Thoughts on Itazura na Kiss Episode 15

This episode must be the best after ep 10. Kotoko actually shows that she can stride forward and try out new things like date with Kin-chan. The part where Kin-chan said that it’s okay to not feel stressed about their dates and just think about it as ‘coincidentally’ having fun with someone who happened to be Kin-chan.

AWW moment. He totally doesn’t want to stress her out and stuff..I thought the proposal was kinda fast too, except when you think of Naoki’s wedding, it’s nearly the same pace. And Kin-chan has known Kotoko even longer than Naoki has known Sahoko.

Naoki starts to FANTASIZE, which is like not Naoki anymore,haha! It’s such a waste that the writers only start to offer us some of Naoki’s inner thoughts now, an episode away from the finale. I guess without knowing his thoughts and monologues, he could be a colder character and more mysterious etc. 

Totally a married couple already. They’re envious and jealous of each other but neither would say it, duh. At this point, at least Naoki was still responding and bickering with her like the usual. Later on, Kotoko and Naoki actually kinda wished each other well. that really broke Kotoko’s heart because when Naoki said that, he must have meant it, (no usual insulting remarks like ‘go live happily after with your chef!’). That was the ‘sayonara’ in the episode.

Heartbreak scene in this epi must go to the scene where Kotoko cries at the stairs. It dawns to her that this must be really it. For him to not linger to bicker or anything, showed that he was parting ways with her and he was going to walk down that aisle with Sahoko.

At the second thought, I thought the scene where their family gathered with Sahoko and her grandfather was like smacking Kotoko’s face with reality as well. Sahoko could even cook and Kotoko’s FATHER even praised her. She’s like the girl everyone else imagined Naoki with. When Sahoko’s grandfather ‘checked out’ Kotoko, it was another smarting blow. It’s like he must be thinking, so this is it? She ain’t nothing compared to Sahoko and it’s obvious. The scene where Kotoko had to rush around to look for a seat showed that she had no SPACE in that family any more. And they went the way to show you that, literally. She doesn’t fit in and thus when her father told her they had to move, she agreed albeit not without tears.

‘Sahoko and Kotoko’ moment was a time for them to connect over the feelings they both held for Naoki. It’s clear that Sahoko likes Naoki quite a lot and she detects the same from Kotoko. Maybe this is why Sahoko will let them be happy in the next episode??

Overall, epi 15 is depressing but a good build up to epi 16. This makes the wait for episode 16 much more painstakingly worthwhile(hopefully). Of course we know how Itazura na Kiss ends. But it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

Spoilers: I WANNA SEE THAT RAIN-KISS :3   (о^ω^о)

Counting down to this Friday…..


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