Thoughts on Cruel City episode 10

This episode really made me sit at the edge of the chair, staring at the screen as closely as I could. Compared to a few slower building episodes previously, Cruel City finally gives us a chase scene. At least they know it’s time for some fun which really is when Shi Hyun is the hottest. Not that I’m ungrateful for the initial scenes of passion :3

There’s the mandatory scene of Shi Hyun and Jin Sook again in this episode. I liked it when Safari asked Jin Sook who Shi Hyun is to her. A brother or a potential lover. Their chemistry is off the charts, it’s such a taboo because she basically substituted as a mother by taking him under her wings when he was a little boy. Yet, when Shi Hyun is an adult, it seems like her love for that boy evolved as well. It’s an interesting relationship because they are tiptoeing on a blur boundary. If we talk about their relationship where Jin Sook has already romantically involved herself, then she is an interesting second lead. I think Jin Sook loves Shi Hyun but she doesn’t realized how it has grown in a way, she isn’t loving a boy anymore.

This episode also reveals how Ji Hyung Min is Soo Min’s first crush. Waiting til Soo Min finds out that Shi Hyun has a past with Gyung Mi too… Ji Hyung Min of course views her as Gyung Mi’s hopeless sister. But for Soo Min, he is her crush, and man he is quite harsh with her.  How Soo Min acts is quite inconsistent. She is gutsy and raw while she was in prison. But now that she is out, she is easily affected by her emotions. It shows that Soo Min still has a long way to go in being an undercover. The only reason why she hasn’t been found out is because she mixes her real-life orphan experience with her undercover identity and LUCK. The way she disobeyed Ji Hyung Min’s order during their drug deal operation was reckless and if this wasn’t a drama, she would have been be caught.

While Shi Hyun seems to be losing his rational judgement and trying to be hero everywhere, Jin Sook delves into making hard decisions to save his butt. Of course, Jin Sook’s actions are not approved but she knows clearly that she needs to stay on top of the game. Her flashbacks with Soo Min shows that she does care for their sisterly bond and she has lost a sister before, which is Hye Soo. I’m sure she knows the stakes but she only realizes how real they are when she figures out that Safari isn’t serious about the deal.

A lot of us may disagree with how reckless Shi Hyun is getting but it shows that he hasn’t completely lost himself in ‘that’ world. He retains morality and how the hell he does that I have no idea. He does realize that he wants this whole Pusan thing over with and hopefully save his ‘family’ as well. Family as in Soo and Jin Sook. This is how he differs from Jin Sook, she is the realist and she accepts that the rest of her life will be living hell. Shi Hyun sees his way out and he tries to grasp his original motives. He believes that he can still proceed with his mission but he can choose to save innocent people. Somehow, I feel like he’s trying to make a difference. The last time, he let Hye Soo die. This time, he is trying to prevent it.

I pity Soo Min for she is like a pawn in this game of cops against gangsters. She really didn’t belong there and doing it for revenge wasn’t something she was capable of it. She didn’t contain such a hate to sustain her revenge. The only thing that fuels her is that she has no other way out other than moving forward towards the dark.

Oh, the suspense in this scene. Ji Hyung Min inadvertently saved Shi Hyun. Oh, the irony… Poor Safari. When Safari showed his police ID, Shi Hyun was shell-shocked and so was I. There’s of course the possibility that Safari is an undercover OR that ID is a fake. I’d really rather go with the second possibility. If Safari really is an undercover, we’d just head-desk and wonder if the cops aren’t just goose chasing their own kind for a SHOW? I’m already frustrated that Ji Hyung Min is aiming to kill an ally and sending an undercover for that purpose as well when he can well spend that effort elsewhere. Scale has already given him quite a few clues but Ji Hyung Min chooses to focus on pursuing Doctor’s Son for his own personal vendetta. If someone sent Safari to infiltrate as well, then poor Shi Hyun. SIGH.

Anyhow, that was a good cliffhanger. Now, patiently waiting for episode 11 to be subbed. (○`(●●)´○)ノ


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cruel City episode 10

  1. heisui says:

    Yeah Soo Min is just kinda…there. I mean, of course it will take time for her to get used to being undercover & gain experience but she just feels out of place. They show her being all ‘tough’ in prison and doing self-defense training with Hyung Min but when it comes to the real thing, she is not holding up so well. I think she’s still waking up to the reality of being undercover. =_=

    I also think Shi Hyun sees Hye Soo in Soo Min. But he has to prioritize sometime, it is impossible for him to protect everyone. T_T I still don’t understand how he can magically appear EVERYWHERE and save EVERYONE.

    LOL maybe it was just me but I didn’t think the ending scene was all that suspenseful. I thought it was really funny when Safari & Shi Hyun were dramatically playing hide-and-seek amongst the book shelves. O___O

    • dramamochi says:

      YEAH, he tries to save everyone. It kinds of deviates from the original Doctor’s Son we see. Or we didn’t see that he could be so rash and flawed in the first few episodes. He is letting his weakness out, like what Soo Min said, ” your side is completely open now” Can’t believe I quoted that but yeah… The bookshelf chase scene did seem ridiculous. I doubt anyone of them wanted to kill each other. They needed to talk, but they didn’t trust each other. And I really hope Safari isn’t an undercover. It wouldn’t be cops against gangsters anymore if it was, it would be undercover vs undercover.

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