C-dramas I wanna watch

After Legend of Lu Zhen and Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, I felt so bereft. I couldn’t find anything else I wanted to watch. Probably touced so much harem dramas there’s nothing else to watch. Okay, there’s Legend of Zhen Huan but that’s just to morbid and I know the ending already. I prefer happy endings or at least a good love story out of it if there can be no happy ending. Here’s a list of C-dramas I’m interested in watching when they premier….

1) Lan Ling Wang

Ariel is soo pretty here and the plot seems decent. George Hu is in his first period drama as well. What’s not to watch?

2) Mulan

I loved Mulan’s story since young. That was a Disney influence. But I watched Mulan the movie (with Zhao Wei) and boy I loved it. It was touching and poignant the way they endured the war together and all. It was a very fleeting romance and they couldn’t end up together but a woman has to sacrifice for her nation’s wellbeing. At that point, I was happy they even got out alive. I hope this drama brings even better interpretation of this legend. Yuan Hong is here too, but he isn’t the lead. WHY ISN’T HE LEAD IN ANY DRAMA YET??? SERIOUSLY?


3) Da Mo Yao

Another drama with Liu Shi Shi in it. There’s some apparent delay in the broadcast somehow. I’m not soo sure but Legend of Lu Zhen was delayed for almost a year before it was broadcast. Hopefully not the same case for Da Mo Yao. I’ve never watched Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge in their other drama, Xuan Yuan Sword and not planning to. I cannot stand Chinese drama with CGs. Too fake for me.

4) Perfect Couple


I’m excited for this one since it’s suppose to be an ancient rom-com. Really need some funny and I think they can pull it off. I’ve only seen Wallace Huo in Qin Shi Huang Fei where he’s character was just…sad. I just remember the moment where he died with a pot of plant. It sounds funny but really is sad. 😥 Oh well.

5) Palace 3

I have no idea what to feel about this. Gong 3? And Yuan Shan Shan again? oh noes…..I’m interested in the plot but the cast is just…argh.. YU ZHENG!! He loves Yuan Shan Shan so much doesn’t he? Yang Rong is also back and I feel that she plays a character similar to the one she was in Gong 2. 


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