Thoughts on Shark Episode 13

I have watched until Episode 13 which is by far the episode that made the most progress , akin to Itazura na Kiss’s tenth episode. Somehow, I think you can skip quite a lot of episodes from 8 to 11 or 12 and just watch 13 for the main course. That’s why my review here will be more on episode 13, barely touching previous episodes.


Go ahead and watch the beginning of episode 13 to spazz over the kiss!!!

From Episode 12, we know that Hae Woo has put together the puzzle that Kim Joon = Yi Soo. In Episode 13, Kim Joon finally gives Hae Woo the concrete evidence that he is Yi Soo . He is injured and it allows Hae Woo to aid him into his apartment, where her favourite painting hangs. It finally hits her that he really is Yi Soo and Yi Soo kisses her. Dayum, that kiss was good. 0.0 They are like seriously good kissers, the scene just exploded. How Yi Soo looks at Hae Woo and calls her after the kiss was just heart freaking wrenching. Kim Nam Gil gives his all in these scenes, it just melts my heart ❤


On to more serious stuff….They also reveal the secret of the PHOTO and gramps real identity. SO he is a faux, an impersonator and lives off the legacy of an independent activist. He reaps respect and honour from the others, not just riches. He’s the trickiest kind of villain, instead of fear, he garners respect and is well-loved by people who surround him. It makes people second guess whether they want to mess or suspect with him. Decades of acting as someone he is not and it’s time he comes down off that stage.

I think they are quite generous, even letting us know the real exact identity of gramps. Just a guy from the same village as the bona fide Jo Sang Gook. Who he might have killed. It’s heavily hinted several times by an advertisement in the papers. It’s amazing that the advertisement alerted the nice maid, Hae Woo, gramps and the police ahjusshi all in this episode. Because it seemed like they loved to drag things a few episodes ago.

Shark Episode 13 Review: Son Ye Jin Gets a Clue of the Case Through a Photo

Hae Woo’s father in law or the Chief Prosecutor caves in and is about to confess some juicy information Detective Oh managed to tell him but falls victim again by the Pen Assasin. That’s what I’ll call the assassin, because he’s ALWAYS clicking away. At least, the Chief Prosecutor is much shrewder and manages to pass a copy of the photo to Hae Woo indirectly.

Pen assassin is also in some kind of trouble now that Yi Soo has OBVIOUSLY let out that he knows. I don’t know whether that’s bad news for pen assassin or Yi Soo. But it’s obvious what Yi Soo did will bring some consequences, which is already let out in preview of episode 14.


Not just a kiss, attempted murder and THE REVELATION OF GRAMPS occur here. Hae Woo’s father gets a taste of his own medicine when he is kidnapped by YI Soo’s underlings. High time for someone to stuff his mouth and shut him up at least for one episode or even two.

That’s actually a major plot progress for Shark which has been preeetty much slowly swimming in circles. And the ‘shark’ finally tackles the bait in this episode, catching us ‘unaware’. Okay, we know where it’s swimming to, just didn’t expect it to suddenly catalyze so much things in this episode. I was already sitting and watching Shark with the mindset that I need to SLLOOOOWWW down all brain process and AAABBBSSSSORRRB. And somehow kiinnddaa expected it to continue at that slow speed til the end. Because how else will they drag the plot? It took 13 episodes for a buildup and the climax is very expected but at least it’s doing what is expected. Now, I hope they keep the momentum and keep delivering. Previews for episode 14 shows more ahead and it may be enough to keep us gripping, sort of. Those thirteen episodes earlier hopefully did not go to waste.  YAY!


Screencaps credit to soompi shark forum


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