Ratings: 9/10

Made in 2000, this drama proves to be still very entertaining after 13 years. Abe Hiroshi plays a physic professor who teams up with Nakama Yukie, a beautiful yet unpopular magician to bust fake fortune tellers and expose tricks behind every phenomenon. They are a hilarious pair, always insulting each other, and yet cooperate when the situation requires them to. The comedy is definitely there and the methods behind the tricks are quite awesome, for people who gaze at magic tricks in awe like me. Abe and Nakama are professionals so they definitely have great chemistry together. Although, sadly not romantically; the drama makes very little space for romance. It’s always inserted as last minute humour. If you have watched Galileo, you’ll be disappointed to see that Abe doesn’t really utilizes much physic knowledge in his role. Nakama has the centre role in cracking tricks(cases). She’s the practical brain, he’s the logic brain. And her brains often saves them both. Trick also has season 2, season 3 and 2 movies to follow up. A very successful drama franchise I would say.


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