DOCTORS 2 : Episode 1


The entire cast of DOCTORS has returned for a second season or DOCTORS 2: Saikyou no Meii. Ikki Sawamura plays the titular Kousuke Sagara, an eccentric doctor or a model doctor from Tokyo Medical University. His rival, Masanobu Takashima is back as well in the form of the much hated, immature Suguru Moriyama. This time, Moriyama is expected to become the director of Dogami General Hospital as his aunt retires.


Other minor casts are back as well. From top left: Shoko Shibuya(the pharmaceutical saleswoman), Miyabe(the nurse), Minamoto (internal medicine doc) and Tamaki Dogami (director of Dogami General Hospital). Although, Sagara has been in the hospital for 2 years, the other doctors’ ethics has not improved. Moriyama and the gang are still not practising the principles of a good doctor. They treat patients with no care, not even bothering with eye contact much less giving informative explanation before they cut up a patient.


Moriyama shows off his laparoscopy (surgery done where the incision is small thus leaving a small scar to remove tumour) skills in the beginning. However, the patient has not recovered and cannot return home 5 days after surgery as expected. Moriyama gives a lame explanation which does not keep the patient’s daughter satisfied. The patient’s daughter looks for Sagara and begs for him to become the physician in charge of her mother after witnessing his tenderness towards patients. Of course Moriyama wouldn’t let that happen and he lets the majority decide democratically. Except 80% of the surgeons are Moriyama’s underlings so democracy really is crap.


The director has decided to secure a 2 million yen loan from the bank and their success is likely. Thus, she decides to quickly pass her seat to Moriyama to strike while the iron is hot. And decides to board on a ‘around-the-world-cruise’ while she is still healthy. Apparently, she is 71 which is really really old, except in Japan she’s okay old. Many nurses decide to quit if Moriyama ever becomes director. However, Sagara hatches a plan with saleswoman Shibuya to put on a play for the loan inspector in disguise.


He plans to operate on Moriyama’s patient secretly on a holiday while Moriyama goes off golfing. Of course he needs comrades thus the above meeting outside of the hospital. After getting their cooperation, plan goes on. The nurses however bump into Moriyama who came back to get his putt. Head nurse lies that the patient on the stroller is a dead patient of another doctor.


However, Moriyama has a gut feeling that Sagara is up to something and discovers the secret operation. Except, Sagara removes the partially unremoved tumour and Moriyama has to swallow that his laparascopic surgery was flawed. He screams at Sagara in public and announces that once he becomes director, Sagara will be the first to be fired. Sagara smiles because the loan inspector has heard it all.


The loan surprisingly is passed. However, they specify that Tamaki Dogami must remain director as they fear Moriyama’s state of mind may not be able to uphold the hospital. Out the window goes the world cruise for the director. Sagara’s scheme has worked out as usual and saves the day.

It’s a typical day in Dogami General and the first episode was like it’s predecessor, keeping the same vibe. I didn’t expect an exciting first episode or anything spectacular because DOCTORS was a casual watch for me. However, I do expect Season 2 to bring more into the game. It would be boring if it was repetitive in plot. I’m hoping for something to brew.

On recapping, I don’t think I’m be recapping this on regular basis. I’ll probably do a series review at the end instead 🙂


3 thoughts on “DOCTORS 2 : Episode 1

  1. heisui says:

    Hmm I wish that season 2 would have Sagara going to a different hospital instead of the same one. It’s nice to see the old characters again but it is also repetitive, like you said.

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