Switch Girl (season 1 and 2)

Ratings: 6/10

Another high school drama full of comedy and some romance, okay it’s rom-com. If you love manga and anime, this is literally anime but in real-life form. A brief summary on the drama-

Based on a manga with the same name created by Aida Natsumi, ‘Switch Girl!!’ revolves around a high school student named Nika (Nishiuchi) who appears to be a stylish and fashionable girl at school, but that’s really a fake persona that she uses when she’s in public. At home, she “switches off” the facade and her returns to her true slovenly nature. Kiriyama Renn plays the good-looking transfer student Arata, who is Nika’s love interest in the story

-Excerpt from Drama Wiki-

Nishiuchi Mariya is Tamiya Nika, upbeat popular and beautiful girl with a hidden personality she hides from her friends, except her best friend and eventually her boyfriend, Arata (Kiriyama Renn). The premise is funny and relatable as high-schoolers often try to maintain an image or reputation in front of their friends. The concept is fun initially but when you think more about it, that’s what everyone is, isn’t it? We have sides we don’t want to show to our friends, or even façade that we put up with. That’s why, watch this drama and just don’t think. Enjoy it for it’s humour but it might seem repetitive. If you don’t like shoujo, don’t watch. It’ll either bore you or annoy you.

Kiriyama Renn plays Arata, an exact opposite of Nika. He’s on and off mode is like total opposite. He shows up like the above to school to avoid girl-fans, because he’s just THAT good looking.

You geddit. I think the acting by Nishiuchi was a little over the top, that’s why I called it anime-ish. Kiriyama was quite bleh. Good eye-candy but bleh. I’d still watch it for it’s funny, when I have nothing to watch. The chemistry between them both was also just … like that. It’s believable but no fireworks. If you are rather a manga reader, there won’t be a difference in reading the manga and watching this live-action.

Caught in action. How sweet.

This is one of the best scenes. Nika sacrifices her ‘on’ mode for Arata.

You know you want this ❤ chuu~

Nika’s mom and sister. Mom use to be a switch girl, but has since retired. The sister is a switch girl as well.

So watch it if you like shoujo, can use a good laugh and want school-life plus ikemen in a package as well. A gift for you guys….


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