Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 9


Episode nine has considerably slowed down in terms of narrative. Not much meat but it’s like taking a break before the next big show. I’m glad that the plot is moving out of the circle of Shi Hyun, Hyun Min and Safari. Safari was the tip of the iceberg and he opens up the door to another world above theirs. Now, we know that Pusan is the top but I’m slightly curious if Pusan is just another piece in the game. We’re nearly reaching the half-mark of the show but I think the story will dampen if there isn’t enough plot about Pusan and all. That’s just a small thought really.

We get to see more of the jerk or Hyun Min. Sometimes, I pity him for garnering so much hate from the audiences but what he does just plain sets you off. I don’t hate HATE Hyun Min. However, I think that he is VERY oblivious. Or he is very good at feigning ignorance. From an objective point of view, being detached from being emotional or caring is ideal for someone in his career. But it gets to me whether he loves Kyung Mi wholeheartedly. He is also very stubborn and he insists on doing things his way. I think he is flawed but he has brains to make up for it. And for someone with limited intel, as in his immediate boss is hiding info from him too, he is doing fine in this cat and mouse chase.

Soo Min and Shi Hyun are finally about to begin a real relationship and Shi Hyun initiates with a kiss. Which is too fast, I have no idea what feelings developed. It could be just a momentary arousal but in a drama, its supposed to carry more meaning or whatever. I admit being excited by the prospects of their romance in the drama before I started watching, with all the trailer and teasers. But with all the plot ongoing, I felt that whether they introduced romance or not wouldn’t be pivotal. Romance is definitely not the main story here and people will still watch without it. Then again, giving the audience more is not a bad thing. But it can also turn into a bad thing if the writers aren’t able to balance it well….

I don’t want to expect that the romance will be handled well to only find myself disappointed. Just hoping that the drama has got it to keep us gripping and wailing for MOAR 🙂



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cruel City Episode 9

  1. heisui says:

    Ok I guess I don’t hate-hate Hyung Min but I STRONGLY DISLIKE him. Ahaha! I think you are right, he is probably oblivious to some things but feigning ignorance to other things. I think when he heard what his dad had to say, he knew that it hit close to home but there is no way he would admit it. He is too prideful and too determined to do things his own way. He does have brains but he does not have a sense of boundaries in terms of obeying his superiors in the police force. I think part of the reason why he’s not trusted with the more sensitive information (that his superiors are hiding from him) is because he would just blindly go on a rage to hunt down all of the people involved. In fact it is a much more sensitive matter than just nabbing all the bad guys.

    Yeah Soo Min & Shi Hyun’s kiss was so random and sudden. Even though they tried to put in some shippy scenes leading up to it, I don’t really buy it. There was not enough time for any feelings to develop.

    • dramamochi says:

      True, Hyun Min is quite a rogue cop. His conviction is so strong once he sets his mind on it, he just sees what he sees. I still hope the romance develops properly. We start out quite weak but maybe they’ll up the game?

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