Ratings: 7/10

This drama just spells SUMMER to me. Everything in this drama is so breezy and warm, perfect for summer watch. The cinematography here brings out a lot of warm colours and it makes you wanna have a porch you can laze on too. The cast is fresh and Johnny brings out another idol, Chinen Yuri to star in this drama. He’s cute and all but kinda short if you put him side by side with Jesse Lewis. Brief plot-

3 months ago, Miku(Aoi Morikawa) became sick and couldn’t do anything, but sit on the stairs of a playground at her school. At that time, a male student took her to the school infirmary. Miku fell in love with the boy, even though she never saw his face. The only thing Miku can recall of the boy is the touch of his hand. Miku believes that boy is part of her fate.

-Excerpt from Asian wiki-

Morikawa plays the average schoolgirl we see ourselves as and it is easy to relate to what she does or feel in her situation. She isn’t an angel, nor does she has malicious intentions to break up Souhei(Chinen Yuri) and Miyuki(Fujiko Kojima). She falls in love, she gets jealous and she can’t see anything beyond Souhei. She has a crush on the most popular guy in school and the second most popular boy in school confesses his love to her. Cliche? Definitely. Love triangles and polygons ensues. What I like about Japanese love triangles are that most of the time, no one tries to put their rivals down by insulting or backstabbing. It’s plain old let’s fight for this head-to head, fair and square.

Chinen Yuri plays the sunshine boy that everyone has a tiny crush on well, most probably because that’s naturally his character. So he’s not really challenged.

Fujiko Kojima plays the pretty girlfriend that all guys love and all girls hate. Even Morikawa’s character resents her at a point. Some people hate her character for hogging both male leads, girlfriend to one but harbouring residual love to another. It’s like ‘make up your mind girl!’ but it displays teenage relationship. Everything is just grey and boundaries are blurred by feelings. I get that she loves Souhei but no girl forgets her first crush.

Jesse Lewis is quite…emotionless. He’s the cool guy with lots of ex-girlfriends who happens to sincerely like the heroine but gets turned down like a puppy. Tall, like really tall compared to Chinen Yuri.

Chemistry-wise, I think it was okay. Morikawa Aoi acted her part well, all the “I’m in love’, hesitation, jealousy and uncertainty stuff. Her chemistry with both the male leads are okay as well. Everyone gets along with each other.

The music is spot on for the drama. Totally gives out summertime vibes. The soundtracks are from Grouplove, Itching on a photograph and Betty’s a Bomb Shell. Listened alone, it’s just an indie song. But with the drama, I am in cloud nine.

I’d recommend the drama for light watch. If you have nothing to watch, want some light romance taking place in high school, this is it. Below is the picture of my favourite scene XD Souhei touches his forehead on Miku’s to check her temperature while carrying her. XD XD


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