Anticipating The Master’s Sun

After Shark and Heartless City’s finale, I felt like my spirit slumped somewhere and can’t get back up. I haven’t brought myself to watch both  their endings yet but I have read spoilers and know what I should be well expecting. I’ll get to reviewing them after I watched them and mourn for a while.

Anyhow, I’ve watched the trailer for The Master’s Sun and it really raised my spirits again. I need some rom-com back in dramaland (at least my dramaland) after all the angsty, melodramatic, revenge dramas I watched. Can’t be help if it was sprinkled with horror as well but knowing that the Hong sisters are working on it, it will not lose the humour I want. This might be the revamp the Hong sister’s need to continue their streak of success. The previous two drama they wrote for, Big and The Greatest Love weren’t exactly major successes or losses either. They have their own fan bases but I can’t help wonder whether that is due to the popularity of the casts. I haven’t watched either so I can’t say for sure. I do love their earlier works like My Girl and My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox.

The Master’s Sun which is literally translated from our leads’ names will be the second time which Gong Hyo Jin stars in a Hong Sisters’ drama. She will play the role of Tae Gong SIl, an insomniac girl who has ability to see ghost. So Ji Sub will carry the role of Joo Joong Won, an ambitious CEO of a shopping mall. Doesn’t So JI Sub’s character info ring a bell somewhere in a garden out there? Apparently, when Tae Gong Sil touches Joo Joong Won, she would stop seeing ghost thus bringing us a lot of skinship 😉

Tae Yong Sil’s nickname is Tae Yang(Sun) while Joo Joong Won’s nickname is Joo Gun (Master Joo). Thus the title is literally a mash of their nicknames, Joo Gun ui Tae Yang.

Seo In Gook will star as Kang Woo, Joo’s security personnel. Kim Yoo Ri plays second female lead, a proud celebrity who falls head over heels for stoic Kang Woo. I don’t anticipate much with the second leads although Seo In Guk is hot and I fell for him in Answer 1997. I think plot will focus on Tae, Joo and ghosts around them. It will be more like a journey of discovery for both our leads, for Joo to know that the supernaturals do lurk around in mortal realm and for Tae to experience again living without fear of the unknown. Then, it would be cherry on the cake to make them fall in love with each other. I love how the picture below depicts a little of what I’m trying to metaphor. Tae will bring Joo to another world kind of sense.

The long preview has been released and it looks AWESOME. Definitely will watch this and thank god its premier is next week.  (о^ω^о) Watch long preview here


3 thoughts on “Anticipating The Master’s Sun

  1. DDee says:

    Super excited for this too! And I know i will have a case of 2nd lead syndrome here because Seo In Guk rocks my socks :P. I thought Big was a big dud, but I really liked The Best Love so am hoping this takes after the latter.

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