Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 11-12

Episode 11

In this episode, we uncover the truth behind Safari; another undercover. Min tells Shi Hyun that Safari was a case of a failed undercover but Shi Hyun goes ragey and angstful about this. How they showed Shi Hyun flashback to Safari’s betrayal evoked a fear and anger in him. Even if Safari was undercovering, he was able to be so cruel and heartless to a boy he saw growing up. Min tells Shi Hyun that he is not like Safari, which tells us that Shi Hyun was afraid of falling into that dark boundary and turning into someone like Safari.

Safari and Min’s relationship is revealed here and explains why Min asked Jin Sook to spy on him. The irony of spying on your own undercover … Everyone sees it that Safari has gone to the other side but their conversation leaves much to be desired. What did Min do to Safari? And now that we know that Safari is a real undercover once upon a time, his advice to Ji Hyung Min makes more sense and is deeper than just words. The relationship of undercover and handler may be purely operational, just like a boss and a suboordinate or colleagues. They may not be strongly attached but must be communicating well. Trust is a very big issue here and obviously, Min must have breached it in a way to cause the backstab from Safari. We often forget that undercovers are human and they rely on their handlers, who may not always give the support they desire or need.

Episode 12

The ‘cliffhanger’ from the last episode wasn’t much of a cliffhanger in my opinion. We know he won’t admit to being Doctor’s Son but it does serve a little purpose to rack up Shi Hyun more.

The guy don’t know how to treat a girl right. Except Jin Sook. 🙂

I thought how Soo Min ‘protected’ Jin Sook from Director Jo’s harassment was quite touching. Partly because I think Soo Min is doing it for Jin Sook, not just being an undercover. Jin Sook’s gesture in the previous episode where Jo’s lackeys come in messing was another touch to the sisterly relationship. They aren’t going hugs and kisses mode but this is pretty close to it for people in their situation.

Touching on Min and Jin Sook again, I don’t know what to feel about Min anymore. I pitied him as this normal police ahjusshi. Clearly, he isn’t your typical police ahjusshi. It’s enough to know that Shi Hyun, Jin Sook, Safari, Ji Hyung Min are under his thumb once or still. Now, he has even sent a spy for the Commissioner.  Pity the girl got shot by her own comrade for doing her job. With such a large web of undercovers, what does he plan to do? Bring down Pusan? This is a shoot two birds with one stone situation as hinted by Safari and Shi Hyun during their conversations. A personal revenge on Pusan? We don’t know. But it’s clear that he has his own agendas in mind and he is an opponent to be feared, if he was on the other side.

It’s very nice to see Scale back in the game. He does has an aura and fits right in. Now that he is forced to obey and side with Shi Hyun, we expect to see Shi Hyun’s faction gain something. They JUST brought him out, and I have a nagging feeling that he’ll be back to jail or at least held up for questioning. For quite some time.

It’s even better to see that Director Jo is gone in this episode because he was this fat villain that steps on everyone and harrasses people whenever he can. Even if you’re a baddie, leave some dignity pleaseeee…… I actually felt relieved when Safari’s right hand woman stabs him, full of hate and mission to terminate the pest. Jin Sook and Safari’s plan actually rocked a little. Of course it comes with a catch, Shi Hyun will be held responsible for this. Safari has betrayed Jin Sook again. We will find out soon if there’s a huge price to pay for or Shi hyun will manage to walk away again safe. When a common enemy is out of the way, you’re head to head with your ally. And Safari knows it, he’s already a step ahead.

I nearly missed a small last bit, the part where Shi Hyun witnesses Ji Hyung Min and Soo Min meet in an open area for good god sake. I hope Shi Hyun is smart enough to realize Ji Hyung Min and Soo Min are in cohorts because it will be interesting to watch how he manipulates with this delicious info. Yes, I’m saying Shi Hyun, go ahead and USE her. Please don’t take the noble idiot stance.


Note: Screenshots are credited to akiko’s morning coffee.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 11-12

  1. heisui says:

    “The guy don’t know how to treat a girl right. Except Jin Sook.” <<OHOHOHO YES. YES.

    "Yes, I’m saying Shi Hyun, go ahead and USE her. Please don’t take the noble idiot stance."
    OMG I hope this happens too. I'm tired of Shi Hyun being the noble savior already. And I'm tired of seeing him being taken advantage of by Min. (even though Min cares about Shi Hyun sorta like a dad, he is still lying to him, deceiving him, and using him.) If Shi Hyun is really as smart as he's supposed to be, he BETTER put the pieces together and figure out that Soo Min = mole.

    • dramamochi says:

      I’m not sure if Shi Hyun is the only one to blame. Ji Hyung Min is being crappy to Soo Min too. So basically the point is, no guys in this drama gives a damn about Soo Min, yet. Poor girl. Min appears to take advantage of everyone. He is really a master manipulator. If in the next episode Shi Hyun does not figure it out, I’ll ‘head desk’ and declare him infected by the ‘love/lust’ virus. 0.0

      • heisui says:

        Hyung Min does need to see things from Soo Min’s perspective more. But I also think the problem is that Soo Min expects way more from Hyung Min than just being her handler. She involves all her personal (ROMANTIC) feelings in their relationship so when Hyung Min doesn’t treat her ‘right’ she gives him the cold shoulder. T___T

      • dramamochi says:

        that’s true. Soo Min does expect him to what, suddenly fall for her? She does involve too much personal feelings and with great expectations, comes disappointment.

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