Orange days


Rating: 8/10

It’s a great romance, coming of age drama. A gem I picked up again after many years of forgetting. Shibasaki Kou plays deaf girl Sae Hagio who used to be a prodigy violinist before she lost her hearing. In college, she meets Kai Yuuki who supports her through tumultuous days and eventually they fall in love. Together with three other friends, they form the Orange Society, orange being symbol of their bitter-sweet college life. Like most coming of age j-dorama, they discuss the fears of college students stepping into the society and job-searching issues. The chemistry between the leads and all their friends is great. This drama taught me a some sign language as well, if signing ‘I like you’ is helpful. I’d watch it for the romance seeing how doramas nowadays really fail to deliver leads with chemistry. This dorama has also made me discover Tsumabuki Satoshi, which I’ve never really noticed before. ‘melts’ 


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