Translation for Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying Interview ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

I believe a lot of people who watched Legend of Lu Zhen wish to ship Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying in real life. I miss their characters in Legend of Lu Zhen as well and decided to translate one of their interview segments. My translation won’t be totally accurate but I hope it gets their messages across. Sorry if my translation is a bit sucky, it’s my first and I’m not really mainland Chinese so sometimes, I don’t get the words they use. The translation may be a little literal so bear with me 😀

Keys: Host-H, Zhao Li Ying: Z, Chen Xiao: C

H: A lot of people say that LoLZ is like China’s ‘Jewel in the Palace’ or similar to the modern C-drama ‘ Go Lala Go!’. The drama seems to focus not just on romance. So, as Lu Zhen, is this what you want to show the audience?
Z: Yes, I wanted to display …

C: Real strength/ability

Z: Exactly, I portrayed Lu Zhen as a character that is bold to love or hate but possess her own career, revenge and ideals. I can love someone but I won’t let go of my own agendas. Of course, in terms of love relationships, Lu Zhen is not the ideal girl because she’s  a very stubborn, strong-headed girl and bossy girl. She’s actually quite similar to a modern day girl. The only difference is that she stands strong for her own career and ideals and she has a lot of patients in pursuing her own agendas. For example in the modern day, people like us in the entertainment biz would face a lot of problems. And actually, Lu Zhen’s character is nearly in the same age range (as girls involved in entertainment). So when faces problems or people, it’s easy to relate (for girls of the modern day). If you face setbacks in life and love, perhaps watching LoLZ will inspire you.

H: So let’s ask Chen Xiao about Li Ying’s opinions just now, do you agree with her?

Z: I think I said too much…haha

C: Yes, I think it’s true.

H: I observed that actually, both of you are very active in Weibo. Will you guys discuss about these kind of issues in personal as well?

C: Not these issues perhaps but maybe issues related to work.

H: The Gao Zhan you portray is actually like an ideal lover. He’s really the perfect lover but in reality, this man does not exist

C: Yes, there’s no such man in reality.

H: So what can the audience learn from his character?

C: …. what can they learn, hmmm?

Z: Responsibility? I think Gao Zhan is a very responsible man.

C: That would be a lesson for men out there. Women shouldn’t learn too much from Gao Zhan…

H: I think women who watch Gao Zhan’s character may feel that their own boyfriends would be lacking

C: Exactly, women would feel that their own boyfriends are not perfect enough.

Z: ‘Jokingly’ Why aren’t you like Gao Zhan?!

C: Gao Zhan is just a fictitious character. However, men can learn from Gao Zhan. If one day they achieve a high position, they should still be humble just like how Gao Zhan treats his servants and underlings. We should learn humility but also have our own principles. Men should also learn to be more caring towards their girlfriends. Sometimes, their girlfriends may be troublesome or annoying, and the men may think that they don’t need to bear with thei girlfriends if they are at  a much higher position. It’s easy to just break-up and look for someone better. But Gao Zhan didn’t do so. Then again, in reality, it’s hard to find a man like Gao Zhan

H: I think this is a modest attribute. So no matter how excellent we may be in anything, being modest is crucial.

Z: Yes, being modest and polite..

H: So is it hard to practice these as artists/ celebrities?

C: I think, being modest is not hard, I learn a lot from my friends in the entertainment biz on how to be modest. Everyone is modest.

H: In LoLZ, there are a lot of scenes of both of you together. Are you both working together for the first time?

C: Yes.

H: You guys have good chemistry. So how did you guys connect or communicate when you first met each other?

C: Me, Li ying, and  Qiao Ren Liang are 87-er and we are all rabbits(zodiac). Gui gui, Tang Yi Xin and ‘ I couldn’t catch the name, sorry’ are another batch of actors with same zodiac. We are just like a bunch of college students acting together. All of us are experienced as well, the crew and cast are excellent, it’s a comfortable atmosphere. There’s no such thing like, since we are working together for the first time it would take time to warm up to each other.

H: So you guys can click together really fast?

Z and C: Yes.

C: That’s the good thing about having the same age..

H: To Li Ying, if Chen Xiao and Qiao Ren Liang pursue you at the same time, who would you choose?

Z: Hahaha…if both of them, at the same time…hmmm…

C: I think it should be me.

Z: Yeah, I think it would be him

H: This is actually a question forwarded by a Weibo commenter. Between Gao Zhan, Gao Yan and Shen Jia Yan, who would you choose?

Z: Gao Zhan.

H: Why? Is it because he is perfect?

