Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 13

If Soo isn’t there, the atmosphere would be TOTALLY different. And Shi Hyun only looks lovingly to Jin Sook ❤

So we left off at where Shi Hyun witnesses Ji Hyung Min and Soo Min hanging out together in the park. It takes an undercover to know another so he figured it out pretty fast.

Ji Hyung Min is such a leach. He uses the reporter who OBVIOUSLY crushes on him to get him hard to reach infos. And can’t even take a little time to drink tomato juice. I pity her but she seems resilient. Things he do to her obviously haven’t crushed her crush yet. Love is sooo blind sometimes.

The scene where Prosecutor Ahn held back Shi Hyun and acted all gay earned a jaw drop from me. I know Ahn is a ragey bastard who flips tables when he goes mad but when he showed that side of him, I couldn’t digest. It was so sudden, happened for like a split second … ididntgeddit. Then again, it shows complexity to his character. Everyone’s got their own fetish and sexuality choice. I just wonder for a tiny bit whether it was faked. Maybe he thought Shi Hyun is gay? Nayyy…. he’s totally hitting on Shi Hyun. Now, even guys want our Shi Hyunnie?

Kudos to the writers for dropping another bomb. Eun Soo likes Safari. It’s likely and expected but what’s with drawing so many relationship arrows in this episode? I still don’t get how anyone can like Safari with his frazzled hair.

Big Boss Pusan actually didn’t feel so scary and almighty to me. In fact, the characters keep mentioning Pusan like he is really big shot but he’s just this rich guy with a lot of underhanded dealings and has many lackeys. Maybe because Pusan was a character that didn’t really stray away from stereotypes, rich, has a facade of being a respected businessman, kill people when he doesn’t require them any more, want complete obedience from his subordinates….list goes on. He is character wise, uninteresting. Even his son brought more fear on screen, although I was disgusted by him and glad he died so soon. I think Safari and Scale( given more chance) were opponents that truly I would fear. They are complex but they have more brains, especially Safari. In fact, I think Safari is really Shi Hyun’s largest opponent of now, Pusan feels like a distraction, a reason for Safari and Shi Hyun to race ahead each other and survive.

Safari gets a taste of his own weapon which must really hurt apeshit. However, Shi Hyun wasn’t off the hook either. Pusan was going to take both of them down and get over with it. Shi Hyun’s initial plan of getting into Chairman Jo’s good book fails when he broke Pusan’s ‘rule’. The part where he expects Shi Hyun to be an obedient dog or something. Pusan decides to give Shi Hyun the same pain he is enduring: losing a loved one. And when Pusan flips through one of Shi Hyun’s many phone (and the one Shi Hyun happened to bring that day with just one number in it), he finds a number registered under a question mark. Haha, Shi Hyun doesn’t know what to classify Soo Min under. It’s telling that the question mark shows how Shi Hyun is confused about Soo Min and doesn’t know how to ‘deal’ with her.


It’s actually heart-wrenching when Shi Hyun begs and begs Pusan to let go off Soo Min. He swears loyalty and all but Pusan will never acknowledge him. Thank God he has Plan C, using his teeth? or something he spit from his mouth to cut a rope. Really resourceful but I doubt it’s that easy in real life. Anyhow, Shi Hyun saves Soo Min Round 2. You can say it’s because he likes her or LOVES her but for me it isn’t REALLY clear yet. I think his stint was really motivated by conscience. He won’t stand idle letting someone die because of him, especially Soo Min since she literally knows nothing. So I say, he does it for conscience and also because he needs to get out anyway. But you can view it with a rose tint and declare it love as well.

Soo Min obviously has no timing whatsoever because she CONFESSES to him right after they are safe in the car. It was quuuiite anticlimatic for me and it felt really one-sided at this point since all Shi Hyun does is stare at her like he hasn’t have enough to deal with already. Haha. I really want to ship them but I don’t feel that Shi Hyun is invested in this yet. He doesn’t do all that because he LOVES her, because it’s what he does. That’s how I feel. And this scene just proves how emotionally not ready  Soo Min is in being an undercover. We’re not expecting her to be a robot but at least try to conceal her emotions please. Soo Min is a person who does things on impulse and getting involved in all this, volunteering for it, may have been an impulsive choice as well.

Note: Screenshots are credited to akiko’s morning coffee


Found these gifs on Soompi! Credits to hellotoyourself

Epic right?!


This is cute. Shi Hyun and Ji Hyung Min taking a rest on the benches like mermans…haha!




3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 13

  1. heisui says:

    I also think the drama was trying REALLY hard to make it look like Shi Hyun begged for Soo Min’s life because he loves her. But I don’t buy it, it all just feels so contrived and forced. I could see Shi Hyun begging for Hyun Soo or Jin Sook’s lives, but not really for Soo Min’s. And especially the part when afterwards, Soo Min goes “I LIKE YOU AHJUSSI” I just facepalmed right then and there. OMGGGG. I think that part was an attempt to show how resilient Soo Min is after her brush with death but instead it makes her seem like she can’t get the hint that she’s in danger because she’s chasing Shi Hyun around. ARGHHH.

    I wasn’t expecting Eun Soo to have romantic feelings for Safari. T___T But I think it’s kinda hinted that Eun Soo used to be a prostitute (maybe she worked for Jin Sook?) and then maybe Safari took her as his minion instead? I’m not sure, just guessing.

    On the other hand though, I felt like this episode tried really hard to be more exciting and suspenseful. I give it points for effort.

      • dramamochi says:

        haha! I so agree! At this point, well they have few more episodes to go, I think it’s hard for me to buy that Shi hyun loves her. Interested, yes, LOVE, not really. Maybe Eun Soo did work as a prostitute before but I guess they didn’t let us dwell there and just tried to couple her with Safari. Or give a reason why she stayed with Safari even though he is in loads of trouble now. She could have switched sides but she stayed on with him. I don’t know why I don’t feel like Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri have enough chemistry. Jung Kyung Ho is oozing hot and sexy and his scenes are quite palpable when he was begging. Nam Gyu Ri is working hard at liking him it seems so one-sided. I can only blame it on the script then, not enough space for them to properly develop a relationship we want.

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