does or feels for Asahi. She’s willing to wait for him, even when he only has eyes for billboard girl. My respects go to Hanae when Asahi breaks his promise on taking solo  photos of her, just standing in front of the billboard screaming that he just can’t get over her. Hanae, who had gotten her hopes high up must have been crestfallen but she just smiles at him and tells him that it’s okay. That’s how far her patience extends for him. I’m glad the plot gives Hanae more depth and colour, rather than just making her a clingy girl with a one-sided love. On the other hand, I totally want to ship Natsuki and Asahi. It’s kinda sad but Asahi knows that the reason he got over Kasumi is Natsuki.

Hikaru, the nerd, confesses to Hanae in episode 4 but the poor thing gets rejected. I have a nagging feeling that Hanae might end up with Hikaru, like a consolation prize while Natsuki gets grand prize Asahi. Then again, the drama can prove me wrong and probably everyone will just end up with no one and they’ll just stay as best of friends. Please don’t take the easy way out and just let the ships sail properly to the end…


Starman is like the odd child out here. It’s totally a summer jdrama but I’ve never really watched dramas with aliens in them but if you classify it among supernatural creatures like gumiho, vampires and werevolves, it’s fine. In a quaint town where nothing happens, a single mother(Hirosue Ryoko) of three boys strikes jackpot when she finds the amnesiac Tatsuya starring Fukushi Sota. Tatsuya becomes Hoshio and papa to three boys but dun dun DUN…he’s actually possesed by an alien.

Sometimes, I find Hirosue over-reacting and she often acts like she is 18 more than she is a 30 plus mother of three. Of course that is nothing since her grandmother acts childish as well only occasionally slipping out wise advices. Fukushi Sota is a total cutie-pie here, I squee when I see him. Although so, his acting greatly reminds me of Zettai Kareshi. Not to say that he acts like a robot, however I can’t help but think of it as such. It feels a little like Zettai Kareshi, except that it’s set in a small town and we have aliens instead. Not to forget the next cutie-pie down here!!

Starman dishes out potential problems and dilemmas of an alien/amnesiac but I often find the problem solved without out leads needed to do anything. I think, the dynamics of the family is what keeps me tuning on, not really the characters themselves. And also what will happen to alien-papa.It’s warm to see so many supportive people around Sawa, she’s so blessed. I totally love Setsu, Sawa’s best friend who owns a bar. She is lonely and envious of Sawa’s new dude but totally behind whatever Sawa does and comforts her when things get haywire. Everything and NEARLY everyone in the drama is radiating feel-good vibes which is the cure I need after Cruel City and Shark.

And here comes the new player in summer jdramas, Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo which literally means Yamada and the Seven Witches. Starring Yamamoto Yusuke (Ouran High School Host Club) as titular Yamada and Nishiuchi Mariya (Switch Girl) as Shiraishi Urara. We have a boy who is at the bottom of his class body-switching with the school’s top student. This apparently happens when they kiss and just in episode one, we get TONS OF KISSING SCENES, not necessarily all with Shiraishi and Yamada..hehehe….

Anyhow, they are somehow discovered by another student who drags them into a paranormal activity and occurrence club. There, they discover the legend of 7 witches in their school however, the paper tore so they are only able to see 2 ‘abnormal abilities’. The first is body-swapping, the second is…. find out yourselves :p So I’m guessing each episode will be dedicated for a witch each. That should be exciting enough to keep me watching.

Phew. So that’s all I have to say about summer jdramas for now. I’ll see if I can update again with a mash-up review 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mash-up review of Summer Jdramas

  1. Bumbleberri says:

    The last one looks like the most interesting of the bunch! Maybe because I’m just partial to body-switching dramas. Plus its hard to come by a jdrama with lots of kissing.
    I ended up dropping starman, I found the plot slow paced with not a lot going on. Ehh. Still looking for another Sota drama in the near future to indulge in!

    • dramamochi says:

      I was this close to dropping Starman too but since I had time on my hands, I just continued. The last drama seems interesting rite? I’ve watched both the leads before and hope they can break out of their previous molds…

  2. heisui says:

    Thanks for this! I think Yamamoto Yusuke really suits live-action roles. It’s nice seeing him with a darker hair color for a change. 😛 I was surprised that Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo wasn’t really promoted very much before it started airing. I only found out about it after episode 1 was released! O_O

    I wish they would freshen things up in DOCTORS 2 but…I don’t know if I should expect too much from it. Part of me just wants to watch to see Sagara smile, HAHA.

    • dramamochi says:

      Yeah, I believe that Yamamoto Yusuke is embedded in these roles. But I do hope he ventures into mature roles as well in the future. I also just found out about it when the first epi aired. It’s funny how I see Nishiuchi like her character from Switch Girl while Yamamoto seems like he is still Tamaki from Ouran 0.0

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