First Impression on Shark and Cruel City

I’ve only watched until episode 4 before I stopped for Shark. At first, I tuned in for Kim Nam Gil, who was quite impressive in Bad Guy. Not that this drama isn’t but it lacks the action I’m expecting. It isn’t as gory or gritty as I’ve expected and it can’t really expand out of the horizon yet. I DO LOVE the younger cast and their story. The actor playing the younger Sohn Ye Jin really looks like a younger Sohn Ye Jin. And the younger Kim Nam Gil actor looked like a Yoo Ah In to me. It’s a beautiful drama no doubt and the soundtrack does sound nice, except I feel like it’s a little slow. Maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Cruel City. I don’t think I’ll continue this any more unless I’ve nothing to watch. Quite frankly, I’m in mood for gritty and action but Shark just doesn’t offer enough of that for me. Maybe I’ll pick it up again when I want a milder Cruel City.

I’ve heard raves about this drama and don’t regret picking it up. If you’ve watched Vampire Prosecutor before, the show gives similar vibe. As a cable drama, it is not restricted to gore and gritty so we get lots of that. Jung Kyung Ho is slick as a bad guy but he isn’t really as evil as I thought. He’s just playing by the rules of the game with the other baddies. If all gangsters wore suits and looked as hot as he does, girls will be falling left and right for them. Getting back here, I think Cruel City does progress quite well and I hope the story doesn’t deviate logic when the leads fall in love. I still can’t see Nam Gyu Ri immersing herself in the darker side of the city. I also can’t fathom her as a troubled juvenile in her youth. She’s got too much of a model look. oh well. Anyhow, I’ll stay tuned on this drama.


8 thoughts on “First Impression on Shark and Cruel City

    • dramamochi says:

      True, Nam Gyu Ri really looks better with her bangs out of the way. Her expressions are clearer and it just gives that mature vibe. With her bangs, I can’t shake off the cute and can’t imagine her in her new role as a baddie underling..

  1. supah says:

    MTE on a lot of things.
    Shark gets soooo much better… and then sorta loses steam again.Blah. Think I’m invested enough but I see its shortcomings. KNG meanwhile… *slurp* xD

    JKH in Heartless/Cruel City… *hyperventilates*
    Nam Gyu-ri… Ugh.

    We can’t win them all I guess.

    • dramamochi says:

      Shark would have been better if Cruel City didn’t pop out at the same time. Too bad I’m not invested at all in the hit and run case they are working on. It’s just too slow and mild… But I might reconsider when I need some KNG XD
      Then again, why look at KNG when you have JUNG KYUNG HO who is just pulling off the bad guy look so slick?

  2. cineclique says:

    I’ve never commented here (I’m kind of dicovering the blog for now^^), but it already starts well! watching cruel city! (and mentioning Vampire Prosecutor in the same article! :o) couldn’t have made a better choice in my opinion! XD I can’t wait to see if you liked it until the end 🙂

    • dramamochi says:

      I think cruel city had an appopriate ending (not going to spoil) but it really depends on how you define happy endings. We all know cruel city is never the fluffy drama to start out with so I pretty much took the ending quite calmly. Vampire Prosecutor is following an American TV-series style which means we will have to look forward to the next season to see more things revealed. It does progress quite ambitiously and moving outside of the small periphery we see most TV series catch up to in 5 seasons.

      • cineclique says:

        The ending was so great! I’ve spent one more year in dramaland and I still haven’t seen better ending 🙂 I don’t have anything against happy ending but there are too common^^ I actually prefer a drama that makes me sad than the contrary (of course I can’t always watch those if I don’t want to end up completely depressive^^). So have you finally finished Shark or did you really give up? I was tempted to watch it but I’ve read almost everywhere that it wasn’t that great…I’m kind of weighing the por and cons :/ thanks for your reply anyway 🙂

      • dramamochi says:

        I think after Cruel City’s ending, I couldn’t bear checking out Shark’s ending. I actually never recapped both til the very end. You could say it was a little tragic for me to write about. And I really pitied Kim Nam Gil. His projects often involved similar endings. T.T Shark was something I had to slow down my pace to watch because it requires more appreciation on the melancholy and the quiet tones. I guess if you are a fan of these kind of drama, you could watch it 🙂 The development is heck slow though.

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