Ratings : 8/10

Fukuyama Masaharu is an eccentric physics professor who puts his genius to good use in dealings with crime cases with rookie detective played by Shibasaki Kou. The cases are quite interesting and they really just apply the most fundamental physics knowledge so it’s easy to understand but solving them requires more expertise. What kept me hooked to the drama was the cases really.  I don’t doubt that the two leads have good chemistry at being partners or friends seeing that in real life, the duo has a band named KOH+


The other things that kept me hooked was Fukuyama ‘s professor personality.  He looks really good in suits and vests,’ ahjusshi crush alert!


‘ Shibasaki was just ok-ok in her role.  She was a rookie, still new,  still under command of her superior etc. So she fulfilled her role but to some audiences,  she may be boring as a character.  I personally didn’t mind.


The hinted romantic nuances are there like in any other detective dramas and I felt like this pair can definitely rock it.

Watch this if you like dramas with brains.

Shibasaki’ s character leaves to America for training in season 2, so their relationship development stops there 😥  Yoshitaka Yuriko replaces Shibasaki as the new rookie detective.


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