Currently watching: Galileo 2

Aaaannndd it’s back! 😀 The awesome Professor Yukawa (Fukuyama Masaharu) is getting another season, 6 years after the first season back in 2007. Although this time, he’s paired up with yet another rookie detective, Kishitani Misa(Yoshitaka Yuriko). I had expectations for this season since the first one was cool and really had some great cases. Although Shibasaki Kou made her leave in this season, I expected Yoshitaka Yoriko to pull off a great character. A brief summary about the series –

Professor Yukawa is a genius physicist and university associate professor, who occasionally steps in to solve difficult mysteries which often involve physic application. Kishitani Misa is introduced as the successor to Utsumi Kaoru as the new detective in town. Kishitani is a prideful girl who is very stubborn and quite rude at times. And poor Kuribayashi (Professor Yukawa’s eternal assistant who’s older than him but stuck at the same position for decades), who gets insulted every episode. So Kishitani is supposed to bring the fireworks on and make it livelier somehow. there will be lots of bickering for sure.

I’m at the series midpoint now and I feel that I may have laid my expectations way too high. The cases are mediocre and sometimes, I don’t even find them relevant to what Yukawa does, physics. The first season really awed me because I’m a science student(geek moment) and I find it interesting that science can cause all that stuff. This season has gone off the tracks for me because the centre of the drama is physics for me. It still does display physics related stuff but less connected properly.

Yoshitaka Yuriko is a sad girl with big shoes to fill in. She gives new vibes to the drama, which can be good. And bad. Her character is annoying and sometimes, I don’t think she has brains. She acts cute, stubborn and proud of what she does for society blah blah but honestly, I want Shibasaki Kou back. I pity Yoshitaka because her character is written in such a way but she can’t pull off the chemistry with Fukuyama as well. It’s like watching an adult, and a indignant child. And Yukawa gets frustrated at her too. For the first time, I see him riled up in annoyance. And no, it’s not the ‘we are enemies but we can be lovers’ type.

The tracks and music is still almost the same as the first season except for the ending song which is still sung by KOH+, a band comprising Shibasaki Kou and Fukuyama Masaharu. It’s Koi no Maryoku (Magic of Love).

I’m not finished with the series yet but the vibe is definitely not there anymore. I hope in the remaining episodes, they catch up.


This is me, hoping that some ‘sounen’ will make the drama better :p hihi


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