Spazzing on episode 10 of ItaKiss <3

This was probably the best episode. Ever. It flows really well and fits in everything without feeling rushed. This episode reveals most of the plots in just ONE episode, which probably took 5 in Playful Kiss(Sorry, Korea).

Why this is the best episode:

1) Kin once again displays his ‘manliness’ by helping Kotoko. If he has proved himself in episode 9, he has established himself once again here that he is mature and capable. The lecture he gave Naoki was impressive. I think, Kin really shone when he told Naoki that a man can’t live by himself. He has experienced much more about living independently compared to Naoki. Although what Naoki wants is not wrong, but he was irresponsible to not disclose his address. Or even own a mobile phone. Kin actually gained a lot of brownie points in these two episodes. This is probably his best shining moment where I thought, “he’s actually really reliable”. And for the first half, Naoki kinda lost. But people make mistakes. Even though Naoki made up for all that in the second half, I feel like he still has a stretch of road he needs to go through to prove that he has matured as well. That’s when he decides to be a doctor. I hope that’s executed well.

2) Naoki realises that Kin is right. And shares a talk with Kotoko about what he feels rather than pent up everything inside.

3) Naoki and Kotoko in a bed together. XD

This was Kotoko’s time to admire Naoki’s sleeping face. They’re even now?

4) Kotoko’s dream-kiss sequence

Untitled picture

5) Kotoko’s REAL-kiss sequence

Poor Yuki-kun here. Naoki is naughty for doing that in front of his baby bro…

6)Hug 🙂

7) How amazing it is when they brought back the ORIGINAL AIHARA KOTOKO, now IRIE KOTOKO?!

1996 Aihara Kotoko and 2013 Aihara Kotoko looks quite similar don’t they? It’s the hair I tell you…. They should have brought back the original Irie Naoki too but oh well, a girl can dream…

This episode squeezed in so much, it’s seems hard to digest yet of course it should have gone that way. I don’t what they can give the audience in the following episodes anymore since the KISS, the HUG, the BED-SHARING has already been ticked off the list.. I thought everything was seamless except the hug. That was just a little unnatural to me. The rest was superb, especially real kiss sequence. ≧▽≦ I loved little brother’s response to the kiss. Everyone was impressive in this episode, down to baby brother.

I think the double kiss was to make up for this….muahaha!


5 thoughts on “Spazzing on episode 10 of ItaKiss <3

  1. Deborah says:


    I agree with you about Kin-chan and Naoki in your first point. I love how Kin-chan is more than just comic relief, his character really shined for me! It’s just going to be more heartbreaking when he proposes though. And yes, Naoki will mature more later!

    Wow, I didn’t think of it like that but you’re right, they probably made Kin-chan say “you shouldn’t hide your feelings” so that he could express himself to Kotoko that night!

    I just really hope they have a second season

    • dramamochi says:

      I know, this version’s Kin is really cute and lovable to certain extent. When he gets rejected during his proposal, it’s going to be really depressing….. He’s actually a good catch 😉

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