Z: No, he isn’t perfect. Our personality is very much the same, we’re both stubborn. Although it’s like rock against rock, but that is why we both attract each other. He won’t agree to my ideas or opinions just to make me happy or please me. Similarly, I wouldn’t let go of my own principles just because we have a relationship with each other. We have our own ideas about matters. I see myself in him and also see a lot of things that I may have missed. So even if we are together…

C: There is a price to pay to be together. My hand got hurt, your hand became crippled and I became crazy. These are the sacrifices to be together. When two stones clash together, both will get hurt for sure.

H: So you don’t agree with her choice?

C: I agree but if we want to protect ourselves, we would have to break up. If we wanted to stay together, we’ll both definitely get hurt.

Z: But because of that, we would be able to appreciate each other better and it may pull us closer together.

H: To Chen Xiao, weibo fans had also forwarded this question. Who would you choose among Lu Zhen, Shen Jia Min, Shen Bi and Xiao Huan Yun?

C: Lu Zhen.

H: You both chose each other. But in the end of the drama (although it is still in the middle of broadcast), both of you ended up ‘that’ way. Would you still choose Lu Zhen?

C: Yes, because in the end he and Lu Zhen got back together.

H: Oh, so now I know the ending.

Z: There’s actually a lot of versions of the ending. We don’t want to reveal too much. We leave it to the audience to watch the ending when it broadcasts.

C: It’s a little drastic and confusing but it will definitely be a satisfying ending.

H: Why would you want to choose Lu Zhen?

C: Lu Zhen is great. She has a legend of her own(joking on the the drama’s name in Chinese, Lu Zhen Chuan Qi. Chuan Qi means legend). Let me analyse. Lu Zhen is a compassionate person. She won’t harm another this is why I choose her. She chose to be compassionate. Intelligence maybe innate but compassion is a choice. Xiao Huan Yun is great too but she’s wife of my brother. Even in real life, if she belongs to my best friend or my brother, it’s understood that we can’t have feelings for one another. Shen Bi loves Gao Zhan a lot which is good but she isn’t compassionate. She wants to achieve her goals no matter what tactics she needs to employ. Shen Jia Min is just immature. She’s not good or evil. She has a princess syndrome. You can’t communicate with her as an adult. However, Lu Zhen is very mature and independent. She can think for herself. Shen Jia Min is immature and easily lead by others like Shen Bi.

H: There are a lot of fans on weibo that is shipping both of you together. And you both do seem to be together a lot. Just a question, are you both really together?

—–silence—- o.o

H: haha. Why no one’s answering the question??

Z: You, say something….(to Chen Xiao)

C: Let’s keep that a secret for now.

H: As celebrities, you both always need to keep relationships private and it’s difficult to be honest about it, right?

C: It’s because we don’t want these matters divert audience away from the drama. After this, both of us have a lot of upcoming projects.

Z: Yes, we hope everyone focus on the drama and not bring characters out into real life. I mean, we have our own thoughts and feelings. We’ll just let nature goes it’s course. We also appreciate the attention from audiences but we’ll let things naturally flow. If we do end up together, then we’ll probably tell everyone. But now, we want to focus on our dramas. We hope everyone can lavish their love on the dramas

H: I will represent your weibo fans and wish both of you happiness. Apparently, you’ll be acting as Yang Guo soon right?

C: Maybe. The casting will be confirmed in two months or so..

H: How bout Li Ying?

Z: I’ll probably be accepting a role in a modern drama. Finally, coming out from period dramas back into the modern drama.

H: Lastly, do you have anything you both want to say to the audiences?

C: Thanks for all the support for LoLZ which is nearing it’s end. I’ll miss it very much and it is a drama that I’ve poured a lot into. After one year, I finally can meet everyone ( the drama broadcast was delayed). I hope there will be continuous support for my future projects as well.

Z: Thanks for all the support and attention. It’s a drama that is achieved with hard work of newbies like us. LoLZ’s ending is still unknown to all so I hope everyone will keep watching to find out what will happen in the end. We will present an ending that will not leave any regrets for the audience.

H: Thank you.


Phew. That was long. Hope you guys understood what I translated. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Translation for Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying Interview ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

  1. Sleepybunny88 says:

    That silence after the host asked if they were together was so cuteeeeeee haha ;DDD THANKS FOR TRANSLATION!

  2. jyl says:

    I’m sure it’s just a typo on your end, but Jewel in the Palace is a Korean drama. ^__^
    After seeing the interview, I feel like watching Legend of Lu Zhen now~
    When all is said and done, would you recommend it? 🙂

    • dramamochi says:

      Sorry, my phrasing may have caused misunderstanding. What it meant was that legend of lu zhen was like a China version of the Korean jewel in the Palace. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

      • linda vy says:

        Thank for your translation. I hope u will translate more interview and activities about Chen Xiao and zhao liying . I want to know about this couple but I can’t listen in China.

    • linda vy says:

      I think that very good that u translate this interview to all of us who can not listen Chinese language. I hope u translate more interview and activities about Chen Xiao and Zhao liying in English.thank u

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