Thoughts on Shark Episode 15-16

Episode 15

There’s more movement in 15 and 16 now compared to episode 14. Yi Hyeon gets kidnapped and poor Yi Soo loses it. He is very concerned and panics when his sister is taken, leading him to a confrontation with his adoptive father, Chairman Yoshimura. This episode hints to us that Yoshimura has perhaps, caused Yi Soo’s accident intentionally. And it is trying hard to get us interested in what made Yoshimura grudge on Chairman Jo. I’m not invested in finding out what past Yoshimura had with Chairman Jo because the point is what he does to get the revenge he wants is more important. It’s hard for me to figure whether Yoshimura actually thinks of Yi Soo as a son or as a tool for revenge. He is not exactly fatherly.

I pity Ha Suk Jin. As a second lead, he isn’t given much exposure or plot to work on. His character is also quite boring. Yes, he is the plain old nice guy, the perfect husband. But I’m waiting for him to lose that and make things interesting. He is loving and patient but he isn’t passionate, unlike Yi Soo and Hae Woo. Yi Soo and Hae Woo together makes the screen explode ❤

Hae Woo is very sure that her grandfather is Cheong Yeong Bo, duly hinted by Yi Soo that the person who kidnapped Yi Hyeon is more afraid of her than Yi Soo. Her father obviously the loser he is, can’t be the culprit. Thus, Hae Woo confronts her grandfather with THE PICTURE and tries to stop him from harming both Yi Hyeon and Yi Soo. Grandpa does not say anything, revealing that he is unwilling to follow by Hae Woo’s pleas.

Yi Soo however, has a back up plan. He asks Soo Hyun to take Pen Assasin’s wife out of the nursing home and counter- threatens him. EXCEPT, Pen Assassin does not budge. The execution of Yi Soo must go on. Shocking that the assassin does not care for his wife’s safety. That’s what you call a professional. Or a loyal right hand minion.

Episode 16

Yi Soo manages to save Yi Hyeon when his buddy fires a shot which distracted Pen Assassin. So he DOES care. And it’s touching how he held his wife’s hands while driving her back to the nursing home. Yi Soo saves his own ass with the help of his buddy today 🙂 And he has a heart warming reunion with Yi Hyeon. He practically melts in front of his little sister, she really is his weakness and soft spot.

Soo Hyun, who has been flirting with Yi Hyeon, asks her out for movies. DUDE, she just came home from a kidnap. Talk about bad timing. It does make Yi Hyeon stutter and probably blush so he might get his chance one day. I do like their exchange in a previous episode where he goes right up to the counter and ask her if she likes him.

Soo Hyun: Do you like me?

Yi Hyun: What?

Soo Hyun: I like you too.

Yi Hyun: Whaa??

Soo Hyun: Let’s date.

Loved that one 😀 Soo Hyun must have learned a trick or two from Yi Soo on being persistent. I wonder how they met and why Soo Hyun is helping Yi Soo in his revenge. It doesn’t seem that he bears grudge on Chairman Jo though. Maybe Yi Soo saved his life or something?

Hae Woo visits Yi Soo out of concerned when Yi Hyeon calls her and tells her how worried she is for her brother. She contemplates ringing the door bell and turns around to leave but sees him standing behind. He gives her the cold shoulder which pretty much broke Hae Woo down. As she runs for the stairs, Yi Soo chases after her, which resulted in the above back hug. :3 And Yi Soo breaks down in her embrace. It’s his fear and he knew how close he was to losing Yi Hyeon, or himself. Again, tension in this scene makes it worth it for me to watch. That’s probably the only reason I’m holding out for so long.

Hae Woo leaves a shortwhile after, feeling guilty towards her husband. It’s a half-affair already. That’s the time when her father’s mistress decides to turn up. Telling Hae Woo to not look at her and her father negatively, Hae Woo’s guilt meter doubles. An adulterer catching another. And Hae Woo perhaps understand now that feelings are hard to tame. Well, maybe because the person in question is Kim Nam Gil. 😉

That has resulted in another heart break though. Joon Young who has been going through a hard time with no TLC from wifey sees her coming out of Yi Soo’s apartment. Can you believe me if I say they did nothing? They are really quite innocent except for maybe two kisses? And a few hugs? Okay, it’s kinda an affair already. But Hae Woo never properly explained that she has been running around for Yi Hyeon’s kidnap case, not for Yi Soo. Okay, maybe for Yi Soo too. I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE. I can’t help justify because Hae Woo is in the wrong. And poor Joon Young has to bear all the weight. He finally broke in this episode. It’s about time.

I love this guy. Dong Soo is the ONLY comic relief in this drama. Everything is dark, sorrowful or makjang in this drama. It’s funny when he confides in Yi Soo that he was rejected and has not managed to sleep a wink. You’re talking to the guy who has a murdered father, a kidnapped sister and an affair with a married woman here. His problems are trivial but it’s the best for him. Poor Secretary Jang had to witness his embarassing confession, which Dong Soo probably meant for her to hear.

Grandpa has done it again. This time, he threatens Yi Soo using his own grand daughter. I’m not sure whether he means it, but using your own grand daughter is just cheap. Not to mention, he’s probably disposing Pen Assassin as well, and Pen Assassin knows it. Poor Pen Assassin Ahjusshi. Anyhow, Hae Woo is the second most important person to Yi Soo at the moment so Grandpa’s threats might just work out. Since his adoptive father caused this, he’s warning Yi Soo that the only way for them to continue the plan is for him to give up on Hae Woo. Even at the cost of breaking her heart.

Note: Images are credited to Dramabeans .


